Capcom on PS3 Monster Hunter: "Never Say Never"

Examiner: "Many Playstation 3 fans were upset when Capcom announced that Monster Hunter 3 became a Nintendo Wii exclusive game in 2007. However, that doesn't mean that Capcom is closing the door completely on the popular RPG series on the Playstation 3."

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Smacktard3262d ago

I think Capcom wants to wait and see how MH3 will do in the west before porting it to PS3. If it sells well in the West, they will probably port it to PS3. However, I don't think Japan counts for much... Monster Hunter is big enough there that if people want to play it, they'd just buy a Wii.

Hopefully both PS3 owners and Wii owners will get a chance to play this game though. It looks fantastic.

heroicjanitor3262d ago (Edited 3262d ago )

Unless it was released on psn

Edit: Damn you Spoony, beat me to the punch

Smacktard3262d ago

Obviously I meant an enhanced port. Updated visuals and such. I don't think there's any way they'd release a high-profile, normal-retail price Wii title on the PSN...

heroicjanitor3262d ago

But I doubt they'd go through the trouble of trying to take the whole game and make stuff bigger either, I think they'd just go the whole hog and make a new game.

Da One3262d ago

Looks good as is hell i'd take a straight port

JHUX3262d ago

they said never twice

poopface13262d ago (Edited 3262d ago )

Id rent it and try it if it came out in us on ps3 and 360 too. It could be way better than the wii version.

qface643262d ago

seeing how capcom has been lately would a re release on the ps3 even be worth it from what they have done this gen id say NO

but if true man i know it would never happen but cross platform play would just be sweet in my opinion at least

xwabbit3262d ago

This game at first was a ps3 exclusive, they didn't have the $ at that time so they went with the Wii. I don't think it will be a port, i heard they wanted to get $ from this game and then make 1 for the PS3 using it to its potential. that's what I heard tho, i could be SUPER wrong about it and it could just be a port. I just know this game was exclusive for the PS3 at the beginning.

rockleex3262d ago (Edited 3262d ago )

The Lost Planet 2 trailers where they fight huge monsters with the grass blowing in the wind?

Yup, now imagine that engine running a Monster Hunter MMO game!!! O_O

Capcom says: "...we never say ‘never’ here at Capcom."

I say: "You just said 'never' TWICE in one sentence right there."

Dir_en_grey3262d ago

I just hated when people call Monster Hunter a RPG or MMO.
It's a friggin hardcore action game to the MAX!!! =)

onanie3262d ago (Edited 3262d ago )

if Capcom ever considered a PS3 port, i would be happy that they started about now - the MT framework engine is maturing well on the platform.

But they can take their time as demon's soul has been amazing for me :)

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SpoonyRedMage3262d ago

I don't think a port would please anyone. Except may be a PSN only release.

Tis good news anyway but people should stop expecting for every game to be on their platform. This sense of entitlement a lot of people have is ridiculious.

GWAVE3262d ago (Edited 3262d ago )

That entitlement attitude for this generation began with 360 gamers, ya know. You don't hear PS3 or Wii gamers saying "Awww MAN! Why don't WE have Gears of War?", yet how many times do you see the 360 fanbase jumping up and down at the slightest rumor of MGS4 on the 360?

But I can understand that when the bulk of AAA games on the system are put out by third-parties. It can be frustrating when a 3rd-party dev doesn't pay attention to you.

SpoonyRedMage3262d ago

Naw, I've seen from every party, PS3 fans want Valve games(or some do), Star Ocean, Mass Effect, Splinter Cell and others. But there's also stuff like Madworld and Muramasa who people insist should be on the HD consoles. Oh an people complaining about Dragon Quest being on the DS.

There's different reasons for all three. The success and near unanimious support of the PS1 and PS2 has spoilt the Playstation crowd, Microsoft's willingness to buy games has people demanding them and the new found success of Nintendo makes people want more 3rd party games.

It's not just MS fanboys.

Smacktard3262d ago

PS3 owners don't just want Muramasa... they want it on PSN, which is a ridiculous request. Just because the game is on the Wii and/or is 2-D doesn't mean it should be sold for $10 or $15 on the PSN or something. It'd ridiculous for a full-priced retail title.

PirateThom3262d ago

Yeah, that game, if it was a PSN title just for ease of publishing and to get it to as many people as possible, would have to be priced in line with the Wii version.

Unicron3262d ago

Well said on both accounts spoony, bubbles for you.The sense of entitlement is disgusting. You should check out gamefaqs, apparently now the ENTIRE MGS series is being ported to the 360 before Rising hits.

SpoonyRedMage3262d ago (Edited 3262d ago )

Thanks Unicron, people don't seem to appreciate games any more because they expect them. Gamers are spending too much time looking at games that they think they deserve and too little time enjoying the games we don't deserve(the masterpieces I mean, not the crap).

@V: Yup, I still have loads of PS2 games I haven't finished!

Unicron3262d ago

Well that's where I agree with Tretton... this industry has become hellbent on the NEXT big thing, so much so that we don't appreciate what is out today. The moment Gears 2 hits, people are hyping Gears 3. It's rather sad. Me? I have SO many games to play that I already own, I don't need to sit and worry about what tomorrow will/won't bring.

thePatriot3262d ago

and I will pay about 30 dollars for it

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PirateThom3262d ago

I think the only reason PS3 owners feel entitlement to a Monster Hunter game is because Monster Hunter 3 started off as a PS3 game.

I don't care either way.

Smacktard3262d ago

I think you're right about the "entitlement" thing. There's a difference between wanting something and feeling like you're entitled to it. PS3 owners wanting it is fine, and understandable. The feeling of entitlement is kind of stupid and selfish though.

mastiffchild3262d ago

YBH, the "entitlement " issue isn't as clear as we sometimes make out. Mostly I agree with Spoony and Uni on this but I CAN see why FF13 and, even more, why MH3 stir a few PS3 owners loins. They were both announced as PS3 exclusives (and in the case of FF13 for a LONG time) meaning that some will have bought their consoles on the strength of the word of the devs coupled with the fact that previous installments have been on Sony playforms exclusively.

Fair enough, the SE and FF13 thing has been done to death and , I guess, PS3 owners will eventually get that game even though it's not exclusive anymore(which, however you slice it means it won't be as good as if it had been exclusive, same as it would perform better as a 360 exclusive, as the consoles have different strengths and a multi can't be optimised for either)-however, with MH3 it's been taken away completely so PS3 owners hankering after their own version have a fair point-if it had been part of my reasoning for getting a console I think I'd be a bit miffed too. So I think it's OK for people to still crave this one-esp as it looks stunning on the Wii.

In general, however, the feeling that cos you own a console people are letting you down in some way by not giving you a game is pretty selfish and unrealistic-and, yes, I've also got PS2 games that remain unfinished(and Wii, 360,PC and PS3 ones too!)! It isn't as if anyb gamers suffering a huge game drought, is it?

My personal "entitlement" problem is with Fatal Frame 4-I can't believe noone(esp Nintendo given they're the one with western rights to publish)will publish what looks, to me, one of the best mature games for the Wii in the EU or States-but, even as a fan of the franchise, and with a game which according to reviews in Famitsu et al seems a big return to form, I guess I'll live!

ugly13262d ago (Edited 3262d ago )

Capcom sold most of their games on the PS3 so far this year, with big titles like RE5 and SF4 selling the majority on the PS3. A new Monster Hunters game for the PS3 wouldn't be too far fetched as soon as Sony picks up a little more steam in Japan.

Bloodshedder3262d ago

i need a monster hunter on the ps3 i just need it!!!!!!!!!

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