Former Lawrence police officer accused of selling stolen video games

A former Lawrence police officer, once honored as a hero, is being charged with 14 federal counts of felony wire fraud, accused of selling stolen video games on eBay while employed by the police force.

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shocky163074d ago

Should have just bought the games second hand.

Sandwich Bender3074d ago

He really should have, since I imagine the price he fetched online without cases was probably at least $20 under retail anyway, so he would still be out some money.

Xbox Avatars Shoe3073d ago

I wouldn't be surprised if GTA somehow gets thrown into this. With the ridiculous spin that the media puts on a supposed crime/GTA relationship, I wouldn't be surprised if this was a headline:

"GTA sets poor example for police officer behavior, turns good cops bad"

Sandwich Bender3073d ago

I won't be surprised if it's the cop himself that goes "GTA made me do this."

FantasyStar3073d ago

It won't be the cop, but the defense attorney that's going to represent the cop.

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jack who3073d ago (Edited 3073d ago )

pigs will be pigs

Kinetix3073d ago

It's okay though, he's a cop.

Da One3073d ago

Everything else is meh.............

Sandwich Bender3073d ago

With all the people who flip out over video games, you think this would make the local news.

Salvadore3073d ago

When a person commits a crime revolving around video games, it's easy for the media and whatnot to point fingers at it. However in this case, you cannot point fingers at video games as it isn't the issue.

Sandwich Bender3073d ago

Oh, I absolutely agree that it isn't the issue, but crazy anti-video game activists always point the finger at video games when it isn't appropriate.

user39158003073d ago

I have great admiration for this men, for he knows the true path to jail. I can understand burning games for your own use and not making sales off something that you dont own, but been this dumb deserves 2 things: 1) A good handshake and grab his rear, just to let him knows what hes going to be once he gets in jail. 2) What reality is and became part of what society as a whole has brought upon the civilians a society that its willing to separate its own from the corrupted government (he finally understand that he was nothing, but a servant to society and one that dont give a crap about him).

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