Reggie doesn't think Project Natal is a Wii killer

Shortly after Microsoft's Project Natal was announced, Times Magazine said in article that the technology might not only be better than the Wii, but it also "may just kill the Wii." Reggie Fils-Aime, President and COO of Nintendo of America, was asked about the magazine's words and commented about Natal in general.

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knox3314d ago

thats such a typical reggie quote lol but well see

truewittness3314d ago (Edited 3314d ago )

it's funny that he says that, it is a typical reggie quote. remember this artical when he said halo 3 wasn't a system seller, then the 360 went on to out sell the wii in that month of september. i don't blame him on the comment though, you do whatever it takes to down the competitioin. to bad 70% of people that have consoles never even heard of reggie and 80% don't listen to video game news.

StayHigh3314d ago

just get the playstation eye toy

Fleet Fox3314d ago

If you were gonna get the eyetoy you would get Xbox Live vision camera, because they are the same thing.

Natal is something different, but if you keep saying it enough....maybe soomeone will care about the PS3 and its Dildo-motes.

Wait, no they won't.

Heldrasil3314d ago

@ 1.3
But my wife loves the "Dildo-motes"

FantasyStar3313d ago

"knee-slap" worthy comments I see here.

GWAVE3313d ago

I think most people don't think Project Natal is an...anything killer. Only the rabid American media is paying attention to this one. Even the 360's own fanbase is pretty unimpressed with it.

@ Fleet Fox

You're right! Eyetoy and the Live Vision camera are the same, except that Eyetoy was on the PS2....

The PS3 camera (called "Eye") can do far more than the Vision camera. Now you learned something!

Ausbo3313d ago

what else would he say.
He is not going to say that it is a wii killer.

most of the time it is the person that asks the question that makes the person interviewed look bad. A perfect example is aaron greenburg. Sites use console war questions to get hits on n4g. It is the questions that are asked that start up the fanboys on this site.

Kaliumhest3313d ago

you ever wonder what the bottom of an avatar shoe looks like?

well BAAAAAAMMM!!!!!!!111

there it is

badz1493313d ago

the Wii hit was huge because it was the 1st to generalize the motion control thing but for M$ and even Sony to try to tap into that market is somehow difficult! I know M$ tactics which they throw money everywhere to tell people that this is going to be 'the next best thing' and making it such a big deal with all the TV spots but that's just typical M$ for everybody! the $199 360 can't make it to outsell the Wii, how would an expensive peripheral (pun not intended) on top of that changes people's perspectives? after all, (except for the Milo thing) it's just an upgraded eye toy! Sony has the PS EYE which is doing pretty much the same, but I'm not being skeptical, but rather being rational about this. Sony's dildo is an enhancement of the EYE but I don't think they are aiming to pull out the 'Wii effect' with it but rather just something that they want to put in their library and saying "we also have it".

rockleex3313d ago

Will love the Dildo-motes. And that's a good thing for Sony. ^_~

Imagine Sarah Palin with one. O_O
Now imagine Tina Fey with one. >:D

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Milky3314d ago

I don't either, but the PS wand is.

eagle213314d ago

Don't even pay attention to the guy under you. PS3 has been the ONLY competition to Wii in Japan (at a higher price) while 360 has failed to top Wii at $50 less worldwide. I think only an idiot would laugh at Sony. :)

rockleex3313d ago

Nothing's gonna kill the Wii.

But the 360 and PS3 can try to feed off its success as much as they can.

Stryfeno23314d ago (Edited 3314d ago )

What did you expect him to say? Natal is going to demolish the Wii...Nope, never going to happen.

360usetobegood3314d ago

Console wars over. No one won. Games suck. Gaming is for losers.

AngryTypingGuy3313d ago

Let me get this straight...because the PS3 isn't winning, the console war is all of a sudden over, and NO ONE won? LOL. The console war is still going on, and while Sony still has a chance, it looks like the 360 will win this gen between the two powerful consoles. Of course, the real winner is Wii since it went above and beyond everyone's expectations and is destined to become the highest selling console to date. Nintendo and MS are both winners because they're taking a huge chunk out of Sony's marketshare.

But you know what? Each gen is different, and the Wii has shown us that it's possible to go from worst to first in the span of a gen. The PS4 may be dominant over its competitors, who knows.

Milky3314d ago

ehehe ok not a 'killer' but I believe it has more potential to win some of the wii crowd over.

nikola9873314d ago

now lets all welcome new Metal Gear Fitness :P

knox3313d ago

metal gear fitness would be a killer app