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Remembering the Losers: PlayStation Dominance and The Demise of Its Competitors

P8I.com takes some time to remember the "losers," like the Xbox, Nintendo 64, Sega Saturn, Sega Dreamcast, and Nintendo Gamecube. The consoles that just couldn't stand up to Sony's PlayStation brand. (Culture, GameCube, PS2, Xbox)

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Raoh  +   2304d ago
Be right back..

about to get some popcorn and a large sprite for the show.
Forrest Gump  +   2304d ago
Don't forget the butter.
La Chance  +   2304d ago
oops wrong reply
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Tony P  +   2304d ago
I can't get into a pissing match about every console released since '94 and why they shouldn't just be written off as 'crushed by Sony'. It's a rather snap judgement and a bad remembrance.

I'll leave it at that. I'm not going to argue for the sake of arguing.
Dread  +   2304d ago
oh boy how things have changed this gen

UnSelf  +   2304d ago
Define Loser
50CALheadshot  +   2304d ago
They should just have titled it:
Kushan  +   2304d ago
I'd say it was a great combination of Sony making a few good decisions and Sega/Nintendo making a few bad ones.
Strangely enough, I'd say the 360's rise has been a similar situation - Microsoft making a few good decisions and Sony making a few bad ones (late in Europe, high price, etc.). MS established a foothold and now that Sony has their shyt mostly in gear, this has been my favourite generation by far.
Darkeyes  +   2304d ago
Too bad Nintendo might take this gen. This gen is really divided into Casual and Hardcore. Casual... Well Nintendo of corse, but hardcore is the thing to be seen.

The main aspect that always works in Sony's favor is the fact that they always back up with games. Just see all the consoles in that list and the one major reason all failed was due to the lack of games or one can say the abundance of games on the Playstation platform. I must applaud Sony for creating such a huge first party back up.

Just look at the current gen and one gets a picture. PS3 has sold more consoles in the same time frame as a 360 at nearly 2wice the price. No one disagrees that the first few years have been really rough, but Sony has really backed up. The thing that differentiates PS3 from the situation of previous Xbox (better hardware but low sales) is again GAMES...

Unfortunately this gen there is going to be no definitive winner. Wii might clean sweep, but it's not a direct competition. PS3 and 360... Well a 7 million lead can't declare a winner (that too due to a year early release). Last gen 150 million PS2 to 25 million Xbox in second place.... That is what a definitive winner is. In the end, only games will decide which way this gen goes, and obviously there is another factor... THE PRICE. A PS3 price cut will really bridge that gap. This gen is by far the most interesting, would love to see how things go after both plunge into the casual market.
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Oner  +   2304d ago
@ Darkeyes ~ You're right since it also depends on how you come to figure a "gen", because if you go by MS's past gen then they will only support 4 years or so (to then somehow gloat some bs about how they won that "gen"), while Ninty might go 5+ years (and they are clearly ahead) and Sony anywhere from 7-10 years easily.

I honestly don't see MS dropping support for the 360 the same way they did for the original Xbox but you never know (maybe just do a 360 Slim to again say they "invented the trend")...as well as when the PS3 hits the next price drop it will surge in sales with the combination of it's current and future games lineup etc. because like you said a 7 million deficit can't be called a "win" because of a year head start, if anything it looks bad on MS since they got passed by a "lesser" console mainly @ price and it's casualness and doesn't have a "commanding" lead over it's direct competitor which has ALWAYS had a premium price!
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Nuch Vader  +   2304d ago
Good old days article
It's kind of funny reading a good old days article by a sony fanboy site. One thing is for sure, Playstation 3 has failed to enjoy the success of it's older brothers.
aueslander  +   2304d ago
To darkeyes...
....why do you andd a lot of others always add the "...but the 360 had a year head start....) BS when you never heard that the reason the xbox didnt beat the PS2 is because "...well, the PS2 came out a year earlier..."

That argument is full of crap. Also, the PS2 is still selling. I wold love to see a comaprison of the PS2 from year 1-4 and compare that to the xbox since it only was around for 4 years.

Once again, consdiering how well the PS2 sold last gen, MS having a 1 year head start should mean nothing since the Wii was also a year later then the 360 and look where they are now. I mean where are all the PS2 owners who supported sony last gen? If even HALF of them bought a PS3, Sony would be ahead this gen.

Anyway, to everyone, please, for the love of god STOP USING THE 360S ONE YEAR HEAD START IS THE ONLY REASON WHY IT IS STILL AHEAD.
scissor_runner  +   2304d ago
This article fails to see no one remembers the past. Hell most of these guys don't even play PS2 games any more. I remember when nintendo fans made articles like this LOL. It was during the N64 when they knew they lost.
La Chance  +   2304d ago
Well done to Sony for the last 2 gens where they crushed everything in their way.

