Rock on sony – A Response to Activision's Threat

NextGN writes: "In recent news Activision´s big cheese, Bobby Kotick, threatened Sony with discontinuing the support for all their system because he believed that the PlayStation 3 was far too expensive. So, Mr. Activision. If you do decide to pack your bags and leave let me remind you that you are doing damage to yourself. You will be shunning an entire community of hardcore gamers and media/tech buffs.

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PeterPanParadox3312d ago

"I know money is wonderful, but sometimes you got to spend it to make it." Pretty much sums it up. I have high hopes for Sony.

Lfmesquite3312d ago

If they dropped price today, they're only a year late. It's a little embarrassing to be a Playstation fan right now. Even third party developers have to resort to this, they know what's good for PS3 more than Sony does.

coolcole933312d ago (Edited 3312d ago )

made me laugh because he is so ridiculously pathetic :)

Boody-Bandit3312d ago (Edited 3312d ago )

from members of N4G but that has to be without question one of the dumbest comments I have seen here yet.

Lfmesquite go back to sleep you obviously need rest.

nbsmatambo3312d ago

idk y activision is btching, its not like they r loosing fact they r making money cuz of the SONY systems....if anything WE the customers should b btching cuz a game cost $60 fcking dollrs.....

y dont they threaten the 360 to reduce price as well, mayb even the Wii??!! cuz according to them "lower price = higher sales?!?" right...

wtf activision..... just wtf

oh nd wat really does activision have that we want....COD, GH....really..... we could just play gems like: KZ2/BF: BC 2 nd Rockband..

Lifendz3312d ago

to be the type of person that actually thinks a "Playstation fan" should be embarrassed. I hope you get all the plastic instrument games you can handle while us playstation fans get to enjoy Sony's exclusive games which torch anything any multiplat game.

BWS19823312d ago

what they said for Sony's benefit or because they're concerned for the well-being of Sony...Activision knows what's best for PS3 when Sony doesn't? No, they know what's best for their own can tell Kotick is in this for the revenue, and nothing more.

BWS19823312d ago

because apparently it's not clear: Kotick doesn't give a crap about Sony, he cares about his own company and nothing more. He does NOT know what's "best for Sony" nor does he care what's best for Sony, otherwise he'd show more respect for them. On top of that, he's bluffing or he's really that stupid.

Megatron083312d ago

Wow what an idoit fanboy this writer was. I think the only thing he got right was the words sony and playstation.

1st off show me where MS ever said the ps3 was dying.

2nd GTA4 wasnt announced last year at E3 in fact it was release in april of 08 months before E3 was being held.

3rd GTA was never an ps exclusive in fact it was released 1st for windows a MS system. Its been on windows, ps, 1st xbox , dreamcast and gameboy.

4th Metal Gear was never an exclusive its been on the nes , gamecube, ps and the 1st xbox.

5th MG was a nintendo game that sony spent a ton of money on to steal it from nintendo.

6th MG wasnt MS big announcement Halo reach and Natal was and to a lesser degree crackdown 2

trancefreak3311d ago

Lfmesquite you quit on your team when the going gets tough? You a switch hitter?

Are you that girl who picks the team that wins and is never one too claim your own. Very sad.

JL3311d ago

Just one thing: the article said that the big thing was MS announcing DLC for GTA, not the actual game. So he was right. Though I do disagree 'cause I think MS biggest announcement last year was a stolen exclusive called FF XIII. And I have to disagree with you too that MGS wasn't their biggest announcement this year. Well ok I guess Natal contends with it, but let's stick to GAME announcements here. And Halo Reach sure as sh*t didn't contend with the MGS announcement.

I also do find it funny seeing the sways from day to day. One day it's "Oh yea, look we stole MGS from ya'll. Or stole GTA or FF or whatever", then the next day the argument works better in their favor when they start claiming "Well it was never really exclusive, past games of the franchise have been on such and such system, etc" (Not to say that you've ever said such things and flipflopped like that Megatron, but i know there are those that do--on both sides)

TheRealSpy3311d ago (Edited 3311d ago )

"Sony's exclusive games which torch anything any multiplat game."

