The Unique Whips of Forza 2

For those curious about the paint customization options in Forza 2, here's a nice chunk of fresh information.

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MaximusPrime4268d ago

GT HD wow.

no wait im in a wrong room.

cuco334268d ago

congrads on being an ass, u must like bumping cars and corners to get 1st place ;)

honestly though, GT has a big ways to catch up if forza is as good as it's set out to be. ill most likely pick up gt when i get a ps3 next year but i have a feeling my girlfriend will finally see my passion for gaming and addiction to cars all in one when forza 2 launches. she is going to wish the red rings on me lol

ben hates you4268d ago

but can't wait this will be my favorite racing game from what i've seen
my car is gonna be pimped

calderra4268d ago

GT who? Heh.
Seriously, though. This is a massive reason why I'm looking forward to Forza- can't wait to put these tools to use.

The Panther4268d ago

my balls are so hot for this

Hooded Vendetta4268d ago

How OLD!! Nearly a week, Its been posted before too "!"

kewlkat0074268d ago

If your gonna "comment" about a "post" being posted twice, just put the link in you comment to warn others..

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The story is too old to be commented.