Blu-ray player production cost to drop in 2010

Taiwanese disc drive makers anticipate that the cost to produce BD players will drop to $50 USD in 2010, according to DigiTimes Systems.

BD players currently cost $100 USD to produce, with the majority of that cost taken up by chipsets and pick-up heads.

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qface643319d ago

that doesn't sound like a bad thing if you ask me
but sure production costs might go down but will BD players go down im saying nah

KionicWarlord2223319d ago

Your right it will be cheaper.

LinuxGuru3319d ago

Gee, ya friggin' think?!


chisox1003319d ago

50$ less for Blu-Ray and sony redesigning the PS3....they could make a profit off the ps3 in 2010 woot woot

kaveti66163319d ago

They will be able to make a profit on the hardware, finally. If they drop the price of the PS3 by 50 bucks they will be right where they are now. And if they drop the price by a 100 then they will be worse off. This, of course is only based on the drop of production costs of the blu ray player. There are other parts on the PS3 that could get cheaper to produce, and if Sony can make the PS3 100 dollars cheaper to produce, then a 50 dollar price drop will be golden for them