State of RPGs: PlayStation 3

SCRAWL: "Role-playing games haven't yet flourished this generation, but will be soon. I'm talking about real role-playing games straight from Japan. Role-playing games that will make a mark like Final Fantasy or Persona.

The future looks bright for role-playing games on PlayStation 3. Support from NIS America, Square Enix, Atlus and other publishers are bringing a lot of great titles to PlayStation 3 such as Final Fantasy XIII, Trinity Universe, and Demon's Souls."

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yencid3076d ago

i didn't even realize that this many RPGs are coming to ps3.

vhero3076d ago

Still Square-Enix have delayed FFXIII so much its no doubt gonna hurt sales. HOME proved that constant delays means lack of interest.

Lifendz3076d ago

because I'm essentially RPG starved right now.

ptotoy3076d ago

another shadow hearts game

Ravage273076d ago

Atelier Rorona, really like the atmosphere and setting of that game

Homicide3076d ago

I'm only interested in three of them. FFXIII is going to be epic.

dylandurden3076d ago

And soon that list will include Kingdom Hearts III, the new Persona and hopefully something from Sony (Arc the Lad? Legend of Dragoon?).

But my most anticipated is still FF Versus XIII.

Stunt3076d ago

Word. I want:

• Persona 5
• Kingdom Hearts III
• Monster Hunter 4

That's all I'm asking. My dream is for a Final Fantasy VII remake though, of course.

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