The Ideas Presented In Mirror's Edge & Red Faction Guerrilla Will End Up Everywhere - PushSquare

PushSquare: "Imagine a Call Of Duty with falling buildings and a character with a sense of being. That's exactly where the genre is heading. But isn't it interesting how it takes these inventive, yet somewhat mediocre titles, to set the big franchises up. There's no doubt all the big releases of the future will take ideas from Mirror's Edge and Red Faction Guerilla - question is, will people remember them?"

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Xi3381d ago

just like kill switch and tps, and how the club will also have a similar role.

It's unfortunate that these games won't get the credit where they should.

STK0263381d ago

I still remember Codename Eagle (made by DICE) and CnC Renegade, while most people think that battlefield 1942 was the first of it's kind.

Some will remember, but most will simply call it innovation when they see it in a few years in their big franchise games.