AtomicGamer: Guitar Hero 5 Preview

AtomicGamer writes: "The only thing that immediately put me off of Guitar Hero 5 right from the start is that Neversoft and Activision are insisting on using the same old look of the highways and note gems, and at this point it just looks and feels archaic and dated. Many Rock Band players have complained about Neversoft's supposed poor job of charting the notes, and while I've never noticed a big difference, I don't imagine that anyone who found this to be a sticking point before will suddenly be singing Neversoft's praises (but for the large majority of players, it's probably fine). But for what it's worth, I plan on having my circle of friends make a very serious effort of not only going through GH5 but putting it in our regular rotation of games for rock night. Its impressive accessibility, increased ease of switching instruments, and reduced time fiddling in menus should be a pleasant improvement. Activision is intent on beating Rock Band and their new Beatles game to market, so they're releasing one week ahead on September 2nd for PS2, PS3, Wii, and 360".

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