Destructoid: How Prototype is blatantly better than inFAMOUS

Destructoid writes: "Two games have recently been released that bear several striking similarities. Both of these games are open-world sandbox titles featuring superpowered antiheroes who begin to realize a host of awesome abilities with which to distribute justice and/or malice as they see fit. While they share a lot of features, the two games are certainly distinguishable, taking the superhero model in different directions.

However, that doesn't mean we're not going to compare and fight about them anyway, just because we can.

Contrasting the two games, it is very obvious that Prototype is better than inFAMOUS, and anybody who disagrees is a despicable moron who doesn't know anything about videogames and should probably just die. Read on to feel justified in agreeing with me, or to be shamed by just how incorrect and rubbish at life you truly are".

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Forrest Gump3445d ago (Edited 3445d ago )

Now,this is a story all about how my life got flipped-turned upside down.And I liked to take a minute just sit right there,I'll tell you how I became the prince of a town called Bel Air.

ThatCanadianGuy3445d ago (Edited 3445d ago )

Yeah, that's what i do every time i read one of your comments..

Edit: Damn man, you're quick with that edit button :P

3445d ago
Forrest Gump3445d ago

It's what I do best when presented with such an easily manipulative statement :D

gamesmaster3445d ago

gump, that was abit sly.. on topic

people are entitled to their own opinion, this guy thinks prototype is better than inFamous. thats fine, i like the whole ,sarcastic shove your opinion down someones throat as fact, style hes gone for too.

RKRigney3445d ago

er... didn't Jim Sterling from Destructoid already do this joke? It's not nearly as clever or funny the second time...


morganfell3445d ago

One is mindless slaughter, the other has a deep storyline with moral questions. One has controls with which to guide your character on a journey, one has buttons you mash.

If nothing else, watching which of the two titles an individual selects provides a sort of mental and reasoning ability litmus test.

menoyou3445d ago

Marked as lame for sensational headline and not news.

Darkeyes3445d ago

lol.. Was that suppose to be funny. If not, then those are the most ridiculous points given.

I just bought Prototype the other day and after playing Infamous, the game just doesn't match up in terms of story and graphics. The powers and running on buildings is fun.. For the first 20 min, but then again gets repetitive. The game isn't bad by any means, but it just gets overshadowed by the immersive story and gameplay of Infamous... I just thought that climbing buildings was a lot more fun than just walking on boxes with windows drawn on it. Also, the story of INFAMOUS is far better than Prototype.

A good overall package of Graphics, gameplay and story= Infamous.
Mindless fun=Prototype.

Prototype would be better as a rent game and Infamous is a must buy... Sadly if you own a 360, then you don't have a choice.

Downtown boogey3445d ago (Edited 3445d ago )

So now you can choose wheter you'll be a hero or an anti-hero in Prototype too?
And is the offensive nature of this article a Destructiod-esque joke or just... something awesome?

Below... Ah, okay. (That FFXIII thing anyway ;) )

This is suprisingly funny!

F*cking fanboys...

DailyAddict3445d ago (Edited 3445d ago )

Is this a joke type of article or is it being serious? Sort of hard to tell.

Tony P3445d ago

"9. The head of developer Sucker Punch is racist:


Haha. Of course it was a joke.

It's just satire. Even so I still might give Proto a shot. Not the dev's fault people made this inFamous vs Prototype.

TheBand1t3445d ago

Guys..this is Destructoid. They always post funny stuff. Not serious stuff.

40cal3445d ago

"A good overall package of Graphics, gameplay and story= Infamous.
Mindless fun=Prototype."

"Infamous is a must buy..."

I couldn't agree more. Prototype is still badass though.

i3eyond the Circle3445d ago

"Sadly if you own a 360, then you don't have a choice."

Oh really?

That's strange because I could of sworn I own a 360 and played inFamous.

Oh yeah! that's right! I have a Ps3 too!

