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Submitted by PrivateRyan 2355d ago | news

Street Fighter IV sequel 'practically confirmed'

OXM UK reports that a sequel to Street Fighter IV has been 'practically confirmed'.

The news comes from Capcom's Japanese Q&A blog, which also talks about new additions such as Rolento being added to the cast and Gouken's daughter as a potential character. (PS3, Street Fighter IV, Xbox 360)

big shadow  +   2355d ago
HURRAY !!!!!!!!!!!!!
Flipgeneral  +   2355d ago
Hells Yeah!
I was seriously disappointed that they did not include character specific intros. It doesn't affect gameplay, but it's something that I love to see
irish-leprecaun  +   2355d ago
or just a spin off like mgs rising?
locos85  +   2355d ago
SFIV Turbo!!!
menoyou  +   2355d ago
Glad to hear it but they better not just release T.Hawk and DeeJay who were supposed to be DLC for SF4 and then call it SF4 Super Duper Edition HX Hyper. They need to make some serious changes and serious additions.
Kamikaze135  +   2355d ago
Oh my..
Nobody saw this coming. Capcom are just full of surprises this generation, aren't they?
AKNAA  +   2355d ago
I was also unsurprisingly shocked...
Let me guess.... "Street fighter IV: Turbo?!"
LightofDarkness  +   2355d ago
More like "Hyper Super Street Fighter 4 Alpha Turbo EX Championship Edition: Double Impact."
AssassinHD  +   2355d ago
Dont forget to add an HD in there.
Boody-Bandit  +   2354d ago
+bubbles for all above.

That is just what I was thinking when I saw this title for the article. Here goes Capcom milking the gravy train now that they see there is still appeal for SF. I play SFIV 20 to 30 per week so you know I will be one of the first suckers in line to get it.

I really wish they would just throw us SFIV fans a few new stages and charters via DLC.
fazman  +   2355d ago
im so glad i didnt buy sf4 then
when this comes out then i prolly buy it :)
Baka-akaB  +   2355d ago
Yeah but if it aint released soon , it'll probably just mean you missed a whole year of sf4 goodness for no reason .

But yeah i wouldnt be surprised if it comes out in the next 6 months
MontyFontaine  +   2355d ago
I think it should include the parry system from 3rd strike. I honestly thought that that was as important as the invention of combos, and is exclusion form SF4 was a massive surprise for me.
Baka-akaB  +   2355d ago
I hugely disagree , the parry system isnt any better than the current one with focus , it's just different .

And it doesnt matter if it's indeed better , with it it just no longer aint SF4 .
If people really want the parry back they should just instead do a sequel of sort to SF3 , that isnt any part of sf4 .
LightofDarkness  +   2355d ago
I have to agree, it's mighty impressive to watch a guy parry an entire shinkuu hadouken. That there's some skill.
MontyFontaine  +   2354d ago
True. the first time I managed to parry Chuni-Li's super felt enormously satisfying. Of course, I can only do it in training and find it difficult to do so in the heat of battle! But I do think the parry system is far superior to the focus counter. The problem with the focus counter is that you can't use it against characters such as Ken and Akuma as most of their special moves hits more than once, and you end u getting smashed.

I think Parrying combined with the focus attack (if well implemented) would be absolutely fantastic.
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Gun_Senshi  +   2355d ago
I am glad i sold the lackstuder of imbalanced fighter of SFIV 1 week after release (I bought on launch day)

I am getting Blaz Blue, I stick with it thank you.
Baka-akaB  +   2355d ago
You complain about imbalances and buy blaz blue ? Good luck then ...

Personally i'll just keep SF4 and get KOF and maybe tekken .
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Midgard228  +   2355d ago
good call lol
sounds like my story, that and it was boring honestly, Blazblue i cant wait for!

tho i heard it was harder to master than guilty gear lol, tho i've mastered guilty gear :D cant wait OMG lol >:D
OneArmMonk  +   2355d ago
BlazBlue is no joke, been playing it for over 2 months at ChinaTown Fair NYC. The game has a very solid engine in place. People who turtle in this game get punish. The damsge scaling and replenish health system, makes the player not focus on long combos and such. KOF on the other hand needs a damage scaling system, the damage you could do with a CC attack is INSANE! 60-70% Damage guarantee(Of course in the right hands)But, still a good fighter as well.
Simon_Brezhnev  +   2355d ago
Yep when i 1st saw the trailer for blazblue i preordered on spot i never played guilty gear. I have played mugen that had a lot of Arc System Works characters from guilty gear to hokuto no ken.
hdesroses   2354d ago | Spam
Gun_Senshi  +   2354d ago
Guilty Gear is best 2D Fighting game.

Blaz Blue is its spiritual Succor. No need even to see anything It will rock :P
4pocalyps3  +   2355d ago
ffffffuuuuuuu-!! i bought sf4 day one. now guna have to trade in my copy of sf4 to buy this one now....*sigh* too bad i love my sf games otherwise i would have been really pissed.
saint_john_paul_ii  +   2355d ago
Capcom is up to their Dirty Tricks again.

there's no reason why this shouldnt be up on the XBLA/PSN store as DLC. i thought that this is what DLC was supposed to do, expand a game, Not making a second iteration of a game and slapping it on a disc.
Baka-akaB  +   2355d ago
While it's never a justification for such underhanded trick , what happens for those that wont buy the dlc ?
So here they are with their online polluted by characters they do not want ?
that's one of the reason i so far loathe the idea of fighting game characters as dlc .

At least with separated games , it's a choice for all the folks involved .

