PS3 Ghostbusters is 56% Xbox resolution, not 75%

Gamezine writes: "We just thought we'd set the record straight. We're not too much a fan of beating a dead horse, but our own mistake of reporting the PlayStation 3 resolution of the Ghostbusters video game as 75% of the Xbox 360 game has been picked up around the net."

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PirateThom3314d ago

Terminal Reality... what have you done?

Ghoul3314d ago

gaming media what have you done ...

i have the ps3 version and i totally enjoy the game, it looks great.
if it hasent been all the media buzz i wouldnt even have noticed any problem at all.


StanLee3314d ago

Seriously, this just shows that internally Sony has done a fantastic job of developing proprietary engines for their first and second party titles.

Darkeyes3314d ago

lol here we go again.....

Bnet3433314d ago

Wasn't this a PS3 exclusive?

Blaze9293314d ago

who caaaaaaaaaares, either way the Xbox 360 version is still better than the PS3 version. No one should care unless you are a multi-system owner and if you are trying to figure out what system to get this game on, the answer is now clear the Xbox 360 version.

Now can we move on, had like 15 submissions for this little debacle in just two days already.

iamtehpwn3314d ago

And even good PS3 Multiplatform games like Mirror's Edge, Call of Duty 4, and Dead Space---

You, my good sir, FAIL.

s8anicslayer3314d ago

Who cares what version has the higher resolution, the devs had problems with the ps3 version and couldn't get that version up to par, doesn't mean it's less of a game, I have the PS3 version and I'm loving it, just food for thought, Halo 3 was supposed to be sub HD, does that mean it's any less of a game no it's one of the best selling games in existance, and my favorite of the triligy

peeps3314d ago

in all fairness, looking at TR's track record. they've hardly released what i would consider 'blockbuster' (not to be confused with ghostbuster) titles.

It's a shame that the celebration of the ghostbusters series has to be with a terrible inconsistency in platform development, but really i doubt the average ghost buster fan cares that much do they? If your a ghostbusters fan in europe and not the sorta person who checks out gaming websites regulary, are they really gonna be there playing it going 'damn this resolution is only 56% of the 360 version!'

cRaZyLeGs 933314d ago

I thought it was only this because it was pre-release copy? Guess not.

Hydrollex3314d ago

That company just pays everyone

sajj3163314d ago

The blame is ALL Terminal Reality. There is no doubt about it. Has nothing to do with Microsoft, Dell, Apple, Nintendo, or any other company one can think of to blame!

3314d ago
hay3314d ago (Edited 3314d ago )

Ooh, that's uncool. Bad devs, bad! No dinner for you.

popup3314d ago (Edited 3314d ago )

The 360 is better than the PS3. The PS3 is better than the 360.

Both statements are true to a certain degree but if you remove all the games then they are both crap pieces of plastic.

If you only keep the exclusives then both are better than one.

If you only keep the multi platform games then whatever you happen to own will suffice.

If you want the best version and the choice of every game to play then become a true gamer and buy some more consoles and lose this childish fanboy penis envy.


Where is the 'donate' button to help the 'Disagree Button Syndrome' sufferers?

Christopher3314d ago

Put out a game using their new engine that will ensure that it won't get very far since it can't handle multiplatform titles?

Tito Jackson3314d ago

Tired of seeing this sh*t already.
Just like the swarm of BS Natal articles.
N4G sucks.

Jinxstar3314d ago

I feel like 90% of the people on this site don't even own it and if it wasn't for the difference in the graphics no one would care at all... Modern Warfare having a difference like that might be an issue but... Really. It's just Ghostbusters.

RememberThe3573314d ago

I can't even help but click on these stupid ass stories.

This is exactly why Sony shares tech between their internal studios; If you get stuck on something you just call someone who figured it out.

ultimolu3314d ago


How does this ruin the fun of the game. Will people play the game or will they be playing count the pixels?

The 360 version is superior. Okay, whatever. This site has gone to hell...seriously.

hay3314d ago

@popup: When you throw all games up you'll have pretty nice movie and music player, good linux platform for ripping and/or calculations or even a computer to some extent. From PS3 that is. Care to say the same about the other one? :>

lokiroo4203314d ago

What they did was make a ps2 game for the ps3, and now they are trying to get away with it.

Genesis53314d ago (Edited 3314d ago )

Well if it keeps going this way the next headline will be. PS3 Ghostbusters no picture only audio. I really don't care this is one developer who should ask for some programming help. I know what phenominal graphics the PS3 is capable of because I have played many fantastic looking games on it.

Even though I own 45 PS3 games this one I probably won't buy and the developers can blame themselfs for lost sales due to poor programming.

Buttons3314d ago

the devs had problems with the ps3 version and couldn't get that version up to par, doesn't mean it's less of a game,

But it does mean that can't develop games as well as other studios.

vhero3314d ago

OMG another ghostbusters article = N4G EPIC FAIL the ten people who approved this story are complete and utter idiots and should well away from this site in future!