I guess that explains why when i bought killzone 2 and rented halo wars i immediately knew i made a huge mistake. also explains why when i bought infamous then rented prototype i was once again proven completely wrong. I guess that explains why i bought the system for MGS which turned out to be little more than a 20 hour, repetitive movie.

It's funny how N4G is plagued with ps3 fanboys like you; but when you look at the market, you realize if their games were so great, they'd have more support. also, if these games were the best there was to offer, you all wouldn't spend hours trolling the 360 articles on n4g just to trash anyone who expresses either an anti-ps3 or a neutral'd be PLAYING THEM.

you guys are a joke. and the only reason why you have dominance on this site is because all the real gamers have simply reached their limit with listening to irate, opinion-based "facts."

Why is activision willing to leave sony?
it's because time and time again 3rd party titles have looked and played and loaded faster on 360. it's because 360 exclusives sell much better than ps3 exclusives.
it's because you can find tons of articles (except on n4g) that disprove all these fact-less claims that you people make about these games being so technically advanced.
it's because production costs for ps3 are much higher and development takes longer.

you are all living in a fantasy land. like gaming is god and you've chosen sony as your religion. no matter how many real details, facts, comparisons, and professional analysis you all see that disprove your views, you still run your mouths about your lord and savior, the ps3.

and since you're obviously a sony warshipper, Lifendz, i know nobody else has called you out on this; but it's pretty apparent that those 15 "Trackers" you have are actually your other accounts so you can feed yourself bubbles.

in closing (to the ps3 fanboys), i'd just like to thank you, on behalf of all real gamers addressing the n4g community of ps3 fanboys, for your attempts to destroy any traces of dignity that were left in console gaming. gaming used to be fun, and you have, in a single generation, reduced whatever was left of that enjoyment to desperation on our part to cling to what made gaming great. thank you for alienating us in our own community. thank you for making it okay to ignore reality in favor of baseless accusations and opinions. thank you for turning the video game industry into just another warzone in entertainment. and thank you for taking it so seriously that you've actually turned it into a faith.
when it comes to console gaming, the hardcore, are slowly becoming atheists.

jessehaysfl3311d ago

goodbye actiblizz, enjoy selling your 120 dollar guitars and skateboards because those are not overpriced at all...

Syronicus3311d ago

I have read some pretty stupid posts here on N4G before but I have to admit, this one takes the cookie... No wait, it takes the entire cookie jar. Please, Activision is doing this as a bluff. It has been done before by other companies and failed for them yet they are still developing/publishing for Sony consoles. It would be devastating for Activision to give up on the 50 million PSP owners, 20 million PS3 owners and 150 million PS2 owners. Sorry, but common sense would tell you this is just a silly corporate bluff and comes with no substance whatsoever.

Raz3311d ago

I did a little Google research, and here's my conclusion about the Microsoft/Sony/Nintendo soap opera:

M: “Expect to see a price drop for the Sony PlayStation 3 within the next couple of months, we’re frankly surprised it’s taken this long. By the way, we beat their sales in March. ..And screw Blu-Ray! We're not using it. Sony is out of touch, and once Halo 3 comes out; we're going to win this console war."

N: "Yeah, but you and Sony have goofy controllers. You're just catching up with motion control, and we're real flattered you're imitating us, but you can't possibly hope to compete."

S: "I'll have you both know that we are the official leadership of this industry! And we're way cooler than you."

M: "Please. You're hemorrhaging at retail all over the US."

S: "Oh really? Our first-party development is as big as yours and Nintendo's combined. You don't have the longevity to compete with us. Your insecurity is showing; why else would you write so many checks? Heck, *our* web browser surfs faster than Explorer 7!"

M: "Yeah? Bring it on. We'll take you in the next generation; hell, we'll take you at Christmas. Your PS2 owners already upgrade to a 360."

S: "Oops, sorry, did we just surpass your sales in the UK? Gee, I guess we did. And thanks for putting out the Elite - you just legitimized our strategy. We think every gamer should have an 'elite' experience. Kudos for finally catching up."

