Lens of Truth: Ghostbusters Comparison (720p)

Lens of Truth writes, "Welcome back for another exciting Head2Head battle! This week at the Lens of Truth we had an amazing opportunity to play the much anticipated Ghostbusters: The Video Game almost a week before the release date. This exclusive was made possible by our folks at Play N Trade (Oviedo, FL) who, once again, let us borrow their store preview copies for this Head2Head. We thank Play N Trade for making this possible, we really appreciate it. If you're planning on buying this game then you're gonna want to stick around for this one! The differences will blow your mind, as it did for us and the other 100+ viewers who watched us compare it live last Friday on Let's just say that it looked like one game got slimed with 50% less texture quality!"

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irish-leprecaun3347d ago (Edited 3347d ago )

360 clearly wins but so far its 50/50!!

jaidek3347d ago

My thoughts exactly...I was watching their live comparison on Friday night and from what they where explaining and what I could make out I was shocked. And now seeing this in full res and the rollovers I am speechless. What happened? It seems that Terminal Reality must have switched to the Xbox 360 for development mid way through...that is the only explanation. But one thing is for sure...I can't wait to play this game!

mintaro3347d ago

Wow this is not even close.

TheExecutive3347d ago

360 purchase confirmed. Much higher texture resolution. I love you PS3 but my 360 is gonna get the GB love! (Which is fine because inFAMOUS is consuming my PS3 lol)

Anon19743347d ago (Edited 3347d ago )

Terminal Reality was quite vocal during production about having to dumb down the PS3 version so the 360 port would look alright. They even went so far as to claim they could have twice on screen if they were developing for the PS3 alone. Who can say what ended up happening during the whole process, but given the excellent work we're seeing others do on the PS3 I think it's safe to say this game could have been so much more had the developers not been hampered by worrying about porting.

For me it's a moot point though. I'll always buy multiplats on my PS3 because I'm on my 4th 360. I learned the hard way that there's no sense having the bulk of your library on one console if you can't rely on the hardware. If that's not a concern for you and you have a choice, looks like 360 version is the way to go.

Jaces3347d ago

It's good to know it's not the PS3's lack of power that makes the game of lesser quality...for all you fanboys out there. ;)

Anyways I always did enjoy the BOOM from my surround sound so I'm happy they did something right, lol.

ape0073347d ago

on 360,cause it just performs and looks better

gta 4(ps3 version is horrible,just Fkin horrible)
re5,looks more detailed,runs like magic

and 360 have the amazing xbox live,which make the great game even little better

tbh,360 is a must have as well as the ps3

both are amazing

fanboys,go away

vhero3347d ago

I think its funny that all the 360 fanboys are coming out about how the 360 graphics blow the ps3 game away. So graphics are important now??? I mean they wern't important in prototype reviews I thought it was gameplay which made the better games?? god you guys are so two faced its unbelievable. You only care about graphics when 360 beats PS3 and gameplay when it dosn't? hahaha I find your arguments amusing and pathetic at the same time. As for your examples Ape007 get real all of them especially GTA and res look almost identical on both systems you need to stop being a god damn fanboy and tell the truth you only own a 360.

DelbertGrady3347d ago

Can you provide a link where they say they had to dumb down the PS3 version, or are you just making stuff up?

The general concencus seems to be that Terminal Reality developed their engine with the PS3 in mind and also used the PS3 as lead platform.

"Q: I noticed you demo the Infernal Engine technology on the PlayStation 3, which seems quite unusual as most developers show off their multiplatform titles on the Xbox 360. Why is that?

Joe Kreiner: The Infernal Engine is designed around scaling on multiple CPUs and SPUs and the PlayStation 3 has a ton of SPUs that game developers don't typically take full advantage of, whereas our engine is built from the ground up to scale to the platform. Our engine works great on the PS3 which is relatively unique because we designed the engine for consoles originally, not for the PC. It still works great on the PC but because we took a different path than our contemporaries we get a lot better performance out of the PlayStation 3."

