PSPgo Pre-orders are all Systems go

PlayStation LifeStyle writes:

"If initial pre-order numbers are any indication, the PSPgo may be a difficult item to snag on it's launch come October. Pre-ordering now may be your best bet if you want to be among the first to own this flashy new device."

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Sev3077d ago

I dislike white electronics. Always have preferred black or silver for any electronics. But honestly, after seeing both the white and black PSPgo's at E3. The white one is much, much nicer by far. The black one was also a smudgefest. But even without the smudge effect, the white would be better looking.

Cajun Chicken3077d ago

I'd admit, the white one looks brilliant. I'd really like one of those.

Sev3077d ago

That picture doesn't even do it half the justice it deserves. It was actually stunning when I saw it. It has a silver shine effect to it. Much more appealing than the black. Although the black is nice too.

Xbox Avatars Shoe3077d ago (Edited 3077d ago )

I want to pre-order it right now but I don't know which color to get :/

What color are you guys getting? How about a poll?



badz1493077d ago (Edited 3077d ago )

I suggest you go get the color of the bottom of that shoe!


FarEastOrient3075d ago

I have both colors on pre-order, now the choice for me is which color PSP GO do I want to use for controlling the robots we are using in Iraq. Everyone that pre-orders will probably get theirs before I do since I'm stuck in a warzone.

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Sev3077d ago

Why all the PSPgo hate?

I know it's a bit expensive but it's a really nice product. The quality is definitely there. It's also smaller, and more ergonomic.

Cajun Chicken3077d ago

Well, I'm not a hater, but a bit of a doubter. I think its the cost, which is something like 3 quarters the price of the PS3 anyway, even though it surely must be cheaper to make on the PSP. Sure, I can see it good Sony being able to make up the money because they sold the PS3 cheaper than it was to actually manufacture.
My main problem is the vagueness of whats going to happen to my UMD games, because I have about 20 odd UMD based games, when I go traveling, I don't want to take two PSPs for me, so I can play, say Jak PSP downloaded on PSPGo and take Powerstone Collection and Metal Slug Collection for my PSP 1000 (I never upgraded).
In order to swap and play all three games on a journey, I need both systems with, yeah, I'm waiting until Sony announce some type of scheme to get the games I have downloaded for PSPGo then consider and plan to save up for one.

Sev3077d ago

It's not announced yet... But Sony definitely has something in the works to get your UMD games on your new PSPgo. :)

Cajun Chicken3077d ago

Nice. I'd buy a converter if there was such a device/system. If so, I'll be planning of getting this for sure, just probably not directly at launch.

Too_Hyped3077d ago (Edited 3077d ago )

Only people hating PSP Go are the same 5 retards who 'hate' PS3 because they know it's the best console and mummy doesn't want to buy them one.

I don't care it costs 249$, it's cheaper but better than Apple products anyway, so I definitely buy one on launch, and I never bought any handheld console.

It's sexy, it's portable, it's powerful, it will definitely sell millions. Retarded American kids are not the core target though.

peeps3077d ago

"I don't care it costs 249$, it's cheaper but better than Apple products anyway"

well my ipod touch with the same memory cost me £50 less than if i wanted to buy a pspGO.

I understand why they're selling it at 250 but i would have been really interested had it of been cheaper. psp slim is currently £130 and pspGO is £250. if i was gonna get a psp again (used to own 1 a few years ago) i'd obv go for the pspGO, but can't really justify spending the extra £120 when the main feature is just that its digital distribution.

Also although the slide feature makes it more compact etc, isn't the screen how smaller?

Marceles3077d ago

Eh...can't really compare PSPgo to an iPod Touch in memory size alone to determine how much value you're getting. Especially when it comes to gaming, the Touch just can't do as much, yet PSP can play movies and games on it, PS1, PSP games, etc etc...if you think iPod Touch has as much value as PSP, then Bejeweled 2 and MGS Touch must be an epic enough gaming experience for you.

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Mc1873077d ago

I do like the white one the best can't wait till this drops

Party Boy3077d ago

Sony's going to have a great holiday. PSP Go, PS2's $99.99 price point, and a possible PS3 price cut.

eagle213077d ago

Only an idiot would disagree. PSP sold 15 Million in 08'. With a 50+ Million base and the Japanese market alone, PSP Go! will sell millions in weeks of launch. Sony expects 20-24% of PSP owners to upgrade (over time). But holiday sales alone will be huge. :)

Boody-Bandit3077d ago

I haven't owned a hand held system since the Sega Nomad. After seeing the line up of games coming out this year for this unit I am definitely picking one up.

eagle213077d ago

and it's launching day 1 with a humble little game called: GRAN TURISMO. lol

Boody-Bandit3077d ago (Edited 3077d ago )

That is the single biggest reason I want one.
MGS Peace Walker is a very close 2nd.

badz1493077d ago

but I'm too busy with work and when I have time, I'll be too busy trying to finish my PS3 games! I'm yet to get inFAMOUS and my PC games are left untouched! I have 2 PSP 1000 and I don't have time to play with it! I want to finish Retribution but I want to finish KZ2 as well :(! but GT PSP and Peacewalker are hard to miss too! I guess it's not fun growing up! hehe...

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DoucheVader3077d ago

Does this man ever sleep?

I am starting to think he is a disembodied head somewhere deep in the bowels of N4G Labs!

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