Top 5 Studios that are No Longer with Us

Everyone has their favorite game development studios. Unfortunately, for whatever reason these companies are sometimes shutdown. In this top five, we pick the best of these studios that are no longer with us today despite putting out a number of very good games.

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RememberThe3573077d ago

I want another Okami so much I can taste it.

The Great Melon3077d ago

Clover was such an awesome studio. I remember seeing Godhand several years ago and blew it off as a generic boxing game. Only year ago I saw a video and was astounded at its uniqueness. My only gripe about the game is its use of the tank style movement.

gintoki7773077d ago

i never knew clover got shut down
didnt they help out in murumasa for wii?

vhero3077d ago (Edited 3077d ago )

It's such a great list and a refreshing article from all the drab stuff on here lately makes me realize why I still come here. For those asking about other studios missing you gotta remember them studios are still with us just renamed or whatever these on the list are gona forever and all the members have split up now and working for differnt gaming companys. Thats why Westwood/Rare etc not there.

Tony P3077d ago

For serious, Black Isle. Damn near all their RPGs were incredible. Why don't people buy more RPGs! -shakes fist-

Also R.I.P. Ensemble. I don't know what MS were collectively smoking whey they got rid of them.

xabmol3077d ago

Still got Viewtiful Joe and Okami sitting in my PS2 collection.

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SpoonyRedMage3077d ago

I fear Factor 5 may soon join this list.:(

qface643077d ago

i don't think i would miss them they haven't given me a good reason so far as to why i would miss them

can't think of anything at all everything is just in the past

ChickeyCantor3077d ago

Cause they were working on a new SW:RS T_T

N4g_null3077d ago

I'm hearing they are fine but they pretty much laid off every one except the core player there.

eagle213077d ago

I was just about to say: Nintendo's Rare. lol

qface643077d ago

i agree with you R.I.P RARE

personally for me rare died when the N64 went to sleep for good

(n64)if im going down IM TAKING YOU WITH ME!!!
(rare) x__x

n4f3077d ago

no im just kidding R.I.P Nintendo's RARE

militant073077d ago

bunch of sony fanboys.

rare made great game this genration and top of it is VIVA PINATA which is basically amazing and very addective.

dont judge by the name and the look, play it and see for yourself.

Boody-Bandit3077d ago (Edited 3077d ago )

Do you feel Rare is a better developer now with MS or were they better when they were with Nintendo?

I don't know about you but I feel they were much better when they were making games for Nintendo. The only games I have enjoyed from them since MS took over is Kameo and Conkers remake on the original XBox. I'm not saying they were the only good games since MS took over but the only two I enjoyed.

I was hoping at E3 we would've heard from them but that didn't happen.
I want a sequel to Kameo, Conker, PD0 and I am dying for a new Killer Instinct. I am starting to doubt any of those titles will surface from Rare this generation or possibly ever.

back on topic:
Sucks losing any developer but I will miss Clover most of the 5 listed.

qface643077d ago

so if you don't like the new rare you automatically a sony fanboy?
how does that work exactly explain?

rare isn't what they used to be and that's a fact

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velaxun3076d ago

Flight Sim rocked my world. Aces and Ensemble will be greatly missed on my PC

Model3077d ago

what about westwood ? best strategy games maker

qface643077d ago

true enssemble did make age of empires still play it to this day

velaxun3076d ago

Same here, I play AoE3 every now and then, but I LOVE AoE 2, I still play it tons when I get bored with the new stuff

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