5 Ways Mortal Kombat IX Can Devastate

Resumeplay: "Though I have not been a long-term fan of the Mortal Kombat series, only getting into the first MK a couple of years back, but I would have to say it's one of my all-time favourite series, and definitely sits next to Tekken at the top of my favourite fighting series. Mortal Kombat: Armageddon was the first MK that I picked up -for a bargain price too!- and I have to say I was blown away.."

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GEESE3317d ago (Edited 3317d ago )

Therefore SH1TE.

Also, the fact that this guy holds Tekken and MK as his fave fight franchises, does not bode well for his knowledge of the fighting game.

El Botto3317d ago

quit when they were still at the top. Now the franchise has completed dropped to average levels.

I love how he compares Tekken with MK. Pulease. Not even close.

Teabag_Titan3317d ago

I am the author and I take into account ALL fighting games, but I am just not a big fan of SF, Virtua Fighter or M vs. C, slate me for liking Tekken and MK, but that's just my preference.

djevolve4203317d ago

I think that your ideas are good and making suggestions at this point to midway is in no shape a bad thing. mk was the best thing that came to the arcade during mk1, mk2. I remember lines and lines of people waiting for there chance to rock a fatality.

send this article directly to midway.
maybe they can use it.

I bet since the last was not m rated, that this being m rated would ignite a need to buy it. especially if they push the envelope.
so make it nice and brutal.

mau643317d ago

I cannot wait for them to return to what makes Mortal Kombat great

stoppre3317d ago

I was always more of a Soul Caliber guy myself...haven't played a mortal combat in a looooonnng time!

Ziriux3317d ago

Indeed, cause the fact is, that Soul Calibur has changed up from game to game unlike Mortal Kombat.

Ziriux3317d ago

Can Mortal Kombat stand a chance against Tekken, Soul Calibur and Street Fighter. I'm just not too sure.

mau643317d ago

I hate to say it but i agree... this game really needs a big face lift to compete against the more strategic fighters out there. I'm hoping they can catch their stride with this one

Ziriux3317d ago

I think that MK has been over done too much with out taking any leaps forward.

Teabag_Titan3317d ago

They should have focused on a totally new instalment rather than a crossover with the DC Universe.

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