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ThatCanadianGuy3287d ago (Edited 3287d ago )

So hyped for DW6: Empires

Love that series.Even tho it always gets butchered in the reviews..

And Kudos to the contributor for adding all those games in the related games section.I wouldn't have the patience for that :P

godmoney3287d ago

I thought that Fight Night 4 is the strong game of the week...

Mindboggle3287d ago

It is, DW wont sell well this week, nor will transformers. I bet fight night will do well though...

xboxman083287d ago

yea DW is a good title i wouldnt mind playin the transformers for easy acheivement points but im really looking forward to FNR4 its gonna do really good on sales

ZILLA3287d ago

i have it preordered for tuesday,sweeeeeeeeeeeeeeet.ONL INE MADNESS!!!