Would Activision Actually Abandon the PS3?


Yesterday, there was a tremendous amount of hub-bub about Activision CEO Bobby Kotick's comments about his company potentially removing support from Sony's PlayStation 3 console.

So how likely is it?

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vegnadragon3319d ago

Agree 100%. Everyone knows that multiplatform is more money in their pockets. Do you really think that they would stop making the ps3 games when 40% of their revenue was thanks to the ps3? I would not be a happy share holder, meaning that the chairmen would have to take hash measure, whatever they would be.

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Darkeyes3319d ago (Edited 3319d ago )

Activisions consists of greedy bastards. I mean they sold more than 4.5 million COD4 on PS3. Yup that isn't as high as 360 sales mainly due to that extra 7 million 360's out there, but still nearly 4.5 million are AAA sales. Have they lost their marbles!!! Even if a game sells more than 2-3 million units, then too it reaps great profits for the developers and here is this company who repackages a music game every six months and sells it for 200$ (with drum kit and various peripherals) and still demand more money from Sony?

COD is the only Activision game I have played this gen and that is the only reason I respect IW (not AV but IW..). If it weren't for it, I swear I would never touch another AV product in my life.

Just club those PS3+PS2+PSP numbers from last year and nearly 45% of AV's revenue comes from it. I think Sony should themselves threaten to cut AV support. Do you really think AV has the balls to ditch Sony and cut half their revenue? What will the CEO answer to the stock holders?

Yup AV, if you have the balls then ditch Sony. And then happily give that 'biggest 3rd party dev' crown to EA cause you won't even make it to the top 3 without Sony.

The Lazy One3319d ago

did you read the article? it wasn't even 40% of the console revenue let alone total.

The wii had the largest console revenue, and it wasn't even at 30% of the revenue.

If they do slow support, it would probably be more of a cutback than a complete stop. For smaller games that they don't expect huge sales for they might not find it worth the royalties/development cost.

really duh3319d ago (Edited 3319d ago )

Some devs are already dropping support and or supporting the 360 equally when they did not before.

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All-33319d ago

No it wasn't... better go check again.

As for multiplatform development... there's always the PC market.

360 + PC game versions.

GWAVE3319d ago (Edited 3319d ago )

Activision is trying to pretend they're the next EA (history lesson: go look at how Electronic Arts threatened SEGA when the Dreamcast came out, and then they followed through by not supporting the system).

Yet, Activision would be stupid to stop supporting Sony. Why? Because the PS2, PSP, and PS3 combined is their biggest money-maker (by FAR). I mean, what sense does it make to abandon a company with the most systems on the market (and also the highest-selling system, i.e the PS2)?

Mark my words: in the next couple of days/weeks, we'll see the guy at Activision who said this either fired, or we'll see them make an official retraction of their statement.

And Activision really doesn't have the balls to go through with this. Need proof? Show me the last major exclusive that Activision made. Yeah, exactly. In other words, they can't AFFORD to cut out platforms. It's not in their blood.

read disc error3319d ago (Edited 3319d ago )

you guys don't understand the basic idea that if Activision drops the PS3 they will be able to devote those resources to making new IPs for the Wii and the 360 that could generate more sales and profit for them than a PS3 port. this is what the executive was saying in the interview.

Activision did the same thing to the Dreamcast. Game publishers don't want three different consoles because it costs them money. Console devs want one console. eventually the publishers will actively try to put console(s) out of business to maximize profit.

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GarandShooter3319d ago

@read disc error

What new IP's? If they have all these new great ideas up their sleeves, where are they? Where is the evidence to support that claim, 'new IPs for the Wii and the 360 that could generate more sales and profit for them than a PS3 port' let alone to sell it to the Board and shareholders?

evrfighter3319d ago

"(history lesson: go look at how Electronic Arts threatened SEGA when the Dreamcast came out, and then they followed through by not supporting the system)."

I might be wrong but if it actually worked and the dreamcast failed. Isn't that a bad thing for Sony?

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The Lazy One3319d ago

MMOs are Activision's biggest earner BY FAR! it's not even a competition.

@"What new IP's? If they have all these new great ideas up their sleeves, where are they? "

singularity is coming later this year. Prototype just came out. Blur is coming later this year.

Cenobia3319d ago

He was trying to pressure Sony into lowering the price of the console so that more people would buy the PS3, and the Activision games.

If you really think a company would just walk away from millions of dollars then you're an idiot. They make money off the PS3 they just want more.

RememberThe3573319d ago (Edited 3319d ago )

It's not that simple. It is true that if Activision were to cut the PlayStation consoles out they would be able to reallocate those resources else where. But there is also the fact that the revenue from the PlayStation product family would be lost.

At the moment, it seems as though The PlayStation product line is still profitable for them. I believe that it goes back to there stupid ass peripherals. They know that people don't want to pay $400 and then drop $120 on a fake skateboard.

Sony is not in a position to be strong armed by Activision. If anyone is going to strong arm them it's going to be retailers such as Wal-Mart or Best Buy.

The fact is that this should have been left between Sony and Activision. Kotick should have started a dialog with Sony where he could have voiced his concerns to them and gotten a run down of how they are planing to expand their install base.