Good thing the world doesn't run off Darkeye logic.

ultimate9203445d ago (Edited 3445d ago )

I finished the game in 2 day and gave up on it the next day

Love the brutality though...

Oh yeah, the last one was really stupid

"The last and most important point is that Final Fantasy XIII is coming to the Xbox 360, even though PS3 fans said it never ever would. This means they were wrong about it, and if they were wrong about FFXIII, who knows what else they could be wrong about? Maybe, for example, they could be wrong about inFAMOUS being better than Prototype,"

So because FFXIII came to the 360, it means inFAMOUS is not better than Prototype?

Well, that simply defies logic and FAILS

TheRealSpy3445d ago (Edited 3445d ago )

First of all, this was meant to be funny...not serious.

Second, there is nothing "immersive" about infamous's story or gameplay. and the graphics were not impressive. jesus...what game are you people playing?

prototype and infamous are both pretty much sh!t.

this article did make a great point about the electricity not being able to go through the fence while the enemies just shoot the hell outta you. and slowing crawling up the side of the building does get really boring after the 3rd time you do it. and all the characters do look and behave the same way.

@ultimate. It's supposed to defy logic. why can't you people take a joke? is it because some of the points he made were actually valid and it made you look at your 60 dollar game with new eyes for a second before you quickly reapplied your fanboy filter?

the point these guys always make in these types of articles is that it comes down to know...your opinion. and no matter how over the top and ridiculous they sound, they know they aren't going to sway anyone. they aren't supposed to. it's just a joke...simple.

EDIT: Darkeyes did. if you goto edit on your browser, then find, you can type 'immersive' and it will show you all the instances where it was typed. pretty awesome feature that has existed....for over a decade!

ultimate9203445d ago

I know, it is funny!!

I like how he came back with

"I have come to this conclusion using a little thing called logic, and you can't dispute logic, so don't even bother trying you idiot."

And dude, if you missed it in my title


inFAMOUS is better I played it in my friends house and enjoyed it more than [Prototype] because it is more interesting, but that's a matter of opinion.

Also, who the HELL made up "immersive"? it's not even a word

Do you guys know that? Not a WORD!

Alvadr3445d ago (Edited 3445d ago )

This made me laugh. Was actually an entertaining read which I wasnt expecting.

Reason 9 - Head developer of Sucker Punch is a Racist
Reason 10 - Final Fantasy XIII coming to the 360. lol

I do agree with the chain link fence one.. Ive thought that myself while playing it .

LMAO "Wah wah wah, I'm Cole, I can't get wet because I'm full of electric magic and that means I'll get hurt!" Cry me a river, b1tch. Oh wait, you can't because if you did that you'd get wet and then you'd die! What a frigging pansy.!"

NickIni3445d ago (Edited 3445d ago )

"9. The head of developer Sucker Punch is racist:


Hahaha. Brilliant.

s8anicslayer3445d ago

Just so you guys know, this is parody post ment just for humor and hits of course, here's a link I posted this article way back when KZ2 was being released and it's funny as hell as the way this article is and the pun is intended for all the fanboy arguments floating the web and how silly they really are.

Darkeyes3445d ago (Edited 3445d ago )

Wow @Beyond Circle... Wow that post just proved that you have an IQ of an 8 year old. All I meant to say was that Infamous being a PS3 exclusive cannot be experienced on the 360.If you only owned a 360, then you would be missing a great game. Man you took the logic quiet literally there my friend.

Good thing the world runs by more logical guys than Beyond circle....

Defectiv3_Detectiv33445d ago

I've beaten inFAMOUS, and I'm playing through Prototype right now, but I've gotta say, from what I've played so far, inFAMOUS is definetly better in terms of plot, graphics, and overall gameplay.

I think its funny they way they just start out bashing inFAMOUS over the most insignificant things instead of coming up w/ tangible facts. You can tell the author never even gave inFAMOUS a chance.