M: "How's Home doing these days? Still in beta, is it? I guess you underestimated how much work that was going to be, huh? Is the real world a little more challenging than you expected?"

N: "You know, it's almost a little sad that Super Mario is kicking both your butts. A plumber, for gosh sakes! I guess you both underestimated the casual market, eh?"

S: "Whatever. At least we sell gamers a complete package. We aren't in the business of peddling add-ons. And Microsoft - how can you hope to last? You've already leveraged all your big assets."

M: "..Look. Let's not argue. You did well at your last press conference, EA likes your motion control more than ours, and...well..we want Blu-Ray. We'll introduce a premium SKU to cover the extra cost of the player, or something - and of course, we could come to some kind of arrangement for the use of the technology..?"

S: "We'll think about it."

edgeofblade3311d ago (Edited 3311d ago )

So, to paraphrase the article, "Do you want the Money, or the Mob!"

Do you want to keep on making game for the PS3, or do you want to fall victim to the mob mentality that will tear you apart for saying anything negative about their darling?


I think it's quite a disservice to paint 360 as needing Blu-ray... or even wanting it for that matter. In fact, it's clear that PS3 needs Blu-ray more than 360 does. Lucky it already has it.

xwabbit3311d ago

The real spy (delusional kid with how many accounts?) *clicks ignor*

I just had to read half of hes comment to know how much help he rlly needs

3311d ago
Raz3310d ago (Edited 3310d ago )

Microsoft was in talks with Sony about adding Blu-Ray as far back as March 2008. Go check the Financial Times archives, or Google "Microsoft says Sony" - it's the first hit.

My little re-enactment was nothing more than a sequential dramatization of the headlines resulting from that search, relating to what each game company was saying about the others in their press releases. I didn't just make it up.

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Jamie Foxx3312d ago

bobby really brought down activisions image, apart from COD i cant really say i like any of their other games

Lifendz3312d ago

Maybe it's corporate greed by him knowing more of his games would sell if SOny's system was cheaper. But to damage relations with a company that accounts for 40% of your revenue is just insane to me.

Serg3312d ago

Exactly, I seriously doubt they will drop Sony and turn off a lot of investors in the process due to controversial business decisions. The damage is done. It is somewhat common practice to negotiate certain deals on royalty fees and the like, from now on I seriously doubt Sony will even listen if Activision comes crawling back with a crate full of plastic gimmicks.

MazzingerZ3312d ago

Not just the image...the stock value should also have gone down...really stupid words for a man in his position.

trancefreak3311d ago

Totally agree Jamie these are the type of business discussions that take place behind closed doors. Dont get it really unless the man has god hand ego.

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xabmol3312d ago (Edited 3312d ago )

"Game development is a form of art – it should be done for passion and not for the quick buck."

Too bad corporations will always opt for the latter in order to please their investors.

Money, MONEY, Mad MoNeY!! That's what it's all about!!

Good thing there are still a few Devs out there giving us new and innovative games. Thank you Team ICO, Tim Schafer, Quantic Dream, and all other Devs willing to push the gaming medium forward. <3

IndigoProductions3312d ago

Couldn´t agree more with that comment. This article hit dead center of the nail.

pippoppow3312d ago

Ever since MS has been in the video game market things have changed for the worse. Now it's about sales not quality, hardware and/or software. Playing multiplayer games should be more of a privilage and not a right, having to pay to play. buying exclusive DLC for multiplatform titles, leaving out other fans of the games. MS is crealy and blatantly in it just for the money. They rush out a faulty system without still to this day properly fixing the hardware. They throw money around for flashy conferences with little substance. Look, I'll give credit that they helped push console online gaming to where it's at but everything else they bought to the table could be discarded. There was a time I thought it would be cool if someone came out with a console that can play PC games which is what the 360 sorta does. Not all PC games but a bunch. I bought an origional Xbox system to support a new player in the games arena but ended up selling it due to lack of games I wanted to play (twice). Maybe it just comes down to preference but it just seems like Sony has the games I really want to play. I think it's the freedom they give to their Devs that helps generate that special ingrediant they put in their games that caters to my likings. Sure there are 3rd party Devs that deliver as well but they are few. Activison has 2 prized IPs and now are complaining about not making enough off of the Sony brand? Something is fishy especially considering how much money is made off of Sony platforms. Maybe Activision should team up with MS so they can keep coming out with the same ol' money grabbing games together in perfect money hungry harmony. A match made in pergatory. A shame their shared tactics of just pumping out non origional IPs works on the masses so well but for how long? Creative freedom brings about that passion that brings about those games which have an amazing gaming experience that gamers crave for. EA saw the errors of their ways, when will MS and Activision see theirs.