This gen is another story...

@forrest gump below :You're absolutely right, the positions have actually switched.

Nintendo's Wii first and Sony's PS3 last.
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Forrest Gump  +   2304d ago
Nintendo are doing the crushing this gen.

Edit at Lachance:Of course,as I said above,Nintendo are doing the crushing this gen :)
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Greywulf  +   2304d ago
LaChance, so does Sony's gaming division not include the PSP/PS2/PS3?
I like those goggles you have on, they really do black out the reality.

But Microsoft launching a year early, is hardly a defeat for the overpriced PS3. Which is selling as fast, faster in regions.And unlike the lead/demolition the PS2 had, the 360 doesn't have the appeal or the ability to crush Sonys gaming division. Its hardly sold more units than the last Xbox, and it doesn't have any portable gaming.

I'm not calling you wrong, but pretending that Price/Release/Quality/Gaming Divisions has nothing to do with anything is utterly ridiculous. And its delusional to think Microsoft's gaming division is second to Nintendo..

Very delusional.
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eagle21  +   2304d ago
@LaChance... During Sony's E3, I noticed something that you might have missed...
Sony sold 35 million consoles in 2008. I don't think microsoft will ever sell that many consoles in their lifetime in one year. That is what the word "brand" is all about. Sony will never feel "behind" in any year. Nintendo and Sony get the hardware awards. :)
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50CALheadshot  +   2304d ago
hold la chance down, its my turn to kick him
n4f  +   2304d ago
yeah but to be fair we have to say to compare the ps3 against the 360 cause:
1 ms doesnt support anymore the xbox
2 doesnt have a portable system
scissor_runner  +   2303d ago
What is funny is every one is getting on Lachance when he clearly says that the Wii is doing the crushing now? Then Greywulf says he has goggles and brings up SONY's feats in comparison to the xbox LOL. Yet you guys fail to see he is talking about the Wii?

Then you guys use a lot of insults to then prove a broken point.

On top of this is the fact that SONy can only sale to the same market that bought a xbox 360, why because of price. If they can only sale to that market then guess what the PS3 will forever be behind the 360 for various reasons.

I know you guys don't want to here this and definitly don't want to believe this but companies make mistakes and I have to give sony a lot of credit for lasting this long even though they are not a gaming centered company. We all knew MS would win the arms race I mean they create the APIs and the tools to program most of this stuff LOL.

I also understand the hate and it is well deserved but hate don't not get you sales. If you have not shown off your PS3 to a friend then now is the time to do that. SONY needs new HD customers not current ones.
Chicken Chaser  +   2304d ago
Oh Thank God for this 90's news! Now i feel old :S
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KionicWarlord222  +   2304d ago
This article is accurate. Lets see what happens this gen.
darthv72  +   2304d ago
third time the charm.....not so much.
If history repeats itself (which it has a strange way of doing)then this gen the PS3 wont do as well as the PS2.

To understand, you need to look at all consoles released prior and how they fared against their own console competition (ex: sega genesis vs saturn vs DC etc). From what I have been able to recall, the second console to come from a mfg seems to have been the best supported.

edit: maybe this will explain what I mean. The following is a list of companies who have released a console(s) and their generational standing. Please note, I am only speaking of actual consoles, not add-ons.

Atari: pong (1st), 2600 (2nd)*, 5200 (3rd), 7800 (4th), Jaguar (5th)
Matel: Intelevision (1st)
Coleco: Colecovision (1st)
Magnavox: Odysee (1st), Odysee 2 (2nd)
NEC: PC Engine/Turbografx (1st), Supergrafx (2nd)
Nintendo: NES (1st), SNES (2nd)*, N64 (3rd), Gamecube (4th), Wii (5th)
Panasonic: 3DO (1st)
Sega: Master system (1st), Genesis/MD (2nd)*, Saturn (3rd), Dreamcast (4th)
SNK: NeoGeo MVS/CD (1st)
Sony: PS1 (1st), PS2 (2nd)*, PS3 (3rd)
Microsoft: Xbox (1st), 360 (2nd)*

The 2nd gen consoles (*) have all done better than the first and in most cases, other generations. The exceptions to that would be the likes of those who only had one console as well as ones who were minior upgrades to the former (ex: supergrafx).

This list is only representative to the idea that a companies "2nd" console release is their best effort. If a company has enough perseverance to remain in the "war" they have the chance of making a comeback as viewed by its past systems (ex: wii).

