Top 5 - Best Console Graphics

Badassgamerblog:"Welcome to my top 5 best Graphics list, I'm sure you'll agree that on average, most games now look quite incredible, however I'm sure you'll agree - these chosen games push the boat that much farther, with graphics that have bewildered us no end."

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D4RkNIKON3383d ago (Edited 3383d ago )

Awesome article. I can't wait to see what Guerilla does next! I also hope to see other games that use the Killzone 2 engine. Why is it so hard for 360 fans to see that there is a good reason to own a PS3? 4 of the 5 games are on PS3 while 2 are 360. Good to see that they did include Gears 2 on the list.

Deadman643383d ago

Because graphics make a game and everything.

Serg3383d ago (Edited 3383d ago )

@Deadman64: Yep, graphics are everything, didn't you know? Google Ghostbusters to see why the 360 version is mountains better than the PS3 version, according to 360 fanboys anyway. Reviewers generally disagree, but what do they know!

Downtown boogey3383d ago

has only it's graphics... Nothing else, I'm afraid.
Still Platinum'd it tho!!

Szarky3383d ago

"Still Platinum'd it tho!!"

You played a game you didn't really think had much going for it other than graphics to the point of getting a platinum? Wow. When I'm not into a game I stop playing it. Beat K2 on hard and that was enough for me. Wouldn't have wanted to play it again.

specialguest3383d ago (Edited 3383d ago )

KZ2 presentation as a whole is what sets it apart graphically from other console games. The texture may not be as sharp and high res as Cyrsis, but it's everything else that kicks ass, from the environmental and atmospheric effects to the lighting. The attention to detail is phenomenal. There were scenes in the game where I had to just stop and admire the scenery in awe.

theEnemy3383d ago

I don't even think you have a PS3.

it was nice you Platinum'd it tho!

WIIIS13383d ago

This "article" only started to make sense when I realized it was nothing more than a PS3 fanboy blog.

Downtown boogey3382d ago

Add PSN: Noobli and I'll show you

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HeavyInfamous3383d ago

and on the most part I agree with the list. KZ2 is defo still tops, till Uncharted 2 at least.

lordgodalming3383d ago

It is a good list, I agree with you there. But the "nicely written" part...This is one of the absolute worst written features I've seen on a gaming site, and that's saying something. Some translated pages make better use of English punctuation than this writer. His paragraph about MGS4 is a single sentence.

Grammar-douche out.

jmare3383d ago

Actually, the MGS4 paragraph is two sentences. I think the author got the comma and period keys mixed up.

lordgodalming3383d ago

"I think the author got the comma and period keys mixed up."

FAIL. (The writer, not you.)

PS360DS3383d ago

I agree, too many great looking PS3 exclusive, hard to really make a list, but I definitely agree with Uncharted and KZ2's positions respectively.

theEnemy3383d ago

MGS4 should be #2 IMO.

But great looking games indeed. ;D

jams_shop3383d ago

the top three are PS3 exclusive no surprise there