If Activision Dropped PS3 This Year, Here's What PS3 Owners Couldn't Play

Activision is threatening to drop support for PlayStation 3 (and PSP, but let's focus on the big target here) if Sony doesn't drop the price of their hardware soon. As the world's largest third-party publisher, Activision wields power. If Activision made good on their threats, what would be the impact?

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Simon_Brezhnev3230d ago

Battlefield: Bad Company 2 > Modern Warfare 2

probably get a million disagrees

fishd3230d ago

lolz,last year,40% of Activision Renevue was from Sony's platforms

Why dis3230d ago (Edited 3230d ago )

How is KZ2 doing anyways?

This is your 3rd account you have made today that I'v seen so far.

BISHOP-BRASIL3230d ago (Edited 3230d ago )

Assuming we don't have a PC...


Not from me, both Bad Company and CoD4 were pretty crap for me... Lost money.

vasilisk3230d ago (Edited 3230d ago )


"This is your 3rd account you have made today that I'v seen so far."

says the sad individual with the 15 accounts...
Your last account, if I remember correctly was why dis 9.

Genesis53230d ago

I don't think there is 30 million 360's that are all still working. It's probably closer to 25 million. So basicly they would be cutting their HD market in half. Is that really a wise business move.

cmrbe3230d ago

this will be 1 of 100 articles about this story.

We all know its not going to happen. Activision is a multi-platform company and like any company loves money.

Better just leave these stories alone. Just an advice. It will be the same story from slightly different angles.

blind-reaper3230d ago


people are agreeing with you the part of

"Battlefield: Bad Company 2 > Modern Warfare 2"

or with the part of

"probably get a million disagrees"

¿? lol

table3230d ago (Edited 3230d ago )

The wet dreams of a 360 fanboy...

It's never going to happen. These articles are getting boring fast.

AKNAA3230d ago

Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen- movie disaster game! nuff said.
Ice Age: Dawn of the Dinosaurs -- Oh no.. I'm heart broken...
Wolfenstein -- Nevered even played the first one...
Guitar Hero 5 -- Hmmm, isn't Rockband better?!
Marvel: Ultimate Alliance 2 -- After the first one, I think I'll pass.
Singularity -- Is this another FPS?! moving on...
Cabela's Outdoor Adventure -- sounds like a game for kiddies...
Tony Hawk: Ride -- my gawd! another one?!
Bakugan -- baku.. what?!
Modern Warfare 2 -- hmmmm... played half way through 4, skipped COD5. I'll manage...
Chaotic -- Never heard of it, so I can't really comment. ah who cares!
Guitar Hero: Van Halen -- nevered played guitar hero in my life.
Band Hero -- I'll Pass...
Cabela's Big Game Hunter 2009 -- is this about shooting deers?!

Daver3230d ago

bah im not getting any of these games anyway

sak5003230d ago

"I don't think there is 30 million 360's that are all still working. It's probably closer to 25 million. So basicly they would be cutting their HD market in half. Is that really a wise business move.

And i dont think there are 20million ps3 owners who bought ps3 for gaming. More like 8 - 9 million gaming consumers, rest of the numbers are split between scientists, teachers, pedophiles and movie enthusiasts.

Beast_Master3230d ago

Of that list, Sony owns RCA, BMG, Columbia Pictures, Sony Pictures and Music. So sony could pull the rights for Van Halen (RCA), 1/2 of band Hero's tracks. Just about everything on DJ Hero, Spiderman could be pulled from Activision's UA2 game. They could forget about publishing another Hulk, Spiderman or James Bond game.

Sony has the gun, "Go ahead punk, make my day."

ThatCanadianGuy3230d ago (Edited 3230d ago )

I seriously agree with that !

I could only enjoy COD4's small maps and no vehicles for a few months.
BF:BC is better in every way in my opinion.

BF:BC 2 will have the same effect for me.

As for this whole activision dropping PS3..give me a f*cking break..
You have to have serious mental issues or be why dis to think they would miss out on that extra cash.

