HL2: Episode 2 In September?

Chatting with IGN, Doug Lombardi and Robin Walker have said they're looking at a "September-ish" release date and, interestingly, that date might not be simultaneous across all platforms. If some versions are ready before others, they'll go out.

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zonetrooper53970d ago

Damn i can't wait for this game as well as Portal and Team Fortress 2, i'm gonna get this for my PC. I just got my new graphics card as well :D

Havince3970d ago

i can see this being November, thatl then be a total delay of 12months. itl be worth it tho and there is plenty of other stuff 2 keep me amused such as mass effect for instance

zonetrooper53970d ago

Theres many good games which are coming out this year:

Mass Effect
Forza Motorsports 2
Halo 3
Guitar Hero 3

THAMMER13970d ago

My wife is almost more amped than I am.