Ok...so that was a bit more than most would like to know. Did anyone know sony made games before they made systems? Back when sony was known as sony imagesoft, they had some great games. Hook and mickey mania were two of my favorite sega cd games from them.
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Darkeyes  +   2304d ago
Dude all those consoles failed the third time mainly cause of the lack of Software support... In fact every console till date has failed against PS1 & 2 mainly cause of lack of Software support (Xbox-check, Gamecube-check,Nintendo 64-check,Sega-ckeck).

People keep on saying that PS3 is like last gens Xbox...Better hardware but low sales... Well one thing people actually forget is that the Playstation brand always has been a winner due to the games which is where M$ failed last gen (lack of games). This gen is no different. The thing that differentiates is the fact that Sony has sold more consoles than a 360 in same time frame at twice the price... Again, it's the GAMES that is bailing PS3 out. Trust me, if ANY OTHER COMPANY would have gone through the hardships PS3 went in the first 2 years, then they would have given up. But it's always the Sony First party which has risen to the occasion to save the Playstation brand. And it's working as I said, even with the price tag at nearly 2 times as that of the 360, PS3's still are selling well.A price cut would make thing really interesting.

Wii is probably the weirdest thing this gen. It's a PS2, but the motion controller is what makes it the leader. It's for casual crowd so I feel it doesn't affect the Hardcore war much.

Too bad the recession hit at the worst time... A time when PS3 actually was about to bloom. But even at that price tag and in these time of recession, it's only the games and the Playstation brand that is bailing them out. The sales aren't poor, but expecting this to be as successful as a PS2 is a bit harsh on PS3, mainly cause the economy has gone from bad to worse.
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darthv72  +   2304d ago
I don't know how well you know the 90's but I am just going to lay it out. There are strange similarities with what is going on now but let me explain.

Sega tried to go against Nintendo with the master system. a better built machine than the NES but it lacked the support from 3rd parties (mostly due to nintendo have a stronghold on licensing for the nes). Sega dropped the master system just a few years after release and brought out the genesis. It was more powerful than the nes and people really took notice of it and it gained support fairly quickly. Nintendo released their SNES shortly after and was juggling two systems at the same time. Sales were slow for the SNES even though it was a better machine than the genesis. The genesis kept on climbing due to sega really only having to support one machine. Aggressive marketing and lots of attention helped it be the best selling system sega made.

Sound familiar?? MS and the 360 are playing the genesis role right now. Sony is trying to juggle two home consoles (ala Nintendo back then). 3rd party support is key and right now MS has done loads better than their 1st outing. Sony will eventually drop the ps2 and people will basically have no choice but to get a ps3. It is inevitable. By then, maybe Nin will have their updated WiiHD..I don't know.

It is like living in the early 90's again with this console war.
IdleLeeSiuLung  +   2304d ago
dartv has some good points, except Sony and MS is fighting for 2nd place. The Wii selling at the current rate is not going to get eclipsed any time soon. MS would have to increase their sales 3-4 times and Sony well.... 5-6 times just to match Ninty's sale right now in the US.

Most 3rd parties are now multi-platform. First party games has shown (especially for Sony) that they don't tend to move consoles while MS has is unproven if it does or not. So I really don't see anything changing.

I don't think there is much chance of Sony ever regain footing this generation. At best I think Sony will match the 360 in user base because both Wii and the 360 keeps eating out of Sony's market. Of course this applies to the 360 as well, but in MS mind they already won compared to the last generation and Sony, well....
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Darkeyes  +   2304d ago
Yup, I know what you mean dartv, but again the one thing that is working in PS3's favor this gen is the fact that it's churning out GAMES. All those consoles lost cause they couldn't match the top contender in the games section. This ain't like 'History repeats itself', but in fact people should learn from the previous mistakes. There is no doubt that Sony screwed up initially with the price. I even say M$ has done loads better than last gen, but the main reason why PS always wins is cause of GAMES. I ain't saying M$es line up sucks or anything, but I just want to say that Sony probably has the best internal studios compared to all 3 and also more first party devs than M$+Nintendo combined.

In short, there is going to be no definitive winner this gen. A lead of 7 million is small in the gaming industry, even if PS3 stays half a year more in the market compared to the 360, then the lead is easily bridgeable. The Wii as always wins easily, but it's no direct competition. In short this gen is a stale mate for PS3 and 360.. Well at least from the looks of it. Both have actually lost quiet a lot of money this gen.. The PS3 due to high price and 360 due to RROD and E74 replacements. The only reason why analyst think PS3 will surpass a 360 is mainly cause a PS3 will be longer in the market. I consider a Wii as a competition for PS2 not 360 or PS3.