Seraphim3230d ago

so essentially they're saying this.... All we can't play is CoDMW2. Does that sound about correct to you guys?

jcgamer3230d ago (Edited 3230d ago )

the ONLY thing they're literally DUMPING on the gaming masses is a new Call of Booty every 4th quarter of EVERY damn year..."To Infinity Ward and Beyond!!"......

lol :)

ALL_STAR_283230d ago

totaly agree BF:BC>CoD4..... and BF:BC2 will only be better can't wait.... Ohh and bye activsion you can leave... :)

Carl14123230d ago

Funny thing is, all of those games are rubbish, and none are on my to buy list

so do whatever you want to do, Acti

Mindboggle3230d ago (Edited 3230d ago )

Typical fanboy response, and backed up by every retarded fanboy on here. There is no way Killzone 2 is better than Activisions lineup.

I will say it again. If Activison drops the PS3 I will sell my PS3 and buy a 360 and I know every single COD player will aswell, and considering COD is the most played game on PSN it would kill the PS3.

Plus couple that with Guitar Hero and Marvel Ultimate alliance, the PS3 would be neck high in water and struggling to survive, especially with a ridiculous price

Plus dont you think if Activision dropped the PS3 other studios will follow. Next would be smaller publishers like Midway then Bethesda then Ubisoft and others then noone will support it, and it will eventually discontinue..

And anyone who calls me a fanboy is retarded...

menoyou3230d ago

Wow, I didn't realize how crappy Activision was until I saw this list. None of them interest me at all except Modern Warfare 2 which doesn't even seem up to par with Killzone 2.

I am happy that Activision made this thread though and hopefully Sony drops the price soon. A price drop for the PS3 would really be great and I know tons of people who would buy a PS3 once they do.

Beast_Master3230d ago

To answer your question, do I think other publishers will jump as well..
No, in fact I think more publishers would offer better content. Ever heard of the concept, "If you leave, more for me!" That is exactly what Ubisoft did. When Acti, Capcom and Take-two pretty much dropped all support for the system, Ubi-soft started creating big franchises like Ravin Rabbids, Red Steel, Pets for DS, Imagine now they added TMNT liscened products and today 75% of the companies profit comes from Nintendo. EA would love for Sony gamers to have extra money to spend, No competition for Rockband (Boom goes the dynamite), Battlefield, Dead Space. EA would be the #1 3rd party publisher again if Activision drops.

Plus: Jack trenton said Sony expects to sell 13 million consoles by next year, which is a clear sign a price cut is immenent. So next year the PS3 base will be 33-36 million, and should grow by 8-10 million by 2011. That is an awefull lot of gamers to pull support from. Original Xbox- 24 million, Gamecube: 21 million, N64= 34 million, Dreamcast=10 milion. PS3=23 million after 2 1/2 years on market.

By 2011, PS3 will be the 5th best selling console in history!!


Mindboggle3230d ago

Your kidding yourself. The amount of Call of Duty players on PS3 is huge and if this huge chunk of people go you think other publishers would offer more content! Activision is easily the biggest third party publisher for PS3 and if they go many people will go with them, simply because of Call of Duty...

ThanatosDMC3230d ago

Sony will shrug and say "Meh... you'll come crawling back to me b****!"

FamilyGuy3230d ago (Edited 3230d ago )

Wow, HUGE bluff, it'd make more sense for them to say we won't support the PS3 with our smaller game franchises because i see no way in he11 them not releasing cod games on the PS3.

*Looks at list*
*Looks at wish list*
... I think i'll manage

badz1493230d ago

I know they are currently the largest 3rd party dev. but that's because they merged with Blizzard. largest=/=best! nuff said! the only big franchises they have that I can think of are CoD, GH and maybe TH. but this year's lineup from them is pretty much CRAP, except maybe MW2 which I'm sure will sell a crap load while looking exactly like CoD4! The last (and the only) activision's game I bought was CoD4 and even that, I'm skipping MW2 for sure already! CoD4 was great game that improved a lot from 2&3 but [email protected] and MW2 are not! it doesn't look to surpass KZ2 in any way and selling on CoD name alone won't buy me over!

for me, EA is so much better with games such as FIFA, Burnout, battlefield, dead space...etc are those games many more people don't want to miss! activision think that they can pull what EA did with the DC but they're no EA and PS3 is no DC! they can try and PS3 will miss some games but they will miss millions of gamers as well! stupid acti!!

