Shops: "No PSP Go in our shops till we have PSN Network cards"

PS3Hype writes: "We've been contacted by an anonymouse reseller of the new PSP. According to his arguments they won't sell the PSP Go till there are PSN Network cards in Europe..."

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GWAVE3344d ago

Sounds pretty lame to me. Why wouldn't stores carry it? Best Buy sells TiVos right next to their DVD section. You don't see them b*tching about it.

D4RkNIKON3344d ago

It is not lame at all. Stores don't want to sell a product that means that customers will not be buying games from them any more. This is one reason why Sony isn't fully abandoning the UMD. Retail stores like gamestop (could) possibly refuse to sell the console. PSN cards are an easy solution to the problem but Sony doesn't distribute enough of them. To be honest, people could still just use their credit cards instead but if that is all it takes to make retailers happy then shut up and do it. My PS3 for some reason won't take my credit card and I have to use PSN cards, it is pretty annoying that they are so hard to find.

GWAVE3344d ago


Arguably, stores should stop selling the PSP, then, since tons of people buy one just to hack it and download games.

mpmaley3344d ago

Stores make more money on games and accessories than they do the systems.

callahan093344d ago

I think they'll do something similar to what they did with Patapon 2, though, with all the PSP Go games. Release a retail box to stores that the customer can purchase and put on their shelf, and instead of a UMD in the box, it's a voucher code to download the game.

crck3344d ago

@1.2 A ton of people is not the same as everyone. Even if stores only get 20% of PSP-3000 buyers to buy games its way higher then the 0% that will be coming back with the PSP Go. See the difference?

IdleLeeSiuLung3344d ago (Edited 3344d ago )

I think BB and such places get a pretty good profit margin on Tivo product since it is subscription based. Once you get the Tivo you are locked into two years of service (or something like that).

Video game systems tend to fetch 5% or less profit margin and with zero opportunity to sell games if it is DLC only. Worse since the customer won't ever return to buy more games even if it was available. Sony is pushing a business model that is bypassing retailers with the retailers help. Nothing wrong with this, but obviously they are going to be upset! In fact, I'm surprised we haven't heard more about this....

ABizzel13344d ago

GWAVE I agree with you this is stupid there are still plenty of people who have the original models and won't be upgrading so they'll still be buying UMD's. So everything will still sell, and it's not like tons of PSP games were million sellers anyway so what revenue are they really missing out on. If Best Buy and Wal Mart sell it then Sony is pretty much OK, because every1 else will fall right in line. What's up with all of this PSP Go!, and PS3 we won't support articles lately. I think there's a conspiracy going on in the gaming world.

Szarky3344d ago

"My PS3 for some reason won't take my credit card and I have to use PSN cards"

Dude, let me help you out. I contacted Sony customer support for this. When you put your address for your VISA information make sure to NOT put your unit number. I would put... #605-9..... They told me to just skip the unit number and go straight to the street name/number and it worked!!!

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byeGollum3344d ago

thats a good way to motivate sony

omgwownoobs3344d ago

owned btw

Mr Face Creamer3344d ago

"Oops, that page isn't in the World of Sony". Did you just own yourself by any chance?

Salvadore3344d ago

With Sony's pushing digital downloads, it's still surprising to me that Europe has yet to receive PSN cards as internet usage is huge.

resistance1003344d ago

I think its a safe bet that PSN cards will be out by then

Buttons3344d ago

PSN cards are already out, at least in the US

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