They are not the first in failing to get the PS3 version on par with the 360.

ape0073347d ago

im a fanboy?

just because i said the truth,that's it a fanboy,huh?

I bought the ps3 at launch it was like 4700SR,

1$=3.75 SR

how about that and i really think that uncharted 2 is going to be goty this year

but saying im a fanboy proves that u r a fanboy cause the ape is a gamer not a hater

get both be happy and live....

psn id:zeroape

Rich16313347d ago

@ 1.8 Here is what that dude is talking about.

castags3347d ago

This can't be real. I forgot who reviewed the comparison before but they did say aside from some glowing amber being on the 360 that were not on the ps3 everything else was the same. Those shots have got to be wii vs 360.

UnwanteDreamz3347d ago (Edited 3346d ago )


Look at all the fanboys below and above. They everywhere today with the nonsense. I Love how these multiplat comparisons bring you folks out. You rush to it hoping and praying another multiplatform game will release and ferther your belief that the other guys are wrong. Its pathetic and if I wasn't bored at work I wouldn't bother.

When a multiplatform game sets the graphical bar then these comparisons might mean something but at this point you are comparing the same average games, its both sad and funny at the same time. \

Alot of you screaming about graphics only post when its in your favorite consoles favor. Here is another comparison on another "popular" mutiplatform title but I dont see half these posters there. I'm sure some of you are just more interested in this game but others are just fankids.

darthv723347d ago

Before this game was in development, there was a demo of a GB type of game for the 360 from a small team. I have seen the youtube video and was thinking this was that game. As it turned out it wasnt.

So what happened to that team and demo they showed?

TheRealSpy3346d ago (Edited 3346d ago )

sony fanboys are such babies. not even sure what to say anymore. game after game after game after game comes out and looks better on 360 and all you can say is "360 is holding ps3 back." yeah...sure...that explains why even after your amazing cell processor and your wondrous blu ray and your mandatory installs, the games still ALWAYS look better on 360.

when you thought this game was an exclusive you loved it, just like MGS, just like FFXIII. it's like you're members of the mormon church or the church of scientology, but you killed god and replaced it with sony. and now you blindly warship ps3 (the only begotten son of sony) despite the fact that they have continuously proven they are willing to let you down. then what do you do? you make even more excuses. and you rally behind one of the worst shooters i've played in a long time...killzone 2. and you brag it up like it's the most graphically impressive thing in gaming. and then you brag about uncharted like it meets some sort of standards. and you're right. these games are impressive looking...if you played them in 2004. otherwise, they are very average looking games with horrible gameplay elements. the platforming, "puzzle" solving, and gun play in uncharted is an absolute joke. and the cover system, enemy AI, story, setting, well...everything in killzone 2 is a joke.

i bought a ps3 too. and i realized very quickly the obvious truth. ps3 sucks. sony duped us into buying their lousy product and now they get to bank on the insecurities and ignorance of the sony fanboys. well good for them, and good for any of you that are STILL making excuses. this game was made FOR THE PS3 and still looks better on 360. one of two things are going on...either ps3 is SO advanced that nobody has a clu how to program for it...including naughty dog, or it's just not the powerful machine that propaganda tricked you into believing. either way. sony can go away now. they can go back to making overpriced electronics that don't work any better than anything else. and i'll go back to supporting companies that invest in real progress.

oh...feel free to take my last bubbles. i'm done with n4g anyway. tired of a community of blind non gamers that bicker back and forth about two consoles that are basically just a rehash of last generation with a minor resolution upgrade. i'll stick with PC from now on.

AKNAA3346d ago

Damn. As much as I hate to admit it, the 360 version looks way better!! colors look more vivid, graphics much more sharp on the 360 version....(sign).... WTF happened?!

Anon19743346d ago (Edited 3346d ago )

I don't understand developers obsession this gen with releasing games as close to identical as possible. Last gen games on the PS2 made the most of the PS2. Multiplatform games on the Xbox utilized the Xbox's extra capabilities. Why not just make the best game you can with the systems you're making it on, and if one version is better than the other, so be it. We'll never know what Terminal Reality could have accomplished if they weren't so concerned about portability later and it's a shame.

