Cars from GT PSP will transfer to GT5

The feature was revealed during an interview at the conference. Kazunori pushed the fact that he wanted the player to feel like they actually owned the car, that it wasn't just a car in a game, which led to the feature. "Whether it be from PSP to GT5, to even future renditions, GT6 and on, you can carry over the cars as YOUR cars, as something you own, even if the system changes, you can keep it."

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FrankFoxJaegar3342d ago

thats cool... i wonder if ever gran turismo from here on out will have that forward compatibility?

rockleex3342d ago

So that my cars can travel BACK TO THE FUTURE... through forward compatibility! ^_^

eagle213342d ago (Edited 3342d ago )

the cars will be stunning when they are transferred into GT5 heaven. AND GT6!!!! The king is unstoppable. :)

Ninver3342d ago

woooooh can't wait. this game is gonna take over my life. they don't call it the definitive racing sim for nothing.

rockleex3342d ago (Edited 3342d ago )

Link doesn't work. But I do believe there was a DeLorean in GT4.

@Dirty Beaver

They don't call Gran Turismo the "Definitive Racing Sim". But Turn10 claims Forza 3 is the "Definitive Racing Game this Generation".

Polyphony calls Gran Turismo "The Real Driving Simulator", you can even check the boxart. ^_~

sniper-squeak3342d ago

he mentiones GT6! :O *imagines the graphics in that game* - they'l probably surpass reality..!

The_Count3341d ago

As long as I can't count the cars as they transfer.

Ah ah ah.

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shadowmoses6233342d ago

I Hope GT5 comes out this year!

StanLee3342d ago said they got the November release date from an official source so it may actually be coming this year! Can't wait!

Ninver3342d ago

if it does then it will be a megaton release for the ps3 for sure. i seriously can't imagine how much copies it will sell along with the inevitable price cut.

DrWan3342d ago

GT PSP is coming out in October, they won't be so stupid to push it out at the same time to cannibalize each other's sales. you know the hardcore will buy both but they dont' have enough money and time to do both.

The_Count3341d ago

I'm happy as long as I can count the days and the review scores of GT5.

Ah ah ah.

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RememberThe3573342d ago

You gotta love the PSP to PS3 connectivity.

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