WorthPlaying: Fuel PS3 Review

WorthPlaying writes: "Perhaps my greatest disappoint in Fuel was when I made my first foray to a Vista Point - Fuel's version of a scenic overlook, a sort of doable collectible - in the Drownington Cove region. I marked the vista in the map with my smart GPS, changed on the fly to a vehicle suitable to an asphalt/off-road combo and set off. Night fell, and in rolled a heavy rain. Just my kind of road-trip luck. But by the time I finally reached my destination, revealing a lovely distance view of a completely flooded-out former metropolis, the sun had come, the rain dried and most of the clouds cleared off. Yes, this game is huge. Guinness World Records has included Fuel in their annals of items particularly curious or gigantic, and you won't doubt it for a moment. We're talking upward of 5,500 square miles of apocalyptically ruined terrain you can drive around, through, under and jump over. That's Connecticut, the whole shebang, open to your vehicles - and it doesn't nearly look like an idyllic setting for a revival of an old Bob Newhart sitcom."

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