@Idle... Dude considering the PS brand as insignificant this gen is a mistake that even M$ doesn't make. Well we will see in a few months time especially after a price cut what happens. Don't miss out the fact that PS3 is selling more consoles in the same time frame as a 360 at nearly 2wice the price. It's funny how you always forget that 360 has a years head start and a 7-8 million gap is 6-8 months more in markets result.
IdleLeeSiuLung  +   2304d ago
I didn't say PS brand is insignificant. Besides a price cut will likely only incur a TEMPORARY increase in sales not permanent.

Don't forget that PS3 had a boost in sales due to sales as a stand-alone blu-ray player . Also don't forget that the gap in between the two consoles is about the same as MS first year sales.

In the same time frame, MS and Sony sold about the same amount of consoles worldwide (including MS crippled market in Japan). That is not exactly a feat (even at twice the price for PS3) when you have a loyal customer base of 140+ million.

As I said, I don't think Sony will ever catch up. A price cut for Sony will just spur another price cut for MS. Any price cut that doesn't hit the $150 mark will not have a sustainable increase in sales and Sony is not in a position to have a price war. Both MS and Sony knows this.

I guess as you said, we will see....
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Forrest Gump  +   2304d ago
Really puts matters into perspective
The,'successful',Xbox 360 console has only managed to sell(keyword) 4 Million more consoles than the 'loser' that is the Xbox 1.

Considering next year is Year 5 for the 360,it appears this gen didn't pan out too differently than last gen for the Redmond company.
Yawnier  +   2304d ago
Wow @ Forrest Gump
I just realized that, did the PS2/PS1 at least hit 70 Million in it's 5th year?
Big Frank  +   2304d ago
" just realized that, did the PS2/PS1 at least hit 70 Million in it's 5th year?"

You have to take into consideration that nearly everyones PS1 and PS2 bricked and Sony didn't have the common decency or respect for their customers to acknowledge the widespread disk drive problems and fix them for free. People were forced into buying new ones unlike 360 owners that can send theirs away for repair for free. Therefor the sales of Playstations seem astronomically high beacuse people have to buy replacement. LOL the PS2 is still selling relatively well to this day not because people are buying for the first time but they need a erplacement.

"Considering next year is Year 5 for the 360,it appears this gen didn't pan out too differently than last gen for the Redmond company."

Considering MS is going up against the behemoth that is the PS brand they are doing phenomally well. Ye know it does take time to knock the big daddy off the top.

Jeez i swear to god the Sony fanboys on this site are so stupid it's disturbing.
Caffo01  +   2304d ago
@ Big Frank
really?i own ps1 and 2 from the launch and they're still working perfectly...been produced by sony, not by ms!
wit  +   2304d ago
@ Big Frank
I bought my PS1 when ffvii came out, my PS2 whith the release of ffx.
Both consoles are still working just fine. I could not say the same thing with my original xbox.

"Sony didn't have the common decency or respect for their customers" 4 out of 5 people who have 360 that I know of are on their second 360 due to rrod.
If ms has any decency or respect for their customers, they should have permanently fix the problem with rrod and e74 since the falcon. Hardware business is not like software business, you cant patch hardware. And don't treat customers as beta testers.
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cmrbe  +   2304d ago
Well thats what i have been saying for a long time
With everything that is going for the x360 its really pathetic that they only sold 4 million more than the xbox considering the advantage it had this gen compare to the xbox. Here are some.

1. x360 came out 1 year ahead of competition so it got a free ride for a WHOLE year. The xbox came out after the PS2 was launched.

2. The x360 already had a userbase to rely on unlike the xbox which offcourse was MS first entry into the console market and lets not forget that MS pulled the plug on the xbox which forced alot of xbox owners to buy a x360 then.

3. The x360 is the first console to reach 199 this gen which is the mass market price.

4. MS has even the 3rd party playing feild this gen compare to last gen which was in favour of the PS2.

5. MS already built upon the franchise from last gen with new franchise like Mass Effect, Gears, Crakcdown, LO,Blue Dragon etc. MS have managed to diversify x360 game collection much more than they did for the xbox which was infact was the xbox main problem last gen.

6. All MS major franchise have already been released on the x360 this gen.

With all this advantage the x360 had over the xbox which lost to the PS2 last gen by a huge margin. I really do ask the question. Why are people saying that the x360 is doing excellent if it only sold 4 million more than the xbox with all this advantages?.

The x360 has peaked and now its going to fade away soon because it dosen't have enough to be in this race for long. The PS3 on the other hand still has alot of steam left with Devs still trying to figure out developing the cell as well as taking advantage of blu-ray more.

In terms of pricing Sony still has alot of room. People must remeber that the PS2 was launched at 299. The PS3 is still at 399 after close to 3 years. This means that Sony could start pricing the PS3 similar to the PS2 after 3 years on the market which means that Sony could prolong the lifespan of the PS3 even longer than the PS2.

