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morganfell3260d ago

I have this already having imported the Asian edition that has full English Support - minus the manual. Everything else, subtitles, excellent cast, etc. is in English.

ThanatosDMC3260d ago

Same here. I bought two copies. Gotta love being a Black Phantom.

ThanatosDMC3260d ago

Wait, did anyone else watch that vid???

Is the NA version gonna have that hero music?! That so gonna mess with the deadly atmosphere of the game. Especially if it was being played on 3-1 , 3-2, 5-2, etc. Yeah, those levels that you wish you werent exploring and you wish you had a spotlight instead of a glowing rock.

MelaDarkwood3260d ago

3-1 is so scary....and 5-1 is pretty creepy too. I haven't even gotten to 3-2 or 5-2 yet... =(

Dir_en_grey3260d ago (Edited 3260d ago )

If you play Fighting games, Monster Hunter, Devil May Cry, Ninja Gaiden, or just good at action games in general, this game is not hard like people say.

If it gets too hard just call out a soul to help you.

Personally I think this is ment to be a 1 player game though, and co-op only if you have trouble, or after u beat it once by yourself then u can have fun w/ friends.

If you co-op w/ an experienced player when your first time through, it's just gonna be too easy and the game would probably not gonna be as fun. But again not everybody's good at games so they give u that option of getting help from other players.

Edit: Oops, was trying to reply to #2 - Superduper09.

ThanatosDMC3259d ago

I agree. I'm so used to Monster Hunter i block instinctively during my first few hours in Demon's Souls.

Makes me wish the bosses on Demon's Souls were like the wyverns in Monster Hunter... moves more. G-rank Kusha one on one is awesome.

zoneofenders3259d ago

well i seriously recommend not to summon any helper in your fisrt playthrough. a high level blue phantom will ruin the game for you.

but if you have a friend who is also in his first playthrough then i guess its OK you two co-op.

joemayo763259d ago

sleeper hit this winter??? i think so

Chubear3259d ago

I'm not really into RPGs at all but this really got me wanting to experience it and I likely will.

DaTruth3259d ago

This was the game I was thinking about when I saw Sony's motion control demonstration with the sword and shield!

callahan093259d ago

@ Zone of Enders, there's a level cap, so you can't have a high level helper anyway. If you're level 10, say, the highest level someone can help you is 20. It's a 10 level gap in either direction, that's it.

MisterNiwa3259d ago

Black Phantoms make everything a pain in the *** !

I hate the message when a Black Phantom arrives... Makes me totally thrilled!

Demons Souls best sleeper 2009.

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Superduper093260d ago

I heard this game is very dificult. What actually makes it dificult?, Can anyone who has the game explain it to me?. Thanks.

ThanatosDMC3260d ago

Carelessness will kill you. Cliffs, wrong way to dodge, wrong way to block, wrong way to fight, wrong magic to use, wrong place to fight a particular enemy, wrong way to fight a boss, etc.

MelaDarkwood3260d ago

It's difficult for several reasons.... Let me try to explain. I chose a thief as my class the first time I played it. (I too imported the game, Chinese/English version, bought off Ebay.) It was fun, evading was really easy, and my dagger, though maybe not too strong, still worked fairly well. The problem was, I took a lot of damage. Even the crappiest enemies had a chance to kill me if I wasn't being careful. I did my best to evade, since blocking wasn't too good with my stamina being too low, but I managed to press through. One of the biggest problems I hit early on was I died too easily. In this game, you're going to die, like it or not. You'll misstep and fall, like I did recently with my high level character, and you'll die. You'll roll the wrong way, get hit and die. You'll run into enemies with fire damage, and you'll have low fire resistance, and you'll die.

Okay, so what? When you die, you start back at the beginning of the level. And if you were a human before, you're a soul now-your life gets halved, or with the Cling Ring, you'll have a 1/4 cut from it. And you start from the beginning. This was (and still is) inexpressibly frustrating for me, since all enemies respawn, and you have to fight your way back through. The good news is, the souls you had gathered-currency, taken from fallen enemies-remain wherever your bloodstain is, where you died. The bad news is, if you die again before reaching your souls, you lose those forever. Since my thief wasn't the greatest fighter, I often lost many souls. This was also very frustrating. I had to stop playing because I wasn't getting anywhere. To be honest, the game wasn't much fun anymore. All I did was die and die again: even the easiest enemies would kill me.