JasonPC360PS3Wii3314d ago

You Sony fans are on the last chapter of your excuse book.

iANONYMOUS3314d ago

Who do you call? the ghostbus- uh, wait.. the media.
PS3 as lead platform, publish by Sony, yet, there's not a single support from Sony to guide them to polish the game more.

If I own a PS3, and if I wanted to blame something for it, it will be;
SONY lack of help, Hard to develop console, and bias developer.

3 years for nothing huh?
Cant say they are bunch of useless developers, the game on 360 looks good, just like any average games.

Tarasque3314d ago

Come WTF is wrong with this site today. Come one Sonyfanboy's, just say it. MS paid TR to gimp the PS3 version.

Forest Gumps3314d ago

the PS3 version of games be equal? We all know that it has less ram the 360 but can they not use those extra processors for something?

OGharryjoysticks3314d ago (Edited 3314d ago )

I'll tell you what they've done. They just put a sh.tload of money in Sony's pocket. Don't think Sony doesn't get a piece from every version of Ghostbusters sold regardless of platform. That's why it's on every platform - so they can make more money. Had they kept it and made it for only Sony systems think of all the money they would be missing. There's God knows how many DS systems out there. The Wii has a ton out there. 360 owners buy everything. And everything in between. Sony isn't mad. They will gladly take all that free money and who knows, maybe they invest it in buying another game studio since they love owning more studios than all the other companies combined...LOL. Sony is laughing at all of us right now while making money off the 360 Ghostbusters game. Every fanboy trying to talk smack is putting his/her money in Sony's pocket...LOL

SaberEdge3314d ago

If you have the choice get it for the 360, but if you only have a PS3 just get it and enjoy it. It's not the end of the world.

It really is too bad that so many 3rd party developers have problems with the PS3, it's obvious that Sony's first party developers have a good grasp of the hardware and can do some amazing things with it.

IdleLeeSiuLung3314d ago

or you can just not support shoddy work.

maxcer3313d ago

"Why can't the PS3 version of games be equal? We all know that it has less ram the 360 but can they not use those extra processors for something?"

the lack of ram will effect the texture resolution. you can have all the processors in the world but they don't hold data.this is why its possible to change the texture detail in PC games from low,mid to high depending on how much ram the graphics card has.

granted i'm no expert of this stuff, so don't take my statement as gospel. hell, i might be totally wrong abut this...

Ghoul3313d ago

".this is why its possible to change the texture detail in PC games from low,mid to high depending on how much ram the graphics card has.

granted i'm no expert of this stuff, so don't take my statement as gospel. hell, i might be totally wrong abut this...

yes you are indeed very wrong, even though ram does have a significant role in texture resolution its not the neakbreaker. especially since the ps3 does have 512 seperated in 2 * 256 differently allocated then ont he more pc like 360.

i really dont have the time to explain who it works, but google is really your friend if you look fir background information about gpu programming and ram usage in realtime engines.

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Light Yagami3314d ago

lol. pretty funny since they praised the PS3 before.

robotnik3314d ago

You smell funny, filthy criminal.

user39158003314d ago (Edited 3314d ago )

LOL all the way to the bank.

What else its there, get over it the 360 its always superior.

But wait the ps3 version was develop for the ps3, but look how much better it looks on the 360.

Mad cow deceased has been noticed among PS3 fans.

Run for your lives here comes the droids.

My pants on fire quick get the pink dildo.

Please stop the bashing I cant take it any more Mommmmmmmmmmm.....

But what happened to all the games for 2009, I have been mislead.

I hate you all, sits and thinks about how to get them back, no luck.

Tonight I will hide and not answer the phone, wait who's calling.

I heard can you not leave me alone, droids wont stop.

Model3314d ago

go back watching manga and jacking off on anime girls

DevilDante3314d ago

Incompetent developers...

Confused3314d ago

I thought the days of bad ports were over. It's been shown time and time again that the PS3 can totally out perform the 360 yet we get stuck with this half arsed effort.

I'm gettin it for the xbox...

AlienGorilla3314d ago

Supposedly, the PS3 was the lead platform. How do you f*ck that up?

StanLee3314d ago

Sadly, it wasn't a port. The PS3 was the lead platform. Or so the developers have claimed.

Death3314d ago

Just because a game leads on the PS3 it doesn't mean it gets a higher budget. People tend to forget debs don't have unlimited resources. It's no secet the PS3 is the most difficult to develop on. It may have the most potential, but that comes with a cost. In order to keep both platform versions within budget, something has to give. Lower resolution does not affect game play which is the most important thing. This has really been blown out of proportion.


AlienGorilla3314d ago

It doesn't have to be better, but if it leads on the PS3 and is ported to the 360 then the titles should look identical.