What matters now is the amount of new stuff added to the fighting system , and content of course .
skullphaze  +   2355d ago
pulling a fast one
1st they say that they arent going to add chr as dlc so that way everyone is on the same level then they say this crap. im tired of sf games coming out with another interpetation! call it sfV and move on or just come with dlc (like how they really want to do) and give me deejay and another shoryuken clansmen member (gouken's daughter btr not look anything like the old man or ill be pissed off. either way tho i will buy it first day lol
StanLee  +   2355d ago
Sequel?! Why not just continue to update the current game with costume, characters and locations?! The game doesn't have a story that warrants a new iteration and the art style nor tech doesn't lend itself to a graphical leap. Why not make Marvel vs Capcom 3 instead.
GEESE  +   2355d ago
Mid air blocking and parry system should return.
Then lets see all you fire balling Ryu/ken f4gs do as good while turtling, and spamming and reacting.......yawn.
#9 (Edited 2355d ago ) | Agree(3) | Disagree(1) | Report | Reply
Baka-akaB  +   2355d ago
parry isnt needed to deal with with spamming noobs .
I really feel some people dont even bother really learning and playing the game , and would sometimes just launch a daigo video to decide ryu/ken are imbalance , the strongest there is etc etc . There are plenty tools against most abusers ...

Parry is a great system , but for a different game
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MontyFontaine  +   2354d ago
I both agree and disagree with you. People who learn to play SF4 (not necessarily to the point of mastery, but to a high degree) shouldn't have too much of a problem with hadoken slags. However, I do think parrying should return (though I have already has this argument with you as above).

@9; It really does depend on which character you use. I have no problems using Chun-Li against some boring Akuma guy who just chucks in air fireballs at you. Try dashing forward underneath them, and hit them as they land.
housegroove76  +   2355d ago
I hope to god they add some more orignal characters this time around. If not a bunch of new characters, at least some more of the SF3 roster.

They should have called SF4, SF2 Turbo 3D Edition.
skabias  +   2355d ago
Get ready for...
Super Duper Hyper Mega Street Fighter 4 Alpha Beta Special Edition With fries on the side.
BYE  +   2355d ago
You gotta be kidding me!
Where tf are Deejay and Hawk??

They should concentrate on f-ing Street Fighter 4 before thinking bout sequels.
Put out more DLC, more characters, balancing patches...there's a lot to do!
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rjgbyrne  +   2355d ago
I want a 3D Darkstalkers Capcom... Urghhhh!?!
I have SFIV and a premium 'sold the head of my first-born' Fightstick... get with the program. I want a new Ghouls n' Ghosts as well as a new Strider! Heck Jo-jos bloody adventure or even a remake of Capcom vs. SNK 3D. Above all else a new 3D Version of Marvel Vs. Capcom would please ALL. Put Sheeva in it as a character too, Scratcho - Rythem Heaven Style!
Skynetone  +   2355d ago
im still waiting for a demo for the fourth so i can thing about buying it
maybe 5 will have a demo
rjgbyrne  +   2355d ago
A Demo! Sorry mate, you won't get one now I don't think...
Unless they have put one together for the PC version. Its a good game mate, just get a fightstick, I love my one and play all my games with it. Even Mortal Kombat vs DC is fantastic with one. I have never looked back. Roll on Tekken 6 as I have every other fighting game on it.
DMasta718  +   2354d ago
I'm surprised people are surprised by this.

I expected expansions of SFIV. Just not this soon.

Just look at the SF series
mcm  +   2354d ago
After watching the tournaments the parry system is greatly missed. That focus system is cool, but it does not replace parry IMOP. Street Fighter IV is cool, but I still feel like something is missing from the game. It needs more stages and characters. It needs more special intros too.
Godmars290  +   2354d ago
How many versions of SFII did the world see once it was a confirmed hit?

But how much suffering could Capcom stop by just making DLC?
rigsworth  +   2354d ago
Here we go again.....
Don't get me wrong, I love Streetfigher, but talk about rinsing out the franchise.
I'm all for progression, but for me, SFIV is the best iteration of the series so far.
Why am I going to rush out and buy another version of a game that I already have about 10 versions Capcom Fighters already? (Including Project Justice and Darkstalker).
I got cheesed off when I bought SF2 HD on the day SFIV came out.
Now that I've got SFIV, I still find people using Ryu more than anybody else and when the don't I just get my a$$ whooped, like they're cheating or something..
Does it need more characters? I don't think so, but that's just my opinion.
CSM-101e  +   2354d ago
Street Fighter IV:
Super-Hyper-Turbo-Championship -Alpha!!!

I can't wait.

I wish all the lawyers would take a nap so we could have a legitimate version of MUGEN: EvE
xboxman08  +   2354d ago
well damn i didnt expect it to be so soon thats something to look forward too
Crystallis  +   2354d ago
You guys are surprised Capcom is doing this? SFIV is popular around the world, plus they do this kinda stuff all the time. How many times have we seen a new SF like SF turbo, SF championship turbo, SF alpha turbo 2 lol. This was inevitable.

Plus they are missing so many characters. Dee Jay, Sean, Guy, Cody, to name a few. I want to be able pick between 50+ characters like KOF. Capcom just give me Guy and i'll be happy.
jc48573  +   2354d ago
I would love to see
maybe Eagle back on Street Fighter. I think there are plenty of other characters to be revived on Street Fighter 4. I just don't want capcom to completely ignore the existence of some characters like from the very first street fighter game.
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GFahim  +   2354d ago
this better
come to the wii man

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