11 New FF13: Versus Images

11 Scans of Final Fantasy 13:Versus.

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kingboy4242d ago (Edited 4242d ago )

Hell yea! FF13 here i come..this game is shaping up to be what takes ps3 to the next level

MissAubrey4241d ago

cause I'm interested in em.

Merovee4241d ago

FF13 and FF13:V are supposed to center around two different factions in the same FF13 universe. Battle systems are both action oriented but 13:V is supposed to be more action than 13. I think that at some point the stories end up affecting eachother in some way but not sure.

Looking nice though

achira4241d ago

man that looks hot, i hope this is ingame. i like the particle effects, and the dark look. what is the difference betwenn ff13 and versus ?

CrazzyMan4241d ago

and i don`t think they are whoing only CG, means that some of these images are ingame, or atleast ingame cutscenes.

Honeal2g4241d ago

I wish those were ingame cutscenes but there the smae quality as the TRailer (CG) dont start rumors u cant Support.

CrazzyMan4241d ago

how do you know, that this is not ingame?
do you have some insiders? =)

GaMr-4241d ago

This is good stuff but the flamebait is getting all the love ... Shows were this site is at.

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The story is too old to be commented.