Gran Turismo 5 release date is a fake

PS3-Sense Writes: We loved it to be true, but after doing some research we now know the Gran Turismo 5 release date is a fake. At least five big other PlayStation 3 exclusives are supposed to release the same day according to See the full story for all the details.

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Killermen3383d ago

That's some interesting news!

Raptor3383d ago

A game would have to eventually release.... to have a release date right?

Well I guess Gran Turismo Portable is better than nothing.

Seriously though Prologue was out... what 2 years ago. This is killing me.

The_Count3383d ago

One year ago it was last April Actually. Maybe you should watch my program more.

Ah ah ah.

Chuck Norris3383d ago

wasn't this covered by another site already?

Killermen3383d ago

I don't think so, an other said that it was official, but it isn't!

3383d ago
Mr Face Creamer3383d ago also listed false release dates regarding MGS4 and Halo 3... Plus I don't think five PS3 games will all be released on the same day.

Mr_Showtime13383d ago

lots of online shopping sites will do this, it's just a way of tricking customers into pre-ordering with them

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The story is too old to be commented.