DaTruth3312d ago

Personally, I prefer my games to sell a lot than to be fun! What good is a fun game? Than I can't beat fans of the opposing system, over the head with sales numbers!

Sarcasm aside; I have been saying this for awhile. The money culture is ruining everything. There would be no painters, if it were all about the money!(starving artists)

Serg3312d ago (Edited 3312d ago )

Couldn't agree more with you guys, bubbles for all of you.

What is it about fusions that converts them to money hungry bastards? Seriously, look at Square Enix, since the merger they keep "westernize" stuff, sticking their nose where they don't belong (Supreme Commander 2 with Square Enix? Really?). They also keep releasing mediocre games hoping their name will help earn the big cash. Now Activision, I used to love Activision. Since they merged with Vivendi they became the gimmick king. Plastic guitar, plastic DJ set, plastic skateboard.

Next up: Call of Duty Hero with plastic gun bundle! And war songs for 2 player coop featuring plastic guitar.

And now this, threatening the biggest console manufacturer (Yes 360 fans Sony is the biggest, they have 3 platforms lined up remember?) to drop their lead platform? This not only isn't professional, it is disrespectful to a company they owe a big piece of their success to. They want Sony do drop the price so they can sell more of their 150$ gimmicks.

Boody-Bandit3312d ago (Edited 3312d ago )

excellent comments from Xabmol on down.
+bubbles to all of you.
pippow I wish I could give you multiple bubbles because even though I have gamed a lot on the XBox and 360, I couldn't agree more with your assessment of MS since they have entered the gaming industry.

GrandTheftZamboni3312d ago


Funny you mention Vivendi. Weren't they a firm supporter of HD-DVD in hi-def format war recently. Ha ha. They must still feel butt-hurt.

baodeus3312d ago

Anyone in business major here? I don't know how cutting out potential customer would be a good idea busines wise. Unless they don't make money from PS3, cutting Sony out make no sense at all.

JL3311d ago


Agreed. I've been screaming this and trying to illustrate this point from the start. And they do make a profit off PS3 and other playstation products. A Huge amount of money. There is no way in the world they would cut Sony loose. If he did, Kotick's head would be on a stake in a matter of days. The board and the stockholders would have NO part of something like that. It never makes sense to get rid of a source of income, just because you wish that source was making even more profit than it already it. You don't discard profit.

xabmol3311d ago

Bubs back at you Serg & Brutallyhonest.


edgeofblade3311d ago

Money is what makes this industry go around.

Think of Shadow of the Colossus. Amazing artistic game... but sold a fraction of the blockbuster franchises.

I'm not going to say whether one is better than another because there are a large variety of opinions that matter on that front. But this industry can't survive without a focus on making money.

edgeofblade3311d ago


Biz major (M.S.) here.

You would cut out a company like this if the cost of development outweighs the revenue you receive. That is, if you are losing money on PS3 development and would have MORE money had you not dealt with that company.

For the same reason, why don't people develop for Linux or Mac? Because they probably won't make their investment back.

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Droid Control3312d ago

before long, the PS3rd will end up dreamcasted...

godmoney3312d ago

Like that will happen...

TheHater3312d ago

So you are telling me that both EA and Ubisoft will leave the PS3? If I am not mistaking, wasn't the PS3 both EA and ubisoft biggest profit income last year?

