The Future of the MMORPG Genre

Gaming Union writes "In the previous articles, we looked at the MMORPGs currently sitting on the top of the pile, while also looking at those which are close to launch. However, the MMORPG genre is still expanding, and there are a lot of MMORPGs further in the future which are attempting to find their own niches in the market. Are games like World of Warcraft safe from possible dethronement in the short term? The answer is probably yes, but the real question is... for how long? This article hopes to uncover the methods that some companies are now looking toward implementing in order to keep the genre original and fresh.

World of Warcraft has been quite established as a franchise for some time now. While its end is not going to come in the foreseeable future, Blizzard clearly aren't willing to place all their eggs into one basket anymore. They've stated that at this year's Blizzcon, there will be an MMO announcement and it's currently shrouded in secrecy. It's unlikely to be a sequel to World of Warcraft, and most rumours are hinting towards a venture into the StarCraft universe. It would be nice to see an entirely new fresh approach to the genre, but with Blizzard being as a keen and as in touch as they are with their fans, it's likely they'll be unveiling something quite special."

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mephman3264d ago

The future is looking pretty bright.

Kyll3264d ago

I just want my diablo 3 ;_;

mephman3264d ago

It'll come soon, just not soon enough. :(

Selyah3264d ago

hehe yeah that will be awesome when that lands ^^ not quite an MMO but still in my opinion diablo 2 was better than anything to date since, high hopes for 3.

starmin763264d ago

Seriously, how do you write an article on the future of MMORPG's and not mention the biggest and most anticipated one on the market?

mephman3264d ago

Star Wars: The Old Republic was mentioned in the previous article. Don't worry, it wasn't forgotten.

xGrunty3264d ago

The Old Republic is going to change everything ^_^!!

Selyah3264d ago (Edited 3264d ago )

As previously stated, it's in the last article and the links to the previous articles are in the first paragraph.
Also this is looking more at the varying strategies being applied to future MMOs rather than the actual games, games listed are only examples.

But yes Old Republic is looking great.

xGrunty3264d ago

I'm just really excited about it that's all lol.

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Forrest Gump3264d ago

With Keyboard and Mouse support,and it's clear the MMO genre will flourish on the Playstation 3.

Idid not murder him3264d ago

Wrong, it's a known fact that the 360 will be home to MOORPJ thanks to the multi-core threaded processor that allows for zombie dagger to appear on the screen & with help of Live people will enjoy it more like Gears of War 2.

Spike473264d ago

FF14 will arrive in like 2011. The Agency is too cartoony for me.

DC Universe is one MMO I might get my hands on.

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