id Software explains why you aren't a wolf in Wolfenstein

Destructoid writes: Prior to speaking with id Software's community manager Peter Sokol -- literally seconds before our interview -- I researched the Wolfenstein franchise. I read a few blurbs on Internet Web sites, tried to get through a preview or two, and clicked a few random links on Wikipedia. Through my careful research and analysis, I found that the Wolfenstein franchise has never starred a wolf and neither will Raven Software's new title. What's up with that?

Speaking with me about the lack of a wolf protagonist in Wolfenstein, Sokol confirmed that players wouldn't be able to play as a wolf. "[There is nothing in Wolfenstein] about a wolf," Sokol said. "It dates back to 1992 where you gave Blazkowicz the Office of Secret Actions agent, who's just – he's the guy they send in when the chips are down and the Nazis are researching all this dark science. He's the only guy they can really trust to get the job done. So, you play a one man army, not a wolf, but a one man army."

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