Shane Kim3312d ago

Yeah Driod Control, especially when the Ps3 is the bigger money maker for both Ubi and EA.

user39158003312d ago

What do we expect from awkward hardware and a media blu ray crap? Yes, expect everything to be expensive and resources Off the roof, for garbage that its worst than the competition. Wait but my floating points are higher than everyone elses, lol............... What do you mean with the games are crap, no way, look we are sony. Fanbase I'm here to tell you once again that even the third party its willing to leave an obsolete hardware for a good reason, just open up your minds and you too could Jump In.

blackbeld3312d ago

EA, UBI, Who cares!!!!!!

Plastation making new exclusive and better games!!!!

Xbox are only playing THE LEFT OVERS from SONY!!!!!!

X(Dreaming on)box..... Pathetic RROD old hardware can not be compared with Playstation 3 ... the true next gen will stay for 10 years...

I bet EA, UBI will cry a lot.... 3 years later from now!!!!

N4g_null3311d ago (Edited 3311d ago )

Man the fall out in here is crazy! I know you guys are pi$$ed at activision being like this but you all supported their games and made them think they had this type of power. I mean you bought all of their over hyped games and even rock band and the many versions. Of course they want the price lowered because RB and GH and the new skate controller are expensive.

Acti is funny though. They could only pull this off if they quit sony and show a major jump in profit or major drop in operating cost. Also maybe they are running out of funds for staying in the arms race in tech or coding? The next gen stuff is starting to coming into the picture also. Another thing is the stuff that every one is a buzz about are chips that get multicore gaming right. To invest any more time in the cell would be a waste when way better platforms are gearing up. I believe most publisher are thinking it is going to cost an average of 60 million in the next gen per game. This is what I believe they are getting ready for. It take about a year or two to truly get ready.

It really is though times right now for some of the bigger companies and they have to limit their risk yet they can not just stop operating. It's a good bluff I'll admit but look at this.

Snap shot of Profits-

Nintendo $ 2,776,348,044
Bandai Namco $ 117,683,597
Konami $ 108,173,409
Ubisoft $ 98,003,536
Take 2 $ 84,600,000
Capcom $ 80,209,877
Activision Bliz. $ 68,015,000

WOW look who is above them! We knew nintendo would be there but damn! Ubi!At this rate Actvision has a choice to make. They can do 3 totally new HD games for one system or 1 exclusive and one game that is a port to both. Now blu ray media cost more than the xbox disk also last time I looked.

The problem with the ports are that they are to the same type of gamer that in most cases owns both systems. This is what people are starting to feel like is the norm for the HD hardcore. So in away they will not be loosing that gamer if they quit one platform.

Now imagine next gen gaming they would only get one game out with that type of revenue. If you notice konami only supports one system, namco also and they are focused. Konami is going to make pure profit off their metal gear port to the xbox also, we all know it is already paid for. If it doesn't sell then it would only hurt MS.

We all know actvision doesn't really have the quality to really compete with the big dogs a lot of times and they need to find away to slow the bleeding. Id may have some thing to do with this also but id went with another publisher!

Square did this in their own way also. Things are looking like the 3rd parties are about to gang up on sony to get some perks. Yet we all know sony doesn't have the money to do some of these things.

If 3rd parties do leave It could make sony a better game company because they would have to learn how to make 18 million sellers and games for more people than current PS fans. This would be a good thing because many people don't hate sony they are just indifferent and just don't care.

What is sad is I think this guys said this for the investors because the gamers would not be that happy. Yet EA did the same to the dreamcast and tell me how many Sega fans are still mad at EA? I think activision sees that also. Maybe they think the are as big as EA right now?

By the way this is what EA made
Electronic Arts $ - 1,088,000,000

Yep they are in the hole. So yeah they are bigger than EA right now. EA is a port factory right now. Most people making money are not making ports and if they do they are not AAA ports that are expensive.

The model of making content once and they making 2 times the money because of the two HD console is broken because you have to do thing differently to get the same results. If the PS3 had beat the xbox by now we would not be seeing this and maybe the xbox would be threatened.

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BYE3312d ago

Activision is worse than EA used to be 4-5 years ago.

godmoney3312d ago

Brutal Legend would have never seen the light of day...