Uncharted 2 BETA TQImpressions

Yes, you will be doing lots of jumping, climbing, dodging and sticking to walls in this multiplayer. If you enjoy the aesthetics of the ninja, then you will love the multiplayer...

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Boody-Bandit3341d ago

so it's got to be true. ;)

At the very least a candidate for GOTY. Not that I hold much credence for gaming awards. I just purchase and play what I like regardless of reviews or accolades they receive.

GEESE3341d ago

I never did play full version of Uncharted 1, and until I get another job, I never will :(

Boody-Bandit3341d ago

I have played this generation.
The beta is excellent. I can't believe how much I am enjoying it.

*Don't know if this is considered a spoiler*

but I love using propane tanks as weapons. It hysterical when you strategically place them on a level and shoot them when an enemy gets close. Pulling people down off of buildings is a blast too.

Good luck on the job search.