In the end its not about how fast you run. No, its how long you run. Sony said it before they started in this bussiness. Its a Marathon, not a sprint. Even with current price. If Sony keeps it up the PS3 will sell 100 million in less than ten years.
The_Truth_Itself  +   2304d ago
"The Xbox360 didn't hang on and the ps3 is selling faster"

Like it or not, the Xbox360 is continually outselling the ps3 in Europe by HUGE amounts. Even in places like Italy where it NEVER sells.

It also has A LOT MORE GAMES out now, actually being played for it including AAA titles like Mass Effect, Ace Combat 6, Halo Wars, and so forth.

I don't care if you HATE the Xbox360 at all, but at least get your facts straight. It has MANY more appealing games to the masses than the playstation, and is STILL outselling the playstation worldwide even when ignoring Japan.

It is STILL ahead by over a million in europe. The gap isn't being closed. Either admit the 360 has good games, or just shut up. You aren't helping your situation by spewing crap about the 360.
Gue1  +   2304d ago
As Ken said: Sony shoots for the sun!
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El Botto  +   2304d ago
The PS brand has utterly destroyed its competitors
PS3 continues this tradition by totally humiliating the 360 during E3.

"but, but, but teh salez"

PS3 has the best games in every genre while the 360 is populated by flops.
-MD-  +   2304d ago
And hits it head on then bursts into a ball of flames back to third place.

TheBand1t  +   2304d ago
And then the Wii and PS2 will remind the Xbox of it's continuing tradition of 2nd place,

-MD-  +   2304d ago
You have a habit of copying everything I say. Stop that sir.

*COUGH* third place *HACK WHEEZE*
The_Beast  +   2304d ago
hmmm i wonder what retarded xbots will have
once sales run out?
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Stryfeno2  +   2304d ago
Basic logic...What goes up must come down.
Model  +   2304d ago
posting in almost every ps3 article and hating on ps3 whenever you can...does it make you happy ? do something with your life
same @ Mart, why dis, murderdolls
TheMART  +   2304d ago
Crying PS3 tards make me smile.

So what are you doing with your life commenting on N4G at all?
cmrbe  +   2304d ago
Then why didn't the PS2
come down?.

Your logic fails.
-MD-  +   2304d ago
No your logic fails his logic is proven we didn't say anything about a time frame idiot.

Eventually PS2 sales will not exist anymore.
iDystopia  +   2304d ago
Remembering the Losers: When Playstation used to be popular
TheBand1t  +   2304d ago
Remembering the Silver medalist: How the Xbox brand always comes 2nd.
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ShiNe-Box-  +   2304d ago
Ahahahah pwnd
iDystopia  +   2304d ago
You're right Xbox has been second place for its first 2 trys, doesn't mean it will always be.

Sure beats being the dead last, loser....like PS3rd. :)
#9.3 (Edited 2304d ago ) | Agree(8) | Disagree(3) | Report | Reply
TheBand1t  +   2304d ago
I'd put down money that Xbox will always be 2nd banana. :) Always.

2nd place is still losing, nub :) At least the PS kicked ass with both the PS1 and PS2, unlike Xbox that's been in the shadow of another gaming console for two gens.
#9.4 (Edited 2304d ago ) | Agree(4) | Disagree(7) | Report | Reply
iDystopia  +   2304d ago
I woudn't. Xbox will win one also...it hasn't came in dead last like PS3rd in its first 2 tries.

Xbox is only becoming more and more popular. Natal, Halo and Gears of War will be launching in 2010. :D

Shine up that bronze medal. :)

TheBand1t  +   2304d ago
I'll do that as soon as I finish shining the two gold ones. Be sure to reserve some room for that third silver medal! :D

If you say so, kiddo. :) Gears and Halo only take you so far.
#9.6 (Edited 2304d ago ) | Agree(4) | Disagree(6) | Report | Reply
-MD-  +   2304d ago
I would still rather take 2 silvers than a bronze.

You're trying too hard just stop Sony lost it's over everyone knows it.
TheBand1t  +   2304d ago
Rather two golds and a bronze than two silvers.

Xbox will always be the 2nd loser, just build a bridge and get over it.
ShiNe-Box-  +   2304d ago
@ 3.5
Just stop. Your fighting a losing battle here.

"... it hasn't came in dead last in it's first two tries."

It hasn't came in last, but with that logic and considering Playstation came in 1st ITS first two tries, Xbox's bound to decline and come in dead last next-gen.

Not my logic, just yours

I can't think of any Olympian who would reject 2 golds & a bronze for 2 silvers.
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-MD-  +   2304d ago
I just hope Sony can pick themselves back up next generation to appease their fans.
iDystopia  +   2304d ago
Xbox 360 has beaten Playstation 3. It has already won and will continue to win.

