Street Fighter IV sequel 'practically confirmed'

OXM UK reports that a sequel to Street Fighter IV has been 'practically confirmed'.

The news comes from Capcom's Japanese Q&A blog, which also talks about new additions such as Rolento being added to the cast and Gouken's daughter as a potential character.

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Flipgeneral3262d ago

I was seriously disappointed that they did not include character specific intros. It doesn't affect gameplay, but it's something that I love to see

irish-leprecaun3262d ago

or just a spin off like mgs rising?

menoyou3262d ago

Glad to hear it but they better not just release T.Hawk and DeeJay who were supposed to be DLC for SF4 and then call it SF4 Super Duper Edition HX Hyper. They need to make some serious changes and serious additions.

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Kamikaze1353263d ago

Nobody saw this coming. Capcom are just full of surprises this generation, aren't they?

AKNAA3262d ago

Let me guess.... "Street fighter IV: Turbo?!"

LightofDarkness3262d ago

More like "Hyper Super Street Fighter 4 Alpha Turbo EX Championship Edition: Double Impact."

AssassinHD3262d ago

Dont forget to add an HD in there.

Boody-Bandit3262d ago

+bubbles for all above.

That is just what I was thinking when I saw this title for the article. Here goes Capcom milking the gravy train now that they see there is still appeal for SF. I play SFIV 20 to 30 per week so you know I will be one of the first suckers in line to get it.

I really wish they would just throw us SFIV fans a few new stages and charters via DLC.

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fazman3263d ago

im so glad i didnt buy sf4 then
when this comes out then i prolly buy it :)

Baka-akaB3262d ago

Yeah but if it aint released soon , it'll probably just mean you missed a whole year of sf4 goodness for no reason .

But yeah i wouldnt be surprised if it comes out in the next 6 months

MontyFontaine3263d ago

I think it should include the parry system from 3rd strike. I honestly thought that that was as important as the invention of combos, and is exclusion form SF4 was a massive surprise for me.

Baka-akaB3262d ago

I hugely disagree , the parry system isnt any better than the current one with focus , it's just different .

And it doesnt matter if it's indeed better , with it it just no longer aint SF4 .
If people really want the parry back they should just instead do a sequel of sort to SF3 , that isnt any part of sf4 .

LightofDarkness3262d ago

I have to agree, it's mighty impressive to watch a guy parry an entire shinkuu hadouken. That there's some skill.

MontyFontaine3262d ago (Edited 3262d ago )

True. the first time I managed to parry Chuni-Li's super felt enormously satisfying. Of course, I can only do it in training and find it difficult to do so in the heat of battle! But I do think the parry system is far superior to the focus counter. The problem with the focus counter is that you can't use it against characters such as Ken and Akuma as most of their special moves hits more than once, and you end u getting smashed.

I think Parrying combined with the focus attack (if well implemented) would be absolutely fantastic.

Gun_Senshi3262d ago

I am glad i sold the lackstuder of imbalanced fighter of SFIV 1 week after release (I bought on launch day)

I am getting Blaz Blue, I stick with it thank you.

Baka-akaB3262d ago (Edited 3262d ago )

You complain about imbalances and buy blaz blue ? Good luck then ...

Personally i'll just keep SF4 and get KOF and maybe tekken .

Midgard2283262d ago

sounds like my story, that and it was boring honestly, Blazblue i cant wait for!

tho i heard it was harder to master than guilty gear lol, tho i've mastered guilty gear :D cant wait OMG lol >:D

OneArmMonk3262d ago

BlazBlue is no joke, been playing it for over 2 months at ChinaTown Fair NYC. The game has a very solid engine in place. People who turtle in this game get punish. The damsge scaling and replenish health system, makes the player not focus on long combos and such. KOF on the other hand needs a damage scaling system, the damage you could do with a CC attack is INSANE! 60-70% Damage guarantee(Of course in the right hands)But, still a good fighter as well.

Simon_Brezhnev3262d ago

Yep when i 1st saw the trailer for blazblue i preordered on spot i never played guilty gear. I have played mugen that had a lot of Arc System Works characters from guilty gear to hokuto no ken.

3262d ago
Gun_Senshi3262d ago

Guilty Gear is best 2D Fighting game.

Blaz Blue is its spiritual Succor. No need even to see anything It will rock :P

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