Left 4 DeadBlog: Rules of Thumb

L4D Blog: When it came time to photograph the box art of L4D1, our art staff had three goals. One, there should be a hand in it somehow. Two, the hand should have a thumb bitten off, so customers would look at the four fingers remaining on the hand and think, "Hey, four." Three, under no circumstances would we use Photoshop. L4D is a visceral experience, and its box art deserved the same approach. Valve artist and L4D1 hand model Andrea Wicklund was more than happy to help.

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DNAgent3202d ago

"Valve didn't want to use Photoshop so they got one of their artists, Andrea Wicklund, to bite her thumb for reference pictures.."

Just further proof that shows Valve is full of lazy people.

Kamikaze1353202d ago

Valve: Alright, I have a great idea for the cover to our game.

Artist: Oh really? Tell me.

Valve: We want to have a hand with fingers bitten off. It really goes well with the Zombie theme. I also want to have a creepy lighting effect on the cover.

Artist: Sounds great; I'll open up Photoshop and sketch something out with my tablet.

Valve: Whoa, whoa, whoa....All you need is a camera and anesthesia. We'd rather pay you for 5 minutes instead of 10 hours. We've already prepared the lighting effects in the room next door - get moving. Oh, and you're only getting paid for the next 2 minutes since this conversation counted towards your pay.

Artist: O______________O;

Spike473202d ago

for ya. If you know what I mean, >_>

ChampIDC3202d ago

Yeah, because she's clearly biting off her thumb instead of just plain biting it. >.>

Razmossis3202d ago

Clearly someone elses hand though


we have the better game MAG! No need for such old gen graphics!!!

arsenal553202d ago

probably not.. you shouldnt buy valve games on consoles anyways.

Axecution3202d ago

And im happy about that. Valve can suck it.

OrganicMachine3202d ago

buy valve games on the pc if you can...

xGrunty3202d ago

Funny how long the Source Engine has been out and still is one of the best out there. But of course, we're talking about new-gen all the time these days. Silly Me.

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ExgamerLegends23202d ago

Cuz i.... as a ps3 owner.... always wondered how this 360 game's box art was made.

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