This leads me to believe that he doesn't care about the install base at all but purely the price. They are going to have a harder time selling PS3's plus Guitar Hero or Tony Hawk peripherals.

GarandShooter3319d ago

@ The Lazy One

'singularity is coming later this year. Prototype just came out. Blur is coming later this year.'

Do you think revenue of these titles on 360 is going to replace the revenue generated on sales of all available Activision titles on PS3? That's what I'm getting at. A company doesn't just drop a revenue stream without one to replace it.

really duh3319d ago

Maybe all of you should take the lead jobs in Activision seeing how you know whats best for then and know more about the company's needs more than they do.

GarandShooter3319d ago

@ duh

Maybe you should remove the fanboy goggles and try to view this from a business perspective. All your fanboy rhetoric has proven nothing.

Xbox Avatars Shoe3319d ago (Edited 3319d ago )

The price of porting a game like MW2 to PS3 is not much when compared to the massive profits it will rake in. Activision would go down as one of the stupidest game companies in history is they abandoned multiplatform games on PS3. Now I can understand if they don't make a PS3 exclusive, but not doing simple ports would be absurd and one of the worst decisions in gaming history!

RememberThe3573319d ago

This is what happens when they can't counter your argument; They fall back on sarcasm.

GarandShooter3318d ago

Isn't it amazing how an attempt at intelligent discourse always devolves into a pissing contest?

jmare3318d ago

Kind of like how you and other 360 fanboys think you know better how to run Sony and they absolutely need to drop the PS3 price?

The Lazy One3318d ago

It's to hypothetical. It's like trying to guess the weather to the day for next june.

There's just too many unknowns. The capital could be used to shorten the development time on franchises as well as on new ips, and there's no telling how many new ips could be made.

There's just way too many unknowns.

Megatron083318d ago

“I’m getting concerned about Sony; the PlayStation 3 is losing a bit of momentum and they don’t make it easy for me to support the platform. It’s expensive to develop for the console, and the Wii and the Xbox are just selling better. Games generate a better return on invested capital on the Xbox than on the PlayStation."

It doesnt say he is "concerned" about the psp or ps2 just the ps3. They could drop support for the ps3 and still support the ps2 and psp. Also the ps3 doesnt make up 40% of their revenue it only makes up 18%. Also if they drop ps3 support the money they make from the 360 go up as it will be the only way for people to play some games.

However money is money so I doubt they will drop the ps3

BLuKhaos3318d ago

I agree, Activision was threatening because they wanted more money so they wouldn't just drop the PS3 like that.Even that "little bit" of money is better than none.

Jecht3318d ago

I say let Activision drop the PS3. Plenty of other developers with much better games are willing to take their place and make money off it. Activision is lame, so lame that they had to merge with Blizzard just to get a piece of WoW, and so now they think they can talk. Sony isn't about to lose money just so Activision can make more. And that's the real bottom line here folks. Not what resources Activision can shift to other projects, or anything like that. Bottom line is someone will lose money, and Sony has more options than Activision does. There are only 3 consoles for publishers to put games on (not including PC), but dozens of developers to choose from to make games for the PS3. Who has the upper hand now?

Beast_Master3318d ago (Edited 3318d ago )

Why do people even bother with this crap? Look they already have to much money invested in the PS3 ports to cut them off now. Which means everything that is slated for 2009 will drop. Oct 1 Sony will drop the price along with the release of their over priced PSP Go. Activision will be happy because PS3 sales will be up by at least 40% over last year and Sony will be happy because they will sell huge numbers from Oct up until GOW3 drops. Now if GT5 where to magically appear in the 2009 holiday window, holy crap talk about a big christmas.

I know a bunch of people who want a PS3 who are waiting for GOW3/GT5 and/or a price cut. They will get both and I expect Sony to sell all 13 million consoles like they said they would. Then At 36 million consoles no one will ever compare this system to the Dreamcast and we can end this foolishness.

Please 360 fans mark this down! I don't care if 360 out sells PS3, I just want these stupid arguments about PS3 is dead to die. and When they reach the 35 million consoles it will die.

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badz1493318d ago

and that CEO who said this is STUPID!

TIKUP3319d ago

they dont have the balls to!

dannyhinote_133319d ago

More like they aren't stupid enough to.

MGOelite3319d ago

if they did they would lose out on 6-7 million mw2 sales

PirateThom3319d ago

Activision, as a big third party publisher, have their success linked to the platforms they publish on. Activision have to publish on as many platforms as possible and, hopefully, sell to as many people as possible.

For Activision to be a success, Sony have to be a success (and Nintendo and Microsoft and Apple), because it gives them more people to sell to.

They won't abandon the PS3, it's just Activision trying to push Sony (who won't want to lose games like CoD or Guitar Hero) to drop the price and get more consoles into homes.

swiftshot933319d ago

And the CEO feels that hes powerful enough to "scare" sony into a pricecut for the PS3. The mention of the PSP was supposed to validate his statement too, but no one will call their bluff.

PirateThom3319d ago

iPhone/iPod Touch games.