Games On Demand Title Shows Up Early, Pulled

Mass Effect for Games on Demand shows up on the Xbox Live Marketplace RSS feed and sports some new information about the title and the Games on Demand service.

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qface643318d ago

ok then since everyone is too busy being silly

has there been any tak about pricing because allot of those games you can get on the cheap in stores
so im just wondering pricing?

Godmars2903318d ago

I imagine that by the time the service is up, MS will have bought up most of their used games from GS. That, or they're counting on ease of immediate access it gives over hunting for a grimy used copy.

kissmeimgreek3318d ago

MS said theyll be full retail price.

qface643317d ago (Edited 3317d ago )

full retail well then there's no reason for me to not just go out and but the physical copy

Whiskers3318d ago

We're not being silly we're just cracking a fcking joke

qface643318d ago

on N4G how is anyone supposed to know what a joke is?
95% of the time what people think are jokes its just someone actually being serious

likedamaster3317d ago

Psyched for "games on demand"? That's a big yes. Happy about ps3ers always trolling our threads? No.