This was predicted early on this gen, that eventually the 360's older tech and lack of standard harddrive would hurt all multiplatform games. Now we're seeing more and more evidence of this.

Still, based on the reviews we're seeing it looks like you can't go wrong on either system.

AKNAA3346d ago

"Multiplatform games on the Xbox utilized the Xbox's extra capabilities. Why not just make the best game you can with the systems you're making it on"

Because most of these third party dev. are pu$$ies and scared sh1tless to get on MS bad side. I Guess they don't want The big bad evil corporation coming down they're throats.
I bet you anything that if it was vic versa with the 360 being the most powerful, developers wouldn't hesitate for a second to go all out wether or not it was a multiplat game.

3rd party companies I've grown to respect> Tecmo and EA. the rest are still scared to get b1tch smacked my MS.

xjxdoggggystyle3346d ago

you are a complete fool with that statement so your saying....bcuz most ps3 games blow compared to the xbox....its the xbox's fault cuz it has older tech? so you think? LOL
i kno cuz that blu ray is doin gaming so good huh..even with the 3.9 gig 8 min install....ps3 being the LEAD PLATFORM for development on this game...its xboxs fault....if u ask me...dvd9 is still the way to go with games.. i didnt buy a ps3...for a movie player i bought it cuz it was supposed to be the new standard in gaming....i was huge ps1/ps2 fan owned em ...have a psp....etc etc so this is no fanboy comment as im sure you will claim it to be...but it seems if a game doesnt take 5/6/7 years to develope and millions and milllions of dollars spent on it (killzone 2, gran turismo, etc etc) then the games do not look near as good as 360 add insult to injury....killzone 2 was not a good game...and graphics didnt impress me a was a typical....1st person shooter that didnt set the standard for anything and i actually traded it on first week i had it..and if u do think those graphics are all so great on that game...u def have not played any crytek engine games on pc...crysis....crysis warhead... farcry 2...even bioshock on pc eats up killzone 2 graphically....i own 82 xbox 360 games...and 4 ps3 games....WTF....and the ps3 games i do own....i nevvver play..only game i can say i played and LOVED was metal gear solid 4....i just dont understand how people on this site are soo sony has been nothing but a disappointed ....and this is just another game to add to the lonnnng list of games that get owned by the 360....and bcuz of this ps3 debacle ...i will probably end up never buying a sony system again....what the real spy said was right on...3 weeks ago on n4g this game was reported ps3 exclusive and everyone was so happy and praising it etc...and the developer fella was strokin sony off sayin how great the ps3 is with the 7 processors blah blah..and look....this game is leaps n bounds better on 360 and most games are multi plat...and all these AAA games like *cough* killzone come and go in a few days to never b spoke of again...i mean killzone came in with all this hype and left with a whimper...getting its a$$ beat in sales by a halo rts...A RTS....the xbox by far is the better system this gen...there is NO doubt about that...its only this website that i go to that has a cult following like this..and its totally insane..and its starts from the top down..the admins here are horrid and let this go on....i read this comments on this site alot...and it boggles me how blind some of you are....these are the people that see 50 cent wearing silly shoes on mtv and run out and buy them.....if u dont own a 360...i highly recommend one....its where majority of the games are this gen...cuz ps3 is lacking in everything except price this time around

TheRealSpy3346d ago (Edited 3346d ago )

there's no logic to the claims you make darkside. it's the same thing every single day on this site never gets old or anything. but if that's true, shouldn't the games look better on ps3? shouldn't the 3rd party titles look slightly better on ps3 time and time again?

and yet...they don't.

and here's the thing. yes ps3 has 7 processors...sort of. they are small processors though and each individual one doesn't touch any single core on the 360. and while those 7 processors might be slightly more powerful than the 3 on the 360, the 360 has double the ram and a better gpu. you guys really need to get your facts straight before you come off with these BS facts. and as the guy above me pointed out. you are just conformists. and since it's the philosophy of a regular on N4G to blindly praise ps3, you just do it without having the slightest inkling of quality or understanding of gaming. you just say ps3 games look better but have no technical background to back that up. and when we do get articles where ppl break down why these ps3 titles you praise aren't technically superior to ANYTHING this gen, you just report the articles and claim they are trying to get hits.