BattleAxe3230d ago (Edited 3230d ago )

The only big losses here would be the Call of Duty and Guitar Hero franchises. I think that the Killzone, Socom, M.A.G. and Resistance franchises would pull up the slack with proper marketing. Also I'm expecting EA to do something special with Medal of Honor in order to compete with Call of Duty, and I think that Rock Band would take over on PS3.

Jecht3229d ago

Seriously, this is the lamest excuse of an idle threat I've ever heard. Activision can say they'll have to consider dropping the PS3 all they want, but they never will. The fact is, that list of games is sad. Most of Activisions games are mediocre, so no one will be terribly disappointed. Plus, in a fight between Sony (a multinational conglomerate that is also a house hold name) and Activision (maybe the largest 3rd party publisher, but puny in comparison to Sony) I'd bet on Sony any day. Hell, I'd bet on any of the big 3 against Activision any day.

The fact is, Sony is going for profit this gen. If they stand to LOSE profit by giving in to Activision and lowering the price of the PS3, then that's exactly what they will NOT do. And nothing Activision will do will change that.

UnwanteDreamz3229d ago (Edited 3229d ago )

I know you are not a fanboy but you are also obviously not a business major either. The man making idle threats dumped 60mil in Activision stock last month. Activision has been looking at aquisitions since the begining of the recession. Why would this company cut it's profit margins in half?

Answer that and then tell me why stock holders would alow such a move when the company saw a 30% increase in its stock this year?

I can tell you know little about business but such a move would anger investors and hurt their bottom line. I would like you to reply if you find my conclusions wrong. I am waiting for someone who knows business to reply to my comments.

BTW if you bought your PS3 to only play Activision games you wasted a couple hundred bucks and you should cut your losses and move on. Hell if you were an informed consumer why spend the extra 200 or so on a console to play multiplatform games.

Sorry one more thing because the more I see your comment the less it makes sense. Are you really suggesting without COD the PS3 is done for? So in affect COD fans hold the the PS3 success in their hands? Wow I don't even know how to start to dbate that because it is a ridiculously self centered statement.

rockleex3229d ago

PS3 will actually be the FOURTH best selling console in history.

Just check VG Chartz, its currently ahead of the 360.

GameGambits3229d ago

It'd be dumb on Activisions part to not partner with Sony. Just means less cash for them. There's no way that porting the same game as the 360/PC version to the PS3 will give them less bank then what it cost to put it on there to begin with.

Considering the only game on that list that I am actually enticed to play is Singularity maybe they should focus on making better games. At the end of the day better franchises will sell themselves AND consoles. No one gives a rats a$$ about Guitar Hero 44. It's played out and anyone who still gets these new rehashes of these games is a dumb consumer.

End of.

onanie3229d ago (Edited 3229d ago )


A chart that sony haters don't want to see? Priceless! Thanks.

i was surprised to see PS3 selling at a faster rate than the 360, even at twice the price comparing the cheapest SKUs.

Quite obviously, Activision stands to lose more than Sony if they were to follow through (essentially cutting their revenue by more than 30%, it seems. That would become a history lesson in idiocy). 500 million in royalties to Sony, they say? It would only be fair to ask how much they have MS as well. Royalties are in proportion to game sales on the system, and the only reason they paid that much was because of how much they sold on Sony's system, really.

ALL_STAR_283229d ago

You're not a fanboy you're just retarted ;).... totally agree with you UnwanteDreamz

madpuppy3229d ago

everything else on that list is trash that Microsoft could have.