Finally my friend suggested I start over, with a knight as a class. I did, and everything was much, much better. The knight deals more damage, takes more damage, and can use a variety of weapons and shields early on. I was having fun with the game again; I was killing enemies, I was dying-of course-but I could easily come back. I killed the first boss and moved on to the next one, which, I'll admit, I had some trouble with. But I did it in the end. And the game really is fun. =)

So to answer your question, what makes Demon's Souls hard? A tl;dr version:
-enemies do a lot of damage, even crappy enemies, and they only get harder.
-class matters very much how you enjoy the game as a beginner. My suggestion, choose knight when you first start. Restart with a different class later if you'd like.
-dying causes you to start over from the beginning with all enemies respawned (except for boss enemies). If you were very far along, expect to go all the way back.
-dying also causes you to lose your souls. Don't die again before getting them, otherwise you'll lose them for good.

And that's all I can think of for now. Don't let the difficulty put you off, it's a really great game! Oh yeah, if you're a human and you're playing online, a black phantom may break into your game. That's another person who's become a soul and wants to get their body back. They won't bother you unless you're a certain level though, so don't worry too much. My advice is, summon blue phantoms, you'll see their soul signs on the ground, if your game is broken into.

I wrote a lot more than I intended. =\ PM me if you have any questions, I'll do my best to help. I really highly recommend this game! =)

Superduper093259d ago

Thanks for the explanation guys. Bubbles for you two :)

GVON3259d ago

LOL,I'm on my first play as thief,no armour either,just going around in robes :) but I have a massive advantage in agility meaning I get around the back and critical hit quite easy,but I can die quite quickly.
I've never summoned but have been summoned,and until my 2nd play i'll do it like that.

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Everything I have seen and heard of this game only serves to fuel my need of it.I hadn't even heard of this game until a month or so ago.Lamenting the lack of quality rpg's and then this appears out of nowhere.Any confirmed NA release date? I know(presume) this year,hopefully fall? The co-op supports up to 4?
Someone else had remarked that it borrows from D&D in some respects.Day one.

chisox1003260d ago

According to the developer there is going to be a Fall 2009 NA release date.

My thoughts on the game:
I'm a little nervous about buying this since I could see my self not being able to beat the tuterial its going to be so hard

ThanatosDMC3260d ago

Co-op does not support 4 people. You can summon two Blue Phantoms (allies) and a Black Phantom (enemy player) can invade your game while you have your human body on a level you havent killed the boss yet.

You can be a Blue Phantom to be summoned or a Black Phantom to invade peoples games.

YogiBear3259d ago

According to my gamestop register it is October of this year.

A LIVING LEGEND3260d ago (Edited 3260d ago )

You can invade someone else's game and help or.......perhaps hinder them!? and they can do this to you!?
Could you 'liberate' them of there equipment if you were so inclined?
Team up(temporary alliance) and take down bosses etc..
I need this more thing,hours,would you say 50+?
Thnx Chisox =)

ThanatosDMC3260d ago (Edited 3260d ago )

You cant take their armor/items unless they freely drop it for you to pick up.

Also, there are times when some Black Phantoms help you kill enemies. Since they arent targeted by enemies they can easily kill them with fatal attack (stab through the back). However there are some Black Phantoms that pretend to help but suddenly turn on you when you least expect it... (what i do)

I've spent 60hrs on the game all ready. If you are in the Nexus (the place where you select levels) then you could run to highest floor called the Pantheon or something and it shows the top players who have spent more hours and killed more people than anybody in the world.

JoySticksFTW3259d ago

You Bastard!! LOL

That's treacherous right there! :)

It is getting harder and harder to wait for this game's release...


60 hours+=Money well spent.
Phantoms that suddenly turn on you at the worst possible moment...."what I do" lol,damn ruthless.Black phantom it is then............=)

ThanatosDMC3260d ago

Yup, that 60hrs was just a little past my first play through. New Game+ is a beast to fight in... especially since those high level Black Phantoms keep invading my game as a human body.

Beware of a Black Phantom called Obama666 <--- fast, high level, dual weilding Meat Cleavers. He's invaded my game 3 times all ready and killed me all 3 times. One of our battles lasted for 30+ minutes... it wasnt a stalemate either. He was toying with me. I mean, he switched his weapons to dual shields and fought me almost killing me several times.

He's one of those players who just enjoy fighting players. He does not have any armor on except that burlap head piece just to make himself look more sinister.

ChozenWoan3259d ago

Sadly I halfway want to see that... but I know I'd only get to enjoy the spectacle for a short time. To see someone naked, with only a sack over his head, dual wielding shields. Simply sick and devious.... I like this game more and more with every passing day.

JoySticksFTW3259d ago

"He does not have any armor on except that burlap head piece just to make himself look more sinister."

"To see someone naked, with only a sack over his head, dual wielding shields. Simply sick and devious"

If I saw that sh!t while playing...?! Ack! D8

This game sounds insane

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