it's the same cheap argument day in and day out. and it's just your biased opinions you try to pass off as true. and some of you actually seem rather smart so you're able to mask your bias with some clever language. but it's still evident to anyone with half a brain that this generation has been nothing but excuses for the ps3.

you make claims like "sales don't matter." until, of course, something actually sells well...then you hype it up. you say you don't care about games when you hear they go 3rd party, but you're obsessed with the developers til that happens. you said square was great after FF 10, then they were sell outs when 360 got 13, then they were great again when you heard rumors 14 was an exclusive, now you're back to calling em sell outs. when bioshock went multiplat you tried to rub it in the faces of 360 fanboys because you stole game. it's so hypocritical. and it never ends. there is no reason to even visit this site anymore because you never get news. you get bogus flame bait articles that serve no purpose but to rally the PS3 cult behind whatever game they are currently over hyping. or whatever part of their hardware they are bragging about despite your obvious lack of technical understanding. and just like the guy above me said, if these games are so great, why don't we hear about them just a week after launch?

this generation of consoles has ruined 2 things...for one thing, the gaming community. we used to be united in quality concerns...we knew what looked good, who was actually making progress, and where gaming was supposed to go. we don't have that any more. now it's, my crappy dated piece of plastic that finally caught up to HD (but has made no other real leaps) is better than yours. and while 360 fanboys suck, ps3 fanboys are a cult and easily the dominant group on n4g. the second thing this generation has ruined...GAMES! all we have on consoles is unimaginative games that have done nothing to reinvent the wheel, and they keep churning this junk out because you're all too busy fighting over which system has the better quality version of this sub-standard (but 5 year ago standards) game.

i own both consoles...i prefer pc. i don't favor the 360 to the ps3, but i favor the games on 360. and why is that? because i'm a gamer. and the 360 simply has the better games. not great games...not even close to great. but better. mgs was an amazing time. but the game play was pretty average and pretty much trumped by splinter cell. killzone was simply terrible. uncharted, while it had great voice acting and decent character animations for the main character and good motion cap in the cut scenes, there was no quality within the actual game play. the game is linear, looks okay, no real puzzle solving, the platforming was just jump point to point without having to think, and they try to sneak in about 4 quick time events for no damn reason. i just don't see what there is to brag about. and infamous is one of those games where you can enjoy it for a few minutes once you get over the less than good graphics, but after you've climbed to the top of your third building, you just wanna kill yourself when you fall to the ground and realize you have to slowly hike back up to the top (and yes, i own all these games).

i am with the guy above me. i won't be purchasing another sony console. i should have learned my lesson after ps2 (which had a much worse failure rate than 360...another thing sony fanboys are hypocrites about). and if MS goes the way of the wii, i think most ppl will start to remember that real games have always been better on PC. and hopefully the hardcore can get back to what we enjoyed before 360 and ps3 came along. GAMING. take care.

EDIT: Yes, i'm a proud PC fanboy. aka: Gamer (which is why i also own both consoles...wii doesn't count)

xjxdoggggystyle3346d ago

you aint nothing but a PC FANBOY...FANBOY...GUY.......?? ... ;)
just playin glad to see someone else is a gamer....not some fanatic sony defender....great points on both your long comments...but this is will fall on blind eyes and deaf ears...and im sure me / you will both not b able to comment in open zone after this cuz of the great admins on this site :)

SiLeNt KNighT3346d ago

this game was never the lead platform on ps3. I tested the game for 8 months and when any changes were made the 360 version was always done before the ps3. sometimes even a day or two before. what really happened was Activision wanted to get rid of the game as soon as they could and denied a ton of bugs in the last couple weeks before atari bought it. because the ps3 version was behind the 360 version in terms of development a bunch of bugs on the ps3 version were never fixed.