All-33229d ago

* You'd better re-read Activision's Bobby Kotick’s statement then... it's more current:

“I'm getting concerned about Sony; the PlayStation 3 is losing a bit of momentum and they don't make it easy for me to support the platform. It's expensive to develop for the console, and the Wii and the Xbox are just selling better. Games generate a better return on invested capital on the Xbox than on the PlayStation,” he says.

“They have to cut the price, because if they don't, the attach rates [the number of games each console owner buys] are likely to slow. If we are being realistic, we might have to stop supporting Sony.” Ask when and he says: “When we look at 2010 and 2011, we might want to consider if we support the console — and the PSP [portable] too.”

* BTW - The 2008 games listed were merely to 'example' a what-if impact... What it doesn't show are games Activision would be releasing in 2010-2011... and that is a different story.

nycredude3229d ago

Stop owning yourself. Go sell your Ps3 and don't let the door hit you on the way. I wonder how much longer after you sell it that you will realized that COD is and will also be on PC with way better graphics and way better controls. What a tool.

Why dis3229d ago (Edited 3229d ago )

LOL thats a PS3 fanboy impersonating 360 fans lol. He made a chicken chaser clone account yesterday. It was probably you seeing how offended you got.

Fake chicken chasser

real chicken chaser

He does this to trick idiots into thinking 360 fans have millions of accounts and to turn the members against 360 fans he hates. When he runs that clone account into the ground he will make a new one and add 3 S's in chaser or another letter or number in any 360 fans he impersonates.

Beast_Master3229d ago

They will be 3rd 4th or 5th, depending on how long MS and Nintendo stick to their platforms, which I think will be longer than people think.

I just hope by the time Sony hits 35-40 million all of these "Death of PS3" articles will finally end and we can all just enjoy the games. To be honest I have never bought so many games for a system until this generation, The games are just to good these days it is a great time to be a gamer. Xmas I already have 250 more bucks I have budgeted for day 1 buys not to mention, Batman on Aug 25th is next!

JL3229d ago

I do find these statements by Activision hilarious the more and more I read and think about them. Essentially what was said is that: Hey if ps3 doesn't cut the price so we can make more money off it, then we're going to completely cut them off (effectively cutting their overall sales by almost half probably or a lil less). Hmm.......that totally makes sense. Seems logical to me lol /sarcasm

Besides the obvious loss of sales/money, does anybody else realize the impact this would have on Activision? Let's take a moment and just imagine what would happen to their two biggest selling franchises. COD would obviously be cut in half and not be as much of a cash cow as it was multiplatform. And then you have Guitar Hero. I'm sorry, but dropping Sony would be ignorant because that could almost eventually kill Guitar Hero. Rock Band would capitalize on that like nobody's business.

That being said, I have no plans to play any of those games on that list whatsoever, so would not have any impact on me losing out on those (or any future installments of COD or GuitarHero), though I'm sure my brother will be wanting to play Modern Warfare 2. Other than that, NO impact on me whatsoever.

BLuKhaos3229d ago (Edited 3229d ago )

"I will say it again. If Activison drops the PS3 I will sell my PS3 and buy a 360"
...then bounce already, you seem like you made up your mind along time ago.The Playstation Nation does not need fickle people like yourself.

Alvadr3229d ago

OK, my opinion on dumb Activision

I believe Activision are bluffing.. COD4 sold something like 3 million copies on the PS3, you telling me that Activision would not release this game on the PS3??

I think it would hurt Activision more than Sony. Not only would they LOOSE money as these games have already been in development for the PS3 but they would seriously p*ss of fans and tarnish their own image..

Dont be retarted Activision

novcze3229d ago

Going through my catalogue of my PS1, PS2 and PS3 games and I don`t see single game made or released by Activision

JoySticksFTW3229d ago

WTF, Activision. You obviously think too highly of yourself. would it sucks for Sony fans to lose Activision? Sure, until another Sony exclusive got released. But it's stuff like this - demands from devs and publishers; 3rd party games moving to other systems - that pushed Sony to focus on increasing their first party games.

