10° Weekly Podcast #2 - "Studio Sessions"

Here is the second weekly podcast from

This Week's Topics...

- What is Everyone Playing Right Now?
- This New Trend of "Announcement of Annoucements"
- Prototype vs InFamous
- Ghostbusters (Buy or Pass?)
- 1 vs 100 and its Potential Impact on Gaming
- May NPD Results

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mriono2934d ago

nice to see a new take on things in the industry

Rocco2934d ago

This podcast was actually entertaining. New perspective. Good topics.

lordofshawdows2934d ago

seemed like friends sitting around talking about games..none of that forced industry crap i've become accustomed to..

Solid Boss2934d ago

It has a nice conversation feel. As previously stated it sounds like friends talking and not some by the numbers robotic garbo.