Street Fighter 4: 1.5? What Can We Expect?

Gary @ writes:

"The answer to that question would be nothing concrete just yet but the possibility of a Street Fighter 4 1.5 are pretty high when you take into account not only recent information taken from a Japanese Q and A blog, but the history of the Street Fighter series. With the exception of the first game, Street Fighter titles are usually re-released with upgrades, new characters, and rebalancing of the characters so that no one character is too broken, the first outing usually sees the worst balancing until about the 3rd version of the game."

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Gun_Senshi3348d ago

They fix balance since SFIV is imbalanced.

Hail Guilty Gears, Last one on PSP is the most balanced and best 2D Fighting game (GGAccentCore Plus)

BlazBlue is coming out soon D: its by company of GG and said its Spiritual succor of GG. In China and Japan people are going gaga over BlazBlue on arcades, during 2 month timeframe BlazBlue took top spot at arcades japan event over Tekken 6 and SF IV

Simon_Brezhnev3347d ago

yeah im waiting on this game the 30th came come enough. I'll try 2 add u 2 my psn so we can play each other. People complain about 12 characters but atleast they all unique and different not the same type of moves.

ChampIDC3347d ago

SF4 isn't too bad in terms of balance compared to some fighters, but it definitely needs some tweaks here and there.

I'm also very much looking forward to BlazBlue.