Official Playstation Magazine to have monthly Blu-Ray disc

Future Publishing have today announced a deal with Sony Computer Entertainment Europe (SCEE) for the Official Playstation Magazine to carry the world's first monthly playable Blu-ray covermount...

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gta_cb3966d ago

unless i missed something in the article there isnt anything major about this... anything i want i download from Marketplace... and people can download from the PSNS (PlayStation Network Store) so... whats the point in this?...

like i said unless i missed something, so if i have please let me know.

Rooted_Dust3965d ago

Say, for people who continue to live without the luxory of a high-speed internet connection.

bigmack3966d ago

why get a bemo on blu-ray if we can just download on the network

techie3966d ago

Because we get special stuff! Ya! And before everyone else. Sweeet... Lair demo anyone?

Chagy3965d ago

not everyone is connected so this is just prob an alternative for them to get their demo

Marriot VP3965d ago

actually, microsofts had to do this to keep people buying their magazines. The same thing with sony. Everything's going online, especially news, so magazines try to pull strings every way they can to get people to buy them.

jaydesi3965d ago

right so that monthly blu-ray disc is gonna have 60gb worth of demos? LOL.

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