and there is DEFINITELY something up with the graphics. They looked nearly identical when i was testing it, now all of a sudden the ps3 version looks blurry? this article should be titled..."HDMI vs. VGA"

Anon19743346d ago

That's quite a long rant but you seem to be missing something. You state that if the PS3 is better than multiplats would look better. Well, often the do, and when you couple that fact with excellent exclusives and the testimony of numerous developers who think the PS3 is a great machine it all leads to the same conclusion. The PS3 is simply a more powerful gaming platform. That should surprise no one.
Now, that may be the case but that doesn't mean the 360 isn't a fantastic system because it's an excellent gaming platform in it's own right, hardware issues aside.
I don't understand you console wars freaks. So maybe the PS3 isn't for you. So what? The Wii wasn't for me but I don't go out of my way to bash it. It all depends on your game needs and tastes, but don't confuse your own personal tastes with reality.

You said "when bioshock went multiplat you tried to rub it in the faces of 360 fanboys"
I did no such thing. In fact, I finished Bioshock twice on my 360 and loved every second of that game. It was my favorite game of 2007. Just look up my gamertag.
Just because I don't buy into this "Everyone bash Sony for no reason" nonsense doesn't mean I don't play the hell out of my 360 as well as my PS3. That's what gamers do.

Jaces3346d ago (Edited 3346d ago )


xTruthx3346d ago

PS3 Wins!... I kiid i kiid ^^

cherrypie3346d ago (Edited 3346d ago )


"Terminal Reality was quite vocal during production about having to dumb down the PS3 version so the 360 port would look alright."

Care to provide even a single shred of evidence for this ridiculous claim?

If **I** had to guess, I would say the BR's slow throughput are responsible here. To avoid texture issues with the PS3 version, they probably reduced their size (resolution).

But, you're guess is totally without any basis in reality, and mine is a guess based on known technical problems with PS3.

EDIT: FTA: "PlayStation 3 had a 3.9 gig mandatory install that didn’t change the load times, performance, and most of all, didn’t fix the texture issues." So, I guess they couldnt fix the BR-throughput problem with their mandatory install.

I dont know why PS3 failed so badly then.


"You state that if the PS3 is better than multiplats would look better. Well, often the do,"

Really? Care to provide any examples? I'd be suprised if it was *EVER* let alone "often". We have here *another* obvious cut-and-dry-example of Xbox 360 multiplat being better than PS3. Can you offer a *single* example that is so obvious to everyone?

Just one.

cayal3346d ago

"Care to provide even a single shred of evidence for this ridiculous claim?"

Have a piece of fail with your cherrypie.

I am amused at the 360 fanboys. Here is the proof that the PS3 was scaled down and said by the developers themselves yet they refuse to believe it.

Denial is a funny thing.

commodore643346d ago (Edited 3346d ago )

hmmmm.... Darkie.
The problem is,
you and every ps3 fanboy keeps TALKING about how the ps3 is being held back in multiplats by the 360.

But in reality,
the multiplats are SHOWING that it is the ps3 that is holding the 360 back.
See how there's a difference between TALKING and SHOWING?

Darkie, it is now June 2009. (not 2007!)
This game was led and hyped on ps3.... undeniable
It looks better on the 360.... undeniable
It plays better on the 360.... undeniable

This is just another in a long series of multiplats that is demonstrably held back by the ps3 and runs better on the 360
I am just astounded and flabberghasted that you keep TALKING in denial, while reality is all about SHOWING.

Maybe spend some time thinking about that, before you type again...

Consoldtobots3346d ago

I call ABSOLUTE BS on this, I looked at those comparisons and NO WAY does the PS3 version look that blurry. Looks like another gaytrailers fiasco. That 360 fanboys have to compete by DELIBERATELY dumbing down PS3 screenshots is disgusting and pathetic.

slayorofgods3346d ago

Maybe it's just me, but I'm not really seeing any difference here like in most comparisons nowadays. All these comparisons really show is how silly fan boys of both sides can be.