Just like Ninty with Link and Mario... Xbox with Master Chief... As long as Sony has their strong line-up of 1st and 2nd party devs behind them, Sony will be all right.

free2game3653229d ago

A platform losing game support is never a good thing, no matter if you tell yourself you have equivalents to what you'd lose or don't care about what games were lost.

matchgrade3228d ago (Edited 3228d ago )

"I will say it again. If Activison drops the PS3 I will sell my PS3 and buy a 360 and I know every single COD player will aswell, and considering COD is the most played game on PSN it would kill the PS3."

You speak of playing COD as if it was a profession. Not every COD player is as attached/obsessed with the game as you are. I loved COD4, but definitely not enough to trade a far-superior console for a DVD-player over. While it may not apply to the 360, there's plenty more on the PS3 besides CoD to keep me and other OCD-free gamers entertained (BFBC, Resistance, Uncharted, SOCOM, just naming the shooters). Also, judging by how the E3 demo looks, if you've played CoD:MW, you've played CoD:MW2. So the answer is no, the PS3 user base would NOT die or convert to 360 if CoD were to leave. Mindboggling, isn't it?

"Plus couple that with Guitar Hero and Marvel Ultimate alliance, the PS3 would be neck high in water and struggling to survive, especially with a ridiculous price"

Another Guitar Hero game? But it's only been a year! I havent recouped my life savings after buying the last one yet! Also, I remember having trouble getting even my LITTLE BROTHER to like Marvel Ultimate Alliance. If you think those games are what we'd call "system-sellers," then you're about as retarded as the fanboys here.

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-MD-3230d ago

* Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen -- June 23
* Ice Age: Dawn of the Dinosaurs -- June 30
* Wolfenstein -- August 4
* Guitar Hero 5 -- September 1
* Marvel: Ultimate Alliance 2 -- September 8
* Singularity -- TBA
* Cabela's Outdoor Adventure -- September 22
* Tony Hawk: Ride -- October
* Bakugan -- October
* Modern Warfare 2 -- November 10
* Chaotic -- November
* Guitar Hero: Van Halen -- Fall
* Band Hero -- Fall
* Cabela's Big Game Hunter 2009 -- TBA

Honestly I don't even want to think what would happen to PS3 sales if people found out these weren't coming to PS3.

Genesis53230d ago

Honestly there is only one game on there I had any intentions of playing.

ipwnall3230d ago

Instead ask yourself, what would happen to Activision's sales. Sure, the PS3 isn't the leading seller for them, but they make a huge chunk. If Activision wants MW2 to be the biggest launch title, they'll leave it on the PS3.

chasegamez23230d ago



Keith Olbermann3230d ago

seriously...i could care less about that other crap. lol

-MD-3230d ago

There's a few games on there worth checking out mostly

Marvel Ultimate Alliance 2
Modern Warfare 2

and Singularity might be good but all of those are big name titles.

qface643230d ago (Edited 3230d ago )

man im sorry but that list stinks allot of BS on it

lets get serious here all of activisions games aren't really great

what people should be asking is what would happen if activison pulled guitar hero and call of duty from sony
since those 2 are the only games that actually matter $$$$$$

2 games as big as they are for the biggest 3rd party publisher JUST 2 GAMES .___.

i can't believe i like EA more and that's saying something right there

callahan093230d ago (Edited 3230d ago )

Not a single one of those games is going to be cancelled for the PS3. This entire article is moot because they're not going to can all the stuff they've already announced. If they stop supporting the PS3, that won't happen until 2010 or 2011, according to Bobby himself. I doubt even that would happen, but Call of Duty, Wolfenstein, Band Hero, Guitar Hero, Unltimate Alliance, and all the rest will be coming to PS3 this year.

Bobby's probably just pissed that everybody and their mother pitted Prototype against inFamous like they were mortal enemies and people treated Prototype on the PS3 like the red-headed step child that nobody wanted around.

It's the first time I've ever seen a multiplatform game so thoroughly embraced by one side and so completely disowned by the other. Everybody who has a vested interest in seeing the 360 perform better this year was cheerleading Prototype, and vice versa, all PS3 fans were cheerleading inFamous and downplaying Prototype. Kind of seems like a potential root for Activision suddenly feeling more favorable towards 360 and critical of PS3. They had to suffer against inFamous and it's fans on the PS3 front, and they got the full support of a 30-million large fanbase on the 360 front.

