Rumor Control: Assassin's Creed

One of the most anticipated games of 2007. Already a winner of numerous awards, and it's not even out yet. With so much positive hype, it's no mystery that there is rampant speculation about all aspects of it's gameplay and storyline. Also, Ubisoft has fueled the fires in revealing little or no actual information about specific plot details.

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Shadow Flare3903d ago

has lost alot of hype since becoming multi-console

nanometric3903d ago

Thats becouse almost all multi games are just average. Dev's chance to slack off. Thou this game look incredible.

Anego Montoya FTMFW3903d ago

your right multiplatform causes devs, to slack off.
i think the 360 is majorly hurting the ps3.
but that`s my opinion.

ben hates you3903d ago

but on the game i know gears of war won quiet a few awards before its released its not to uncommon

Anego Montoya FTMFW3902d ago

if people are making something for both consoles.
you can have longer fuller games on the ps3 because of bluray.
so if they make it for both it has to fit on both.
you know.

THAMMER13902d ago

Anego Montoya has no idea what he is talking about. BR space has nothing to do with the length or quality of a game. He is completely brain washed by Sony PR and marketing lies. BR has yet to prove any positive use for video game development.

calderra3902d ago

BluRay's so expansive ...which is why Oblivion on 360 is currently the most massive game on any console, right? And why it weighs in at (I think) under 8GB?

Ludwig3902d ago

"Oh, Sponje Bob was a multiplatform game .. went even in DS .. they all suck "JUST BECAUSE IT WAS MULTIPLATFORM!" .. DUH .. quit making silly generalizations .. a good game will be a good game no matter if it is multiplatform or not .. just look at:

Silent Hill 2 3 and 4
Metal Gears.
Resident Evil's
So on ..

Perhaps the ported clone can be worst some times .. but that doesn't hurt the original game. PS3 fans are just tired of getting screwed on the other end of this deal.

candystop3902d ago

I'm still looking forward to this game and don't think the multi platform route has diminished the excitement for this game at all! It's going to sell well and be worth the wait!

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The story is too old to be commented.