Pocket Gamer Exclusive: Hands on with C64 iPhone emulator

In terms of presentation, the iPhone C64 is quite beautiful. Emulators are notorious for their gleaming code, but rough hewn presentation - often requiring the skills of a programmer just to get the thing running and load up a game. But C64 is every bit as accessible as any iPhone application, with a gorgeous user interface that makes its operation as easy as using the original machine.

The full Commodore BASIC is included, and comes with a built in game pack with new games and packs to be made available through the App Store at a later date.

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iTaku3318d ago

Hope this gets approval, but I bet it's going to be tricky. Looks like a well put together emu though.

Hobgoblin3318d ago

Been playing the hell out of Bruce Lee - forgotten what a sweet game that was!