Prototype is alright but there are a lot of cheap things about it. Personally, I think its cool how you have to jump up buildings, there are some levels late in the game in inFAMOUS where you get vertigo, trying to jump from one obstacle to the next hundreds of feet in the air. Its like a puzzle trying to figure out how to climb up something.

Prototype is just cheap the way you can run up a building. There really is no limit to how much you can use your powers either, which takes less strategy.

njr3445d ago

Just get Prototype for PC and inFAMOUS on PS3 and then you win.

talltony3445d ago

I dont like the hulk ultimate destruction so I dont like prototype. just not my kind of game.

Tarasque3445d ago

Well Infamous is not all that great anyways.

solidt123445d ago

I have both games and prototype character can do some cool stuff but the game is not even close to being as good as InFamous. I am going to try to play through Prototype before trading it in but i keep going back to InFamous on my second play through.

Arnon3445d ago

While I do think inFAMOUS' story and graphics far surpass [PROTOTYPE]'s, I do think that the gameplay, powers, framerate, total amount of chaos, explosions, etc. go straight to Prototype. The game is just damn entertaining, and it has one of the most solid framerates I've seen. There's hundreds of enemies and cars on screen at once and the game doesn't slow down once unless for the cinematic look. Oh and did I mention the fact that Prototype feels a lot more cinematic when running through the city. That's another big part of it for me.

This article was absolutely hilarious.

talltony3444d ago

Did you play Infamous? Cause If you did you would know that the framerate never drops even when tons of stuff is on screen exploding at once. And how does running up buildings unrealistically through the city feel more cinematic than being able to climb everything you see??

dragunrising3444d ago

The article is hilarious. You can take it seriously or you can grow some humor. :-)

PyReX-3444d ago

Because infamous isnt on 360?

ThanatosDMC3444d ago

HAHAHHA! I cant help but agree with the water thing... though beyond me why it hurts Cole when it shouldnt affect him since electrons flows through water (tap or sea water) just fine.

But yeah, this really means he doesnt take a shower nor can he drink water.

SaberEdge3444d ago

Funny article. I think they are both good games. Not great, but pretty good.

Arnon3444d ago (Edited 3444d ago )

Cinematic does not equal realism. There's moments within prototype that are truly outstanding. When you are on top of a tank trying to rip yourself into it and you see (unscripted) cars exploding and flying through the air and people running around with a blurred camera effect while it is focused on you, is truly amazing. Not to mention they did an excellent job with smoke and fog in this game.

Stand on one of the buildings and look straight ahead and turn the camera to see the side of him and notice how the city is crumbling down the city blocks.

Or a tank shoots a jumbled mess of toppled cars in front of you and the smoke (again, the smoke is incredibly well done) covers everything in sight and suddenly you jump 60 feet into the air out of the smoke instantly with your giant blade, looking down at the tank, and come crashing on top of it, blowing up the entire thing in one hit.

Or turn the camera to the side or in front of you while running down the polluted, destroyed, body and car ridden streets of New York at 100mph, and seeing the amazing AI cause Alex to jump over and push away the obstacles in his way.

Or even walking down the streets of infected New York and seeing hundreds of unscripted AI running and killing in the streets and cars running into each other at 80mph while hitting people in their way and exploding.

One scene I experienced was when I was just standing there, and I punched a man and he slowly flew back through the air, and out of nowhere, a panicking citizen in a car drove by at 50mph and hit him straight out of the air, causing everyone around it to scream in terror and flee.

That is cinematic. And I've never seen a sandbox game do it so well.

Tito Jackson3444d ago

who took this article to heart, should prolly jump into that swamp he mentioned. lol.

The way inFAMOUS is spelled? The password journal comment was hilarious.

MovieScouse0073444d ago

Immersive adj
Definition: Pertaining to immersing or plunging into something.

Not a real word?
Buy a dictionary before you pontificate, or are you Dan Quayle?

CadDad3444d ago

Small bodies of water don't hurt Cole