Somebody's got to be the last place loser. :)
TheBand1t  +   2304d ago
Good luck beating the Wii. :) But you won't.
Socomer 1979  +   2304d ago
I dont think it was sonys fault that these competitors just gave up.
Sony just care about getting a piece of the video game entertainment market since it was already invloved with movies and such.

Playstation just always had that hardcore game, that favorite game, that 1 game that just satisfied your every need.

The hate and envy is just something the media cooked up to rally up more readers, customers, advertising. Im sure Sony was just as sad to see the competitors just dissapear into the night. As soon as they left playstation put out less games and longer waits.

Which is why most people wasnt going to wait a whole year for some next gen graphics and bought a 360. now, its pretty much happening again as the media cooks stuff up and the only company looking desperate and having less games is the xbox360.
inFAMOUS_KRATOS  +   2304d ago
xbox 1 could sold a ton more if it came out little earlier, microsoft took to long to drop it!!
but they learned there lesson, and also paid the price for it, the RROD is MS biggest fall down this gen, i think thas whats keeping the from bring first party studio, and please do not refer sony as looser, they still have more ps2 loyalist this gen, combine xbox360 and ps3 total console and it won't even come close to what playstation2 has, we might see this differential as soon the price drop, and the ps3 is doing bad job @ chasing xbox360, the wii crushed all this gen, but sony and microsoft don't want to admit, even tho they admit the can ony fight for the 2nd place!!( sony currently is) but why do you guys think sony and MS droppin the natal and the wand, because the want the wii audience, and milo and eyepet is the first example of casual gaming hardcore style play those @ walmart kiosk and gamestop... see how many kids stop by it!!

Socomer 1979  +   2304d ago
youre either young and very dumb or old and really sad.
So which is it?
Were you a xbox owner?
Dreamcast owner?
Gamecube owner?

Playstation was always too expensive for you right?
inFAMOUS_KRATOS  +   2304d ago
patch station exactly bro, but guess what ? microsoft never got up !! so how could they fall down?
your comments bring me laughter friend, your utterly disappointed with your gaming if you always on here bashing playstation!! i mean gears is cool, halo is nice i guess, and fable. i guess forza is cool.... but you look @ the ps3 lineup how could you not be pleased? please patch tell me bro, u gonna get ps3 for the game AGENT? i know u love rockstar!!
#13 (Edited 2304d ago ) | Agree(8) | Disagree(1) | Report | Reply
Stryfeno2  +   2304d ago
*Yawn* Already have a PS3 and the only thing that gets to play with it is DUST.
Godmars290  +   2304d ago
Nintendo: Refused to grow with its audience or technology.
Sega: Always #2 to the Big N, they took too many risk, made too many changes and lost consumer confidence.
MS and the Xbox1: Came into the console market believing that they could take it over solely by their PC rep. Ignored key genres.

Not dismissing Sony, just saying that their competition were mainly responsible for their own downfalls.

Actually, unlike Sony which has yet to be forgiven for Ken's "Let Them Eat Cake" statement and the PS3's price. The scrutiny their claims get while "someone else's" are only accepted.
#14 (Edited 2304d ago ) | Agree(3) | Disagree(6) | Report | Reply
Godmars290  +   2304d ago
So many disagrees,
And not one reason why...
TheMART  +   2304d ago
Remember. Once nothing could touch Nintendo. Then a new competitor came and Sony took over. It happens to any brand on a certain time.

This time its Nintendo stepping out of the gamers section, selling to nongamers with no competition and Microsoft taking the lead in the gamergenre.

Thus, too bad, it lasted two gens but this gen its PS3rd all the way! Its the Gamecube of this gen.
Chubear  +   2304d ago
That's because Sony showed things that Nintendo could not do and people flocked to them. If someone else did that with Sony's PS then ofcourse they'll be beat but that has not happened so far.

Although the PS3 has had the most insane FUD viral marketing campaign slung at a gaming console in history, those that aren't 14-18yrs of age won't remember or know that the the PS1 and PS2 were also hit with FUD by NA media houses but they not only beat their competition at the end of the day but rather massacred them.

Had MS or Ninty gone through 1/10 the negative crap the PS3 went through in it's first 2 yrs, none of them would be standing and selling at this point in time. The PS3 has weathered the storm and it's still here and matching pound for pound what the PS1 & PS2 did in their respective years.

Just like the PS1 and PS2 did, the PS3 will see an enormous boost by the end of their 4th year. You look at the 360 that had close to 10mill sold b4 the PS3 launched but instead of gaining momentum and increasing the sales gap, like the PS2 did to the xbox, it's actually lost 1mill off that head start and all while being the cheapest console world wide while the PS3 is still the more expensive one out of all consoles.