By the way, I don't know what I'm talking about, I'm just throwing out my thoughts. Maybe they make sense, maybe they don't.

BLaZiN PRopHeT3230d ago (Edited 3230d ago )

the PS3 only takes up 13% of activisions revenue

Edit: below actually PC makes up like 8-10%

Simon_Brezhnev3230d ago

Well thats common sense since probably like 75% revenue comes from WoW subscribers.

Pennywise3230d ago

All of those games slated to release soon are already programed for the PS3. No chance in hell we will miss any of those.

Chances I will miss almost all of them is pretty good though ;)

callahan093230d ago

Yeah, 13% seems like a pretty damn good number, to me. I mean, there are 7 platforms out there for their products: PS2, PS3, PSP, Wii, DS, 360, and PC. So if it was split even on all platforms, that would be between 14 and 15 percent on each. We all know that World of Warcraft is by far their biggest cash cow, and the PC is their majority earner. So 13% is actually really, really good.

Rob0g0rilla3230d ago (Edited 3230d ago )

Modern Warfare 2 is the only game on that list that I would be angry if PS3 didn't get it. The rest....meh. Seems like a pretty weak lineup IMO but them dropping support for PS3 wouldn't be any good at all obviously.

Godmars2903230d ago

I'm only mildly interested in two: Wolfenstein and Ultimate Alliance 2.

Doubt I'll buy either.

silvacrest3230d ago

that just shows how much sh!t/unknowns activision pump out
i have no interest in MW2 so the only thing that caught my eye was Marvel: Ultimate Alliance 2, just my opinion

nycredude3230d ago

Wow, what a sad list of multiplatform games!
If that is your idea of a list of enviable games then you must not like good games.

To be absolutely honest the only game that I was even aware of on that list was COD Modern Warefare 2. Let's face it no matter what they want us to believe it isn't anything but ANOTHER COD game.

And I might not even buy it since the last one WAW really sucked.

nycredude3230d ago

You could write an article and a list call:

What gamers would miss out on if they don't buy a Ps3...

and the list would "murder" Murderdolls's list!


Beast_Master3230d ago

Honestly I only care about UA2 and MW2. The other games they could keep. Seeing as how they sold 4 mill+ copies of COD + map packs. I doubt they would pull that support.

And it would be a big blow to lose COD, but it would be an even bigger blow for Gutar Hero, DJ Hero and Band Hero to have a poor set list and Rock Band over taking them. Plus if Activision pulls their support then EA will gladly step in. Just like Ubisoft did on the Wii. Ubi makes 75% of all their profit on Nintendo, thanks to exclusives like Ravin Rabbids, Red Steel, and the Imagine and Pets series.

likedamaster3230d ago

Marvel Ultimate Alliance 2
Modern Warfare 2

There's actually two more I would buy if I cared the least bit for PS3. They would be; Tony Hawk:Ride & GH:Van Halen.

ThanatosDMC3230d ago

Ice Age and Transformers?! Geez, threatening the PS3 with crappy games...

Christopher3229d ago

It'll sound fanboyish, but the only game I care about at all on that is is Marvel UA2.

Activision doesn't make games I typically play now that Harmonix does Rock Band. Now, if it was BioWare or Bethesda saying they'd drop PS3 all together, that would really hurt me.

mistajeff3229d ago (Edited 3229d ago )

I hadn't planned on buying any of those anyway, and after this, rest assured that Activision can f*ck off. They're not getting a dime, now. They just know there's people waiting for that price to drop to jump on the PS3 and they want them to drop it before their precious COD6 comes out so they can beat Halo and GTA. Maybe they should stop making crappy guitar heroes and crappy tony hawks. Also I feel that there's more PS3 owners out there who have gaming PCs than there are 360 owners who have gaming PCs, and COD games WAY worse on console than PC. That's all speculation though.