GamesOnNet: InFamous Review

GamesOnNet writes: "Superhero games have largely been disappointing in recent years, but Sucker Punch has done an excellent job with InFamous, creating an intriguing character, a rich, detailed world and an engaging story. That would all mean nothing without solid gameplay, and that's something that InFamous has in spades. It falls short in a few places; the difficulty balance is a bit out of whack and the binary moral choice system is a little too forced in this case. The game also has a few technical issues that you wouldn't have expected from Sucker Punch, whose recent games have featured great animation and rock solid framerates. Fortunately, InFamous' strengths greatly outnumber its weaknesses, resulting in one of the finest action games on the PlayStation 3 this year".

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AZgamerB3yond3347d ago

I am absolutely hooked on this game and am goin for the platinum prototype is junk ripoff compared to inFamous!