The Best and Worst Fathers in Video Games (Kotaku)

Kotaku: "Fathers are easy to find in video games. When they're not antagonizing their offspring or killed off in the first level, they often serve as our main characters' major motivation.

In honor of Father's Day, we celebrate dads in video games: from the good to the bad to the "Luke, I am your father kind," that don't fulfill any fatherly duties beyond lopping off a limb. Join us now in separating the Bill Cosbys from the Darth Vaders.."

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xabmol3314d ago

"Worst Dad… Big Boss, because one lousy man-hug does not make up for the sheer number of times he tried to kill his son."


gintoki7773314d ago

mario can reproduce asexually so he can take care of his own babies 0.0 that will end up being like him the real mario died years ago

morganfell3314d ago

Big Boss was not aware he had children until after Metal Gear 2. By then he could not do anything. In the end he gave Solid his life back and it cost him his own.

Who wasn't on the list? Kane from Kane & Lynch. Now there was a father that should have been on the list.

ShabzS3314d ago

oh yah best dad is definitely eli vance.. he never stopped alyx from doing crazy sh*t.. ture true .. the list actually has a lot of well written dads in gaming

yog-sothot3314d ago

"Worst Dad… Steve Burnside's dad, because, while Kratos might've killed his kid, too, at least his daughter went to heaven instead of a zombie-infested prison camp island."

lol, nice article ^_^

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The story is too old to be commented.