First SuperCar Challenge gameplay video

PS3Hype writes: 'Today System 3 released the first gameplay video's from their upcoming Race Simulation Game: SuperCar Challenge. This is a PS3 exclusive race game from the creators of Ferrari Challenge.'

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LukaX233226d ago

This game will keep me busy until GT5 is out. The beta was decent.

Shane Kim3226d ago

Is this a joke? Most PS2 games looks better than this.

paskowitz3226d ago

yeah, I will not give any details but this game is pretty good. If you like racing games that lean toward sim physics more than arcade you will like this game. Its like PGR with better physics.

Milky3226d ago (Edited 3225d ago )

hmmm looks quite fun actually.

Edit: thanks vicheous for the link!

vicheous3226d ago

Goto www.supercarchallenge.smugmug. com to see all videos of SCC in HD and perfect quality....

I agree with you guys above! Beta was okay, i believe the game will keep me busy for a while....

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