Are Wii Games Paying Next-Gen?

A new article on considering if the games made for Wii are actually paying for the next-gen productions

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"You've probably heard this one on message boards already, that companies make mediocre Wii games to pay for their "next-gen" products, that cost a lot more to make.

It's also easy to dismiss this theory because it's just not logical. Next-gen games are not making that much money, nor are they such a great investment, since they can just not sell as well as you'd expect.

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N4g_null3439d ago

This article is sort of what is wrong with gamers right now. They do not take in the whole picture. This generation started out with lots of hype that did not favor the gamers or the industry. Every though HD was the way to go and even I was naive enough to believe that console developers would not change the way they do things just because they have Pc tech now. I was wrong and so was the industry. What made it even worst was there simply is not the kind of money out their that can fix it quickly.

Yes Wii games do have a nice profit to them and HD games are breaking even unless you count the money made from the main publishers. If you are not a SONY exclusive or 1st party you are sort of out of luck. If you are on the xbox then you have to hope people will still have a working xbox to buy your game. You see developers love HD every thing we love the power and the challenge and going back is hard for new comers to grasp. With HD gaming we can rely on the gimmicks of good graphics to sell our games sort of like how mortal kombat sold just because of the graphics back in the day yet no one will even play it now.

Another thing is how do you change a HD gamer back into a real console gamers that plays every thing from the past because of game play.... you don't. This is why HD games are not expanding their systems along with price. Most people I know just don't care about HD console because they know what is coming for PC.

The publisher are caught in the middle. You have a gamer that still have the taste of the PC crowd yet you are trying to sell them console games. That is like expecting the same people who buy hummers to buy fiats. That is not going to happen.

As much as people believe that the casuals are a problem the hardcore are even more deadlier since they make believe that they are the traditional console hardcore, which causes you to over blow production cost to meet their standards just to see you actually drove people away from your IP.

As a console gamer and PC gamer and a being behind the scenes you can spot what is going on.

The short answer is yes you pay your dues and generate money how ever you can and really shovel ware is not hurting the true hardcore games since we did own an NES back in the day so we know how to look past what we do not want and the hype also. You will see that it is the new comers that have a problem with this or the people that are just now coming back to gaming after years of not playing at the same level that they did.

Expect the big companies to continue to make HD games and the small ones to move to the Wii. In many ways this can help gaming if these people where truly making games because they love GAMEs and not just the art.