Gran Turismo 5 Releasing in November?

PS3Center looks at a few reasons why the rumored date for Gran Turismo is most likely wrong, but could also be right.

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qface643378d ago

i wasn't aware there was more than 2 to be honest

interrergator3378d ago

yamauchi said that he could release the game anytime so i think maybe hes ready?

jams_shop3378d ago (Edited 3378d ago )

maybe shocky16 is talking about GT PSP j/k lol

GT5 = definitive racing game for conseles
GT PSP = definitive racing game for handheld systems

Sarcasm3378d ago

There can be only one "Definitive" racer of this generation.

And that's GT5.

Headshot813378d ago (Edited 3378d ago )

writes a check for GT5 purchase, dates it 11/01/2009) BRING IT ON [email protected] AAAAAAGGRRAAHHHHH!!!!!!!!(sign s check, slaps waitress in the a$$)

phosphor1123378d ago

I honestly lol'd at that one.

I really can't wait for this game. For some reason I'm looking forward to this game more than Uncharted 2 and GoW 3...and I'm hyped about those.

rockleex3378d ago

GT5 isn't the "Definitive Racing Game" this generation.

Gran Turismo is "The Real Driving Simulator", it even says so on the boxart. ^_^

Oh yea, and GT5 won't be the best driving/racing game this generation... because GT6 will trump GT5 in every way! >:D

And if we're lucky, we'll even get GT7 before the PS4 comes out.

The_Count3378d ago

This news is almost as great as counting!

Ah Ah Ah.

Alvadr3378d ago

I dont want to see this game released around the same time as Forza.. GT5 is in a league of its own and doesnt need to compete with Forza or any other racing game for that matter.

Lets let the 360 boys have there fun with forza this year and show them what a real racing game looks like next year ;)

N4realGMRZ3378d ago

In other news Duke Nukeum will be release this year as is just to long guys any way u slice it! but i will buy it day one!

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eagle213378d ago

I forgot about the game show Aug. 19. Is it in Germany? I also approved a story confirming red and blue Dualshock 3's coming in October yesterday on N4G. Hmmm? Somethings

Noctis3378d ago

I think he mistaked Never for November.

militant073378d ago

that was a bit funny joke, i adoubt you will lose bubbles for saying that.

that game is great ( i played GT5:P ), and worth all that wait.

Odion3378d ago

I love how sites like these just pull news out of thin air.

Hey a game site has a placeholder date, they must know when a game is going to be released, cause thats the first person Sony calls.

Revvin3378d ago

From the article: "Another reason against this release date is the fact that it wasn't announced at E3. E3 is the biggest trade show for games, it would make sense for Sony to announce the game's release date at E3 but they didn't"

They announced GT for the PSP at E3, why would they overshadow that big announcement with another for GT5 and have the media totally bypass GT PSP and give all their column inches to GT5. The Tokyo Game Show runs in September and is on home ground for Sony with a huge GT fan base in Japan so it may well have a release date for TGS. Sony have been around long enough to know you don't punch yourself out in the first few rounds and then get knocked out later on. They teased everyone with a video at E3 while still keeping a lot of media focus on GT PSP and they can continue to build the hype with more details such as a release date at TGS.

An announcement closer to Christmas to perhaps tie in with a special GT5 PS3 bundle keeps the game in the minds of consumers that little bit closer to Christmas.

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