America's Army 3 Fan goes berserk

PolarityGamers writes:America's Army 3, supposed to be the best realistic Army simulation for gamers and potentially a recruitment tool gets bombarded by fans of the series just a few days after it launched.

Just when you thought there could not be any more bad news than developer gets fired on the release date. Server problem and fan complains are flooding the America's Army forum.

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qface643343d ago

lol watch out epic someone knows how to use your engine better than you

that last part before the pic made me laugh
i honestly thought it was for the wii no lie

Rock Bottom3343d ago

They just keep on failing, just like the real thing... how realistic.

Bnet3433343d ago

lol that last pic was hilarious. Man ... I used to play AA1 back when it came out. It was a very good game and it was free. I stopped after a huge update on AA1. It was the most realistic shooter you'll ever play. not graphics wise but the way the guns shoot and all that stuff.

Fat Bastard3343d ago

Ya cause I'm sure you do a whole lot more with your life. Sitting around on a couch all day playing video games in imaginary worlds. That's so much better

ForTheFallen3343d ago

It's better than killing people in the real world...

But no, let's all just leave the Military Industrial Complex alone, shall we?

Rock Bottom3342d ago (Edited 3342d ago )

Sorry if you were offended.

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TheMotherFcker3343d ago

man my penis has better graphics and gameplay than this turd

GamerPS3603343d ago

it still looks miles better than l4d and I love playing l4d on my PC. And, with sdk pack releasing next week, it's going to be supported for next 5 yrs.

mrv3213343d ago

I suppose like AA3 they both require internet to work.

PS360PCROCKS3343d ago

Aha! Mrv you win with the comment lmao

Pandemic3343d ago

Wow, what a dramatic week for the Americas Army 3 game.

Timesplitter143343d ago

I hope this game goes down in flames.

saint_john_paul_ii3343d ago "Down" There?

Timesplitter143343d ago

It costs a little bit of your dignity and your intelligence

Bnet3433343d ago

LMAO!!! Timesplitter!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!! omfg!!!!! LMAO!!!!!!!!!!!

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The story is too old to be commented.