The 10 most Impressive Games of E3 2009 # 8

Gameplayer continues their countdown of the best games of E3 according to thier unique 'impact' based criteria.

"What is old is new again. A classic game experience gets a facelift and ends up being the guilty pleasure of E3. Will this gaming hero ever lay down and die?"

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SlappingOysters3100d ago (Edited 3100d ago )


Nah just joking, I will be playing this game

Sucks2BU3100d ago

Will this be like the MArio Kart series, where they just kind of do a handful of new tracks and then just stick in all the old ones.

Like is this going to be mostly the levels from the DS game?

SpoonyRedMage3100d ago

Apparently they're all new levels. It's a totally new game.

ChickeyCantor3100d ago

You do realise that the original only had the same amount of those "handful" of new tracks.
The classic tracks are extra's, without them the game would have been much much shorter.

Mario kart always had 4*4 tracks leaving it at 16, the classic tracks rack it up to 32.

But in any case i don't think this game will have classic levels.