Next Medal of Honor could be Next Big Thing

Wondering what's been happening to Medal of Honor since Airborne? Well, at the beginning of the year EA (MOH Publishers) admitted that they were working on "the best FPS ever".

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big shadow3377d ago

I thought this franchise was dead

G3TDOWN3377d ago

until COD4 ! because people were sick of old war games

shocky163377d ago

Hopefully they'll make a all around solid game, best of luck to EA.

Elven63377d ago

Call of Duty dead before 4? HA! I guess you just recently got into the series, COD games were selling and reviewing really well (main ones of course, the spin offs were a mixed bag, that being said some of the spin offs were really good). Call of Duty 3 did really well, the best in the series until Call of Duty 4 of course.

To name a few articles, Medal of Honor on the other hand never had this kind of success in years. Even if the latest Medal of Honor saw the success of 2 on the PC alone EA would have been happy. Airborne wasn't a bad game but I don't think it cracked 1 million sold.

Montrealien3377d ago

the last console Medal of Honor was a really good WW2 shooter.

IaMs123377d ago

Oh baby if its anything like Frontline then im all for it. Airbourne was decent but way too short.

qface643377d ago (Edited 3377d ago )

seriously everyone saying it won't get the success of call of duty or saying its nothing compared to COD

guess what people said the same thing about call of duty back in the day

Defectiv3_Detectiv33377d ago

Hm, I would have thought the BattleField series was more of a contender.

Medal Of Honor is the Tony Hawk of WW2 shooters.

y0haN3376d ago

The best MoH game was Allied Assault and they'll never reach what they made with that again because most of the team is now making Modern Warfare 2.

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Serjikal_Strike3377d ago

then this is great news...hopefully its not just a rumor...

The Matrix3377d ago

Oh wow another MoH I'll be eagerly awaiting this one *falls asleep*.

OGharryjoysticks3377d ago

With the multiple Medal of Honor games showing up on the PSN PSone classics lately, I was wondering why they haven't tied it into hype for the latest greatest

mrv3213377d ago

I haven't heard of a MoH game since airbourne, EA may be making less money but they are getting respect so they will spend time on this to make it good if not better than MW2 I know what your thinking MW2 is awsome... but take away what ever element that makes it fun (it was luck that they found it) and you end up with and average online game.

Well isn't Dice also under EA, next MoH should have destructable enviroments... that would be pretty cool. EA also have Mirrors Edge if they could add some fast paced running action to... and on top they have there new shift game I'm not asking for a racer but they have been working on immersion and eye4eye gameplay, we for example if you get hit by a near by explosion your character would react realistically.

All these elements could turn to be a fantastic game.

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The story is too old to be commented.