Until some company shows they can do more than Sony in gaming entertainment, Sony will always end up being the place core-gamers overwhelmingly run to at the end of the day.
talltony  +   2304d ago
Well mart if
The ps3 didnt completely blow me away with their exclusives then i might agree you.
PotNoodle  +   2304d ago
When sony first came into the console market with the PS1, they always said to themselfs - always repeated it. They cannot come in and try and sell everyone on just raw processing power and the capabilities of their hardware.

They needed the games at launch and it needed to be affordable, and no i'm not even making this up. There were interviews with sony back at the PS2's peak, interviews with all the big guys at SCE who talked about how the playstation brand was born.

So this is what i don't get, they went against EVERYTHING they said they shouldn't ever do with the PS3 and it backfired on them, they came in expecting hardware capabilities would sell the console, don't get me wrong - i still prefer my PS3 over my 360 and wii (when i had a wii) but even i can see why they are not dominating in sales this generation too.

They went against their market strategy that made their consoles the best selling in history, the market strategy that expanded the market beyond what anyone could of imagined in an amazing time... why did the choose to forget that?

I'm not bashing them or anything, because they're still delivering the incredible games i've loved on the playstation platform over the years and i'm happy with that but i find it amazing how this happened, they had the winning formula that no one else seemed to of been able to capture that as well as sony did, but they just... ripped it up and threw it away?
#16 (Edited 2304d ago ) | Agree(3) | Disagree(6) | Report | Reply
HDgamer  +   2304d ago
Sony's not dead, try again later. Nintendo's on top, just like that guy who was on your gf. 360 is in the middle, exactly where that same guy was with your gf.
Socomer 1979  +   2304d ago
You would wait and see now wouldnt you.
youre not psychic. you dont know enough of the facts.
and you choose to ignore that the wii is a videogame system, while ignoring that the ps2 is still on the market along with a young ps3 begining its 3rd year.

i could be psychic too and tell you that the xbox360 is the first system to drop out of the current gen systems. first its a race to 10 million consoles a year and when you lose that its who can sell a 100 million and when you lose that in a decade how foolish have you been for the past 4 years talking about nonsence?

isnt it time to agree with yourself and whole conversations with yourself again?

The xbox 360 litterally hangs on a string with every 1 of its customers potentially being upset at the system for a hundred reasons especially the no exclusive new games thing.
#18 (Edited 2304d ago ) | Agree(5) | Disagree(2) | Report | Reply
Awesomeon  +   2304d ago
So did anybody here like the dreamcast at all ? At least you can play burnt games for it without having to have a modchip... :(
Oner  +   2304d ago
And the same could be done without a modchip on the PS1, PS2, PSP, Xbox, Xbox 360, DS & Wii ~ BTW I live my DC!
#19.1 (Edited 2304d ago ) | Agree(1) | Disagree(6) | Report | Reply
Ashriel  +   2304d ago
Will the PS3 and Xbox360 be remembered as losers too?
negative  +   2304d ago
There sure are a lot of moron's arguing here.


silverchode  +   2304d ago
overall right now its
1. nintendo
2. sony
3. microsoft
darthv72  +   2304d ago
Are you basing this of the totality of the "PS" brand (psp,ps2,ps3) currently avail?

Nintendo having the dsi,lite and wii going up against sony who has psp (soon the go) , ps2 & 3, with the lonely MS having 1 system to hock to the masses. Talk about a stacked deck.
Oner  +   2304d ago
@ Silver ~ BLASPHEMY I SAY!!! You speak rational and factual information that is not "teh truf" to certain types...
The Master Chief  +   2304d ago
Dude WTF are you talking about
Enigma_2099  +   2304d ago
And before you start pulling that SDF spin crap out of your @$$es, even some of us PS3 owners think this is bad taste! I guess Narutoboy just felt like stirring the s***... because this is just blatant fanboy baiting!!!
#22 (Edited 2304d ago ) | Agree(5) | Disagree(0) | Report | Reply
maverick1191  +   2304d ago
mart if the ps3 is sh1t why do you have the console you went out and bought it so you must like it secretly stop bashing and play games, you won't answer because you know the ps3 is a good console. Be a man and have some balls for once instead of saying its crap and running off tell us why you got the console
GEESE  +   2304d ago
Bring back the commodore 64
...what about Atari Jaguar? I'll buy one is anyone has one in the attic......collection purposes.
darthv72  +   2304d ago
I do...
but it isnt for sale. Damn thing is, the cd rom drive has a bad laser pickup unit. I can't find anyone to fix it nor can I really find the replacement part. They go for quite the $$$$$ on ebay right now.

