Top Ten Hardest PlayStation 3 Trophies

NextGN Writes: "This list is meant to try and encompass some of the toughest Trophies out there. Bear in mind, these trophies may or may not be time consuming – but they are definitely hard to get. Only games that feature Platinum trophies are included, if not – PAIN and Soldner X would leave no room for the rest. Bear in mind these are in no particular order."

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Nelson M3467d ago

Killzone 2 on Elite Was a B*tch at the End
Probably the Most Difficult of Trophys
But i'm proud to say that is one of my Most Prized Trophys in my Vast Collection

DiLeCtioN3466d ago

i still havent got it yet. Those guards are just too hard

Ravage273466d ago

oh man, the last level was sooooo hard! but it did give me an immense sense of satisfaction when i finally snipe that bastard radec to death XD

Dark_Overlord3467d ago

That trophy took hours to get

I found KZ2 on Elite much easier than that

gaffyh3466d ago

The absolutely hardest trophies are in Warhawk, Complete a deathmatch withour dying and be the top player, and complete a team deathmatch without dying and be the top player.

I mean WTF, the only way to do that is by cheating.

kratos1233466d ago

ahhaha your funny the hardest trophy ever!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! is riddick there is one where you have to win 1000 matches online and i am not kidding trust this is hell i will bow fore the guy that has that trophy

Dark_Overlord3466d ago

but time consuming, now the warlord trophy in Far Cry 2 is impossible, mainly cause Ubi have a habit of losing your stats

irish-leprecaun3466d ago

i have all the single player ones but i wud luv someone to help me get the online ones!!!
i hope that online bug isnt true!!

poindat3466d ago

What about Battlefield Bad Company? I don't remember the name, but it is the one you get for achieving all medals in online play. I'm pretty sure it is impossible because one of the medals is broken, and they won't patch it.

Venatus-Deus3466d ago

SOCOM... nearly all the trophies are hard and the platinum is defiantly impossible.

It takes about 10 hours for an average player just to get their 1st trophy.

The person with a Platinum trophy in this game is both an amazing gamer and a sad loner at the same time.

IzKyD13313466d ago

R2's 10K kills trophy took me like 4 months to get, and Late Boomer is just a b1tch, it was the only trophy i have that took me hundreds of tries to get

locos853466d ago

The hardest trophy for me has to be on Socom. 15 kills without taking any damage is crazy, I can't even get the 15 kills without dying trophy

2EXS3466d ago

you need to be a general to get platinum,that takes like 1000 hours, to get that rank u need 5k A2A kills( it used to be 10k but they lower it.
you need 1k kills with every infantry weapon =(.
I still don't have platinum, I need 1k kills in a turret(need about100) and 750 kills in a 4x4(Need about 80).I've play this game for 1400hours 0_0

skip2mylou3466d ago

socom is definitely the hardest but my friend Catfish_305 did and now hes playing in the uncharted beta

ALL_STAR_283466d ago

nah it's fixed now but still it's hella hard to get platinum in that game

KozmoOchez3466d ago

It seems these guys forget the online games for ps3...SOCOM and Warhawk. Now, I know warhawk is hard too, and should have been on the list, but SOCOM - sheesh, their gold trophy seems like a platinum[Legion of Merit Medal]:

50 MVP Awards
5000 Kills
250 Headshots
500 Games on winning side
Extract 150 Hostages
Plant 100 Bombs
Capture 125 Control Points
Eliminate 125 VIPs
Silver Star(trophy)
Military Cross(trophy)
Gallantry Medal(trophy)
All Service Medals(Be Bad @$$ on each game mode)
All Weapon Specialties Elite(like a million kills and headshots for each weapon)

That might look easy to some, but if you've ever played socom in a ranked game, max kills at times is like 5, even in 16v16. It's insanely hard.

Kleptic3466d ago

yeah warhawk is definitely the hardest that i own...and then wipeout hd...

a lot of guys complain about killzone 2, but i seems to be the easiest shooter in a while...the 1% trophy is not hard, just learn how to play it...start playing the hour that the new week starts (you can find the timezone cut offs on the kz website)...and play BC only long as you have the BC medals, youll be averaging a few hundred points a match...put around 1.5 hours a night into it, then as much as you can on the weekend...and you should get it....recently it takes acout 6000 points a week to get it...which for most is about 8 to 10 hours of body count only...that is hardly as impossible as people make it seem...

phosphor1123466d ago

Warhawk has some ridiculous ones, along with Wipeout HD (biggest culprit). KZ 2 is pretty hard as well. I've gotten 2 of the top ranked weekly award things....hard games =[ lol.

PataponKnight3466d ago

Even though theres no Platinum or Gold trophies, Pixel Junk: Eden is no walk in the park.

brandonk1293466d ago

i dont know a single person with that platinum

Kleptic3466d ago

i think more than anything we need a list of games that are 'easy' to platinum...almost every game has at least one or two trophies that are a major pain...

Uncharted, Resistance 2, UT3, etc. each have some very easy trophies, and some that take a good amount of dedication...

the only platinum trophy I have is Burnout Paradise...and that was pretty much easy...just involves playing a few hours online, and about 25 hours worth of the single player (you get the platinum before you even really finish the single player game)...the only tough one for me was getting the wildcat stadium trophy, where 8 players all show up in the stadium...took a few hours, because people kept quitting or simply not going where the challenge directed them to...

every other game I have that has trophies though has something in there that I simply am not ready to dedicate the time to getting...