If any one on this sight is on their 20th time viewing this video to catch if there is any difference, they might need to give video games a break.

cayal3346d ago

oh commodore64 your epic fail of a post is always going to be disproven when you have a developer saying the 360 held the PS3 back. Continue arguing a point you simply cannot prove. I'll take the word of the developer then the word of a fanboy who doesn't have a clue.

Continue failing in life.

commodore643346d ago (Edited 3346d ago )

but cayal... are you on drugs?

This game was led and hyped on ps3.... undeniable
It looks better on the 360.... undeniable
It plays better on the 360.... undeniable

please stop talking.

Bleem3603346d ago

Talk about sweeping generalisations

"The PlayStation 3 has seven processors and the 360 only has three, so seven versus three means you can do a lot more on the PS3"

That is NOT the type of thing a developer would say. I'd hazard a guess this interview was with the PR team!

Aside from this, I'm pretty shocked at the differences between the two versions. There hasn't been platform disparity like that Wipeout on the Sega Saturn!

cayal3346d ago

"but cayal... are you on drugs?

This game was led and hyped on ps3.... undeniable
It looks better on the 360.... undeniable
It plays better on the 360.... undeniable

please stop talking."

PS3 held back by 360 limitations...CONFIRMED by DEVELOPERS.

Continue wallowing in ignorance if it makes you feel better.

commodore643346d ago (Edited 3346d ago )

Oh my dear, poor Cayal!

The game runs and looks MUCH better on 360, despite being led on the ps3 and being ported to the 360. Even despite what some ignorant marketing chump said.

Isn't it funny how you prefer to cling to that one quote, in lieu of accepting that the ps3 version is just woefully inadequate, again?

Nothing you say, do, think, pray for, hope for or quote will change that reality, my dear, poor cayal.


I am almost sorry to break it to you so brutally.

Please do yourself a favour and go back to your fantasy world.
Or maybe consider waking up from it?

YogiBear3346d ago

I have had the game since last Friday and it rocks! I don't think it matters what system you play it on.

cayal3345d ago

commodore - I hang to the 'one quote' as you put it because it confirms what has been speculated over the years.

The fact that a developer says the 360 held back the PS3 version confirms what people have been saying.

You can keep trying to prove a developer wrong but in the end you're just a guy with a keyboard.

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irish-leprecaun3347d ago

i dont really know what happened!!
if only we could edit comments:(

The Truth Speaker3346d ago

Wow you guys love any oppurtunity to try and bash the ps3. I personally dont care for this game but i watched the video to see what all the fuss is about and honestly the ONLY difference is in the lighting. You all talk about lower resolution textures but i wonder how many of you actually watched the video. I never knew there were so many people who want to see the ps3 fail! you need to get a life

Sheikh Yerbouti3346d ago (Edited 3346d ago )

explains some of it, but there are some other areas that looked to be rendered totally the glow of Slimer in the hallway.

I never trust these comparisons. Some jackleg on the internet shouldn't be doing these. Still those with multiple systems want to know. Who else is going to do it?

I know Sony mandates that multiplatform titles are at least as good on the PS3 as the 360. How would they let something like this happen on an IP they own?

PirateThom3347d ago

I'm sure questions will be asked of the developers. How do you mess up this badly after claiming such ridiculous things as "duuuuh, if this was a PS3 exclusive we could have more things on screen"? It's not exclusive, but you can't even get shadows on the PS3 version? Really?

happyface3347d ago

the interview with the devs about the ps3 at the bottom is funny stuff!!


Christopher3347d ago (Edited 3347d ago )

Yeah. One of my first questions would be why the heck did you even low-res the shadows in the game or remove them entirely on the PS3?

Slimer looks so bad in that one screenshot and great on the 360.

Very sad about this result. Definitely could have used more time to get this on par with the PS3 version.

It seems from Terminal Reality's Web site that they are hiring for a new project. Hopefully it won't turn out like this on the PS3.

