Joystick Radio: Call of Duty World at War Map Pack 2 Review

Some info from the review: "The Map Pack 2 for Call of Duty World at War was released recently. This Map Pack contains four maps altogether, with three new multiplayer maps and one new Nazi Zombie map. The Map Pack costs 800 Microsoft Points on the Xbox 360 or $9.99 on the Playstation Store."

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HQLocated1113259d ago

I love the new maps especially the Nazi Zombie map!! Damn suicide bombing dogs!

cannonsimp3259d ago

Treyarch makes some of the best DLC out there! They do a great jobs supporting their games after release, which is a breath of fresh air after IW abandoned COD4. Treyarch FTW!

Blow Out Your Brains3258d ago

The new zombie map is amazing and Treyarch has easily been releasing the best DLC recently.