JBaby3433466d ago

But Mirror's Edge is the hardest to me. I got so frustrated I gave up on that game. The timed level run-throughs and Time Trials really tested my patience. Warhawk is definitely hard as I'm not willing to put that kind of time in eventhough I do love the game. Uncharted and inFamous were just right in my opinion. Challenging but not at all impossible.

boodybandit3466d ago

is Legendary Champion in SFIV. You have to beat the game on the hardest difficulty without continuing and face and beat Gouken. If Seth doesn't kick my @ss Gouken does.

jerethdagryphon3466d ago

id have to say the sitting ducks one in hawx is hard mainly because of the number of variables, othewise the shocking challenge in hawx, as its broken and cant be done..

Cenobia3466d ago

Dead Space
Prince of Persia
Sega Genesis Collection
Fallout 3

Those are the platinum's I currently have (well infamous I have to grind for a while to get the good upgrades one). Dead Space took me maybe 3 play through's, but wasn't that difficult. I played the first time through with the pistol only, and everything else wasn't that bad (I did use the PS3 armor for that playthrough though).

PoP was basically 1 playthrough and like 1/5. Finding the orbs is a little annoying, but at least they tell you how many you have in each area.

Sega was easy. I'd rent it if you don't want to play the RPGs. Some cheats actually work towards your trophy, so for the stupid bean game, you can skip to the last level.

Uncharted I thought was pretty easy. Finding the treasures is a b!tch, but they have locations online if you need them. The most difficult playthrough only got me stuck a few times (I died plenty though).

Fallout is pretty easy as well. You just need to do every mission, and you can save about a level ahead of the Karma trophies and just cap a bunch of people to become evil and get the evil one (some might consider that cheating tho, I don't know).

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Why o why3467d ago (Edited 3467d ago )

350 shards for a that takes the biscuit. Still got 2 to find then ill have my platinum

PirateThom3467d ago

That's not hard though, as they noted, it's just time consuming as you have to be quite methodical.

SubZero3466d ago

Lmao I'm at 310 shards right now and i swear there are none left ...reminds me of crackdown i could never find those last 3 orbs!

The only Platinum Trophy i have so far is in Fallout 3 and I liked Infamous so much thats next on my list.I'm lvl8 with one Plat Trophy WTH!

Venatus-Deus3466d ago

This can help, however I still have two left and I'm buggered if I know where they are. There is one shard on the very top of the tallest building in the game next to the blast zone which you can't ping with L3

locos853466d ago

I have 306 and I feel like there are no more. Do I have to be certain hight for some of them or it doesn't matter?

AllroundGamer3466d ago

guys i hope you know, that the shards will show on the radar as blue dots, when you use the radar echo ;)

Why o why3466d ago

i was just venting. dont mind me. personally i feel that some of the super stardust ones are some of the hardest. I found them all btw...........:)

MetalGearBear 3466d ago

collect 350 shard is easy.
i already get platinum trophy.

Miraak82 3466d ago

ha i'm in the same boat as you , I need 2 more shards but I've looked in every corner of the islands, but other then that getting platnium in that game is easy

redsquad3466d ago

Pffff... finding Shards is easy peasy!;)
Now, getting all the stunts is foxing me big time! The "splash and crash" (I think it's called) where you have to hit someone with a bolt while in the air then drop on them is proving next to impossible for me.
Annoyingly, I could have sworn I've actully done it a couple of times but it didn't register... It's to only thing keeping me from the Platinum!

JBaby3433466d ago

Loved the game. Platinum is actually kind of easy in this game.

Dark-Angel093466d ago

Go to, they have a guide with a Map with all the shard locations. open it using the paint application and place a white dot on all the ones you've found so far. It's a little time consuming, but effective.

jessupj3466d ago

I have 9 platniums out of a possible 13, so you know I play to get those trophies and I'm very good at it. The hardest platniums I've come across are gta4 and farcry 2. I have all the single player gta4, but it's just a pity they had to fuk up the multiplayer trophies. Does anyone else have Key to the City? :)

Also farcry 2. The single player trophies are possible, just very annoying because of how the game was designed and how buggy it is. Also because of upgrading your guns online. I got to rank 10 and didn't upgrade a single gun. I gave up because online just wasn't fun because the latency was so bad if you weren't the host.

Anyone else have 9 or more platniums? I'm about lvl 10 60%.


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godmoney3467d ago

Must be the hardest one...

kratos1233466d ago

agreed wipout is hard but sf4 you only need zangief

Redempteur3466d ago

the wipeout gold trophies are the hardest i've seen

and Auf Wiedersen Petrovic (Bronze): was fixed in the 1.04 update it is less buggy but still buggy .. again i don't have both of them AND i'm stll trying to this day ..

Sonic unleashed eggmanland hot dog trophies are in the unforgiving part of my book ( the very idea of doing this stage without dying is already a challenge ..but you add a timer ????)

The_Firestarter3466d ago

It's tough, but not as bad as some people make it seem to be. So far, the other day the farthest I got was Zone 65.

Just remember, the air brakes are your friend when handled gingerly.

lokiroo4203466d ago

Beat zico is a head ache and a half.

STONEY43466d ago

Am I the only person in the world who found WipEout HD's trophies pretty easy? I've got something like 75% on it.

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mpmaley3466d ago

Those all do sound hard. I would say the hardest achievement/trophy I know of would be getting a fully upgraded relic weapon on FFXI. I think it's some low amount of points too...those take 1-2 years to make XD

BigPenguin3466d ago

1-2 years, psh, you are lowballing it a bit I think. The first one was not made for 3.5 years after they were released.

I have not played in a while though, perhaps it is easier now?