Seeing as how the PS3 is harder to develop for and harder to port to, the devs got all of the difficult part out of the way when they designed the game on the PS3. When they port it to the 360, there shouldn't have been such a discernible difference.

shorttylad3314d ago

whats the point in wasting time and money on an awkward console with a smaller potential market?


Now stop your moaning

AlienGorilla3314d ago

Sounds like someone's bitter they didn't get a PS3 for Christmas.

Here, have a lollipop.

shorttylad3314d ago

why would I be bitter? I have the best console available.. plus i can download any game I want (usually before its officially out) and play it at the cost of a blank disk - with full online capabilities.


hay3314d ago

@shorttylad: Wii? Yeah, it's really cool console.

TheReaper423314d ago

*hands shortty a tissue*

there there

Death3314d ago

You are still going by the assumption that the engine will be completely different for the PS3 version. When you develop a multi-platform game, you still create a game engine that will work on both platforms. It's easier for devs to port from the PS3 due to the systems architecture. PS3 to PC or Xbox 360 is easier then creating a game for the PC/Xbox 360 then porting to PS3. Once a common engine is in place, then the title can be optimized for each platform. The "inferior" ports to PS3 are usually a result of limited optimization based on hardware differances. What might take a day or a week on the PC/Xbox 360 game might take a couple weeks or a month on the PS3. It's possible to do on the PS3 of course, but it becomes a question of time and money. These are the same factors that make Blu-Ray a non-issue this generation so far. The potential is there, but the extra cost to use it can't be justified at this time.

Anyway you look at it though, the game looks great and plays well on both systems. Not many people pause the game for screen grabs while playing. This really should be a non-issue since it doesn't affect the enjoyment of the game.


YogiBear3314d ago

I'm tired of reading about this. The game is out and it's fun no matter what system you own. End of story.

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Kamikaze1353314d ago

I'm playing Lost Odyssey on my 360 and refuse to get any other game for it right now because I'll be distracted. I wanted it on my PS3 so I could take a break from Cross Edge, but it looks like that won't be happening, lol. Oh well, Blazblue is right around the corner =D

table3314d ago

the whole thing has been blown out of proportion. If you like this kind of game just get it. Don't let a very slight minor graphical inferiority put you off.

Statix3314d ago (Edited 3314d ago )

I wouldn't call 540p (nearly the last-gen SD resolution of 480p) to be a "very minor graphical inferiority." This is not even taking into consideration the drastic drop in texture resolution on ~25% of the game's textures.

I've been hoping and hoping that the days of piss-poor, subpar PS3 ports were over. But games such as this (and even Riddick to a lesser extent) remind me that some developers out there still haven't come to grips with optimizing their code efficiently on the PS3 in order to deliver comparable visuals on all platforms. Which is a damn shame when said poor development affects a multiplatform game that I personally have been looking forward to.

BlackTar1873314d ago (Edited 3314d ago )

What did halo 3 run at? or perfect dark??

Just a question because i play those games with no issues i play ghostbusters on myps3 with no issues so again what does it really matter.

ohh 640P game must suck now your right im no longer glad i bought it. You see how silly that is its just ridiculous

Tomb raider ran at a lower res(not a great game) but the point is it doesn't matter if yuo run around and your exp. is ruined because of this i feel so sorry for you i really do.

if your not going to get it anyways get out of these articles if your hear to hate get laid sometime it will help

darrensworld3314d ago


actually lens of truth said the PS3 version of riddick was slightly better, peep:

"PS3 escapes this Head2Head victorious due to the Xbox 360 having more rendering issues and less than stellar lighting. Either way it’s really nice to see that more and more developers are taking the necessary steps needed to make their cross platform titles closer."

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Marty83703314d ago (Edited 3314d ago )

Total bullsh#t, watch the Gametralers game compare and they are identical. Even IGN said the same.

XboxGirl3314d ago

Go buy it you'll love it. LOLOLOLHAHAHAHA

TheMART3314d ago

Marty, go cry me a river. The PS3 version is sub HD, doesn't look identical to the 360 version, the textures suck, the reso suck, you get half the game as on the 360.


Why dis3314d ago


"the graphics seem to be a touch dumbed down on Sony's system. When you proton stream burns a wall on the 360, there's a black gouge in the wall that features smoldering embers and bits of fire. On the PS3, you get the fire and black gouge, but the little embers embedded in the cut don't make it."

You can tell IGN was afraid to go into detail due to the high profile nature of this title fearing bad blood from Sony and its camp.

Sez 3314d ago

why bother. you guys have proved your point. this game looks like a ps2 game compared to the 360 version. no matter how many articles show this. they will try and find one to back up their claim or run to uncharted 2 or killzone 2 ( like they are the big billies on the block) just let them be. it's not like they have anything left to play until uncharted 2(since they only play AAA games and exclusives) comes out.

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