Pepsi Harmonix Rock Band Limited Edition Guitar Giveaway

"Big thanks to Pepsi and Harmonix for sending us this 1 of 30 limited edition Rock Band guitars designed by artist Matt Moore. Ripten's guitar is the Xbox 360 version and numbered 22 of 30. You can enter to win it below by leaving a comment (one per reader) and telling us why you think you should win. Our editors and myself will review the submissions and pick a winner by midnight next Saturday."

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craftydude09043255d ago

Well I've been playing this game for not even a year yet. And i'd say I'm pretty good at this game you can check out some videos at my youtube, my username is craftydude0904.I would add a link but no HTML is allowed.I have gotten 100% on Expert on a lot of songs on guitar.Some on my youtube are, Any Way You Want It, Master Exploder,My Sharona, Critical Acclaim, etc. So i'd really like to win this guitar :).Also somebody almost as good as me won a guitar so I think i should win one also.

Waf3252d ago

I've been playing Rock Band constantly with my friends since launch, and it is, in my opinion, the best game that has come out this generation of consoles. I love playing guitar in Rock Band and my favorite style of guitar is the RB2 Strat. Unfortunately my constant playing has worn my guitar down greatly so I really could use a new guitar, and with any luck maybe I'll get this one. :)

joehills3250d ago (Edited 3250d ago )

I had never picked up the bass when 3 friends asked me to fill out their band, "James Tiberius Buffett," at Play On Con's Rock Band tournament.

In the qualifying round, I was pretty drunk and barely got through the song on easy. Other bands saw our Hawaiian shirts and critiqued us for tipping our hand before the main event. Seeing how the other teams wrote us off, when my friends had been working so hard for weeks led to me spending three hours back in our suite brute forcing my way through Margaritaville on expert.

I didn't full combo or anything, but that practice payed off. We won the tournament by a good margin, and now we're already gearing up for next year! I've been practicing a ton and am getting pretty good, but I don't have my own instrument yet. And I figure, hell, why keep mooching off my friends when N4G is offering me a chance to rock out in style? If I win, I promise to take this thing on tour.

For anyone curious, I've attached the video of our performance. I hope you guys enjoy it!