I picked up a lynx...ahhh the good old days of slimeworld, electrocop and ninja gaiden.

DSi should get a virtual handheld service like the wii has VC. Then others would be able to play blasts from the past. Neogeo pocket, gamegear, lynx, etc.
saimcheeda  +   2304d ago
The best experience will be delivered by
the Playstation brand!...it has expanded its legacy with the PlayStation, PlayStation 2, PlayStation Portable and PlayStation 3, you are truly an intelligent customer and person if you are to choose the PlayStation brand other wise you are just an xbot driven by the crappy rrod machine in your hollow brains doing Bill gates bidding. So Join the PS Brand to get a free and satisfying life.
keysy420  +   2304d ago
i think its funny how people talking about the ps3 in last place when its ranking in cash and it still at 400 dollars i can say i dont even see the ps3 reducing price till xbox natal comes out with all the games ps3 has.
by dropping the price at the same time as natal it will really kill natal
Topcat420  +   2304d ago
the only hardcore gamers left are on the ps2/ps3 the wii is just bringing in the casual gamers and the 360 just caters to the new generation of gamers aka the zombie american youth who just follow anything thrown at them and dont have a standard of what good games are. luckily the hardcore gamers do i love how people always point out the stupid things about games like omg look at the blood and gore its sad really. its sad that you cant get honest gaming news instead you news that goes against logic and common sense thats microsofts propaganda machine for ya dumb@asses
JasonPC360PS3Wii  +   2304d ago
LOL and now the Playstation is the loser... last... 3rd... the white runner at the Olympics.
Demon5500  +   2304d ago
its true till 2006
Sony was on top of the game in till 2006,Then when a white box come out, and then a smaller white box come out, then sony went all the way down to the last spot 3. :) .

This is the story that parents will tell there children at Christmas, when they find a slim Xbox under there tree, hahahaha

I hope I get an 8 core Cpu upgrade for my home pc with 3 Ati rg700
DuneBuggy  +   2304d ago
I thought it was cool that Sonys retaliation for getting burned by Nintendo in CD game add on deal was to make a system of their own.The new guy to the gaming scene.The underdog as Sega and Nintendo seemed to have a lock on the market.
Sony showed them eh?
Sony in a act of brilliance,made their next system a DVD based game system.Such a smart move. Everyone had or has a PS2.Many bought it as their first DVD player.
Its just sad they threw so much momentum away this go round.Blaim price,timing,hoping Blu Ray would have been like DVD..etc..

But before the Wii,some thought Nintendo would never be dominant again.
Chubear  +   2304d ago
All those things you mentioned - "price,timing,hoping Blu Ray" etc etc - were ALL used to dogg on Sony's PS1 and PS2 systems. You guys don't remember or know cause most of you were not even born by then or just 5yr olds or something.

You now say DVDs were a smart move only becuase you know the obvious outcome but back then Sony was dogged on using CDs in PS1 and DVDs in the PS2 cause "you don't need CD/DVDs for gaming! it pointlessly too expensive for developers and very difficult to grasp" Same ol' stuff said this gen about Blu-ray.
DuneBuggy  +   2304d ago
First im 36.Ive been gaming since the 2600.I had a near launch PS1 to replace my Genesis and bought a PS2 as soon as i could find one (actually rented a PS2 several times from Blockbuster just to play it).
Second,theres no denying that DVD's took off alot better than Blu ray did. That was a big draw for PS2 buyers.Lightning didnt strike twice with the Blu Ray!...Sorry! The public has not embraced the blu discs the same way.
ALOT of people bought a PS2 because it would be their first DVD player.I dont recall Nintendo or anyone else scoffing that the PS2 was DVD based. I remember crying and complaints the PS2 was a pain to code for but so what?? Every household had a PS2 in it so the developers got with the program.
Can the same be said of the PS3 today???
Why not?? Thats the elephant in the room. What was Sonys market share 5 years ago???

Not Sony bashing as I was a "Playstation guy" for over 10 years. But hindsight shows they could have done things differently with the PS3.
Even a rabid fan should be able to see that.
#30.2 (Edited 2304d ago ) | Agree(0) | Disagree(0) | Report | Reply
Arknight  +   2303d ago
Why did anyone disagree with the DuneBuggy? All he stated were facts from gaming history. The Playstation was originally going to be a CD drive add-on for the SNES, it was fully developed by Sony, and then Nintendo just completely cancelled it the day it was supposed to be announced because they wanted almost all of the profit marketshare from the new device.

Sony said, "Fine, F*** you", and released the system on their own as the Sony Playstation. Does nobody know this stuff anymore?
#30.3 (Edited 2303d ago ) | Agree(0) | Disagree(0) | Report | Reply
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