Edit: Oh, and even better laugh factor here. From their site:

"Terminal Reality officially announced today their revolutionary next-generation development platform, the Infernal Engine. This new technology powers the much-anticipated Ghostbusters: The Video Game, a continuation of the Ghostbusters story. Terminal Reality will also license the Infernal Engine to third parties and is currently scheduling private meetings at the DICE Conference this February 17 - 20 in Red Rock, NV."

Wonder how that will pan out long term with the release of Ghostbusters showing off their new engine?

Kushan3347d ago

Look at something like Red Faction. That looks (in my opinion at least) about as good as this game, is a sandbox title and has a LOT more going on at once. And is multiplatform with little to no compromise. I think the GB developers are just weak.

specialguest3346d ago

The developers clearly dropped the ball on the PS3 version. The differences are almost like night and day, analog vs HD, etc... when being compared. On one of the interviews with the developers, I got the impression that the PS3 version would at least be equal, if not slightly better than the 360 version.

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XboxGirl3347d ago (Edited 3347d ago )

LOL WOW the PS3 version looked like a PS2 game, and the PS3 was supposedly the lead platform. This is the worst ass kicking I've ever seen with any comparison this gen, and the Ghostbusters franchise is owned by Sony. I know what happened, Atari only had a PS2 Dev kit, so its just a PS2 game running on your PS3. I hope that's what happened because this is a really really sad comparison for the PS3. Thank god I own both consoles, because I was going to get this on my PS3, but after reading and watching the video, the Xbox360 has my money. Good job Sony with showing the industry what your almighty PS3/Cell can do, you just got owned.

happyface3347d ago

I dont think flaming the ps3 is very nice, it sounds like these devs like ps3 but just couldn't get it working like the xbox 360

Christopher3347d ago

What an idiotic flame post, and even more so with people agreeing with you.

Sony didn't develop this game, and I'm fairly certain they're not very happy with it in the least but can't say anything public to further discourage people from getting it on the PS3.

You can't look at this and the majority of other games released on the PS3 and downplay the capability of the PS3 Hardware. Doing so is ignorant.

XboxBoy3347d ago

Hehehe....hehe...uhhh...sorry guys my b!tch gets out of control sometimes.

SpitFireAce853346d ago (Edited 3346d ago )

If you want a true PS3 game you get exclusives not the port sh!t
Uncharted,GTP,KZ2,infamous,MG S4 etc Now you give me your line up
Xbot.And there is no way the PS3 was lead platform unless its PS3

Im going to take the last few bubbles you have XboxGirl

evildeli3346d ago

xboxgirl is such a fanboy! I bet your mom has a ps3

Bleem3603346d ago

Anyone who starts a post with the subject 'OMG' then goes on to start the thread with 'LOL' is just asking to have bubbles removed.

Oh, they have already.

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MegaMohsi3347d ago

Wow, the PS3 version looks really bad in comparison, this looks like the original F.E.A.R. on the PS3 compared to the 360 version. I guess the Terminal Reality dev's were full of it talking up the PS3 because it's obvious now that they had no idea what they were doing with the PS3

happyface3347d ago

probably trying to kiss up to hardcore sony fans, when you get them on your side they do free marketing for you on msgboards

TheReaper423346d ago (Edited 3346d ago )

The ps3 version does look washed in this video. They should've compared the PS3(FULL) to PS3(limited)*which they used* to Xbox360. The difference between PS3 Full and PS3 limited is night and day. Only people who own the PS3 can tell if comparisons like this are on limited or full. The Xbox ONLY owners doesn't know jack sh!t between the 3.

All comparisons are stupid unless they can show Ps3(full)vs Ps3(limited) vs Xbox360 at the same time.

Bleem3603346d ago (Edited 3346d ago )


You do know that the 360 also has these options yeah?

I switched my colour-space to 'Enhanced' a few weeks ago and the difference was staggering. Think you only get the option if you are using VGA or HDMI though.

So I guess if you wanted to compare Ps3(full),Ps3(limited) then you would also expect the 3 options from the 360 too?

TheReaper423346d ago

why compare the other 360 option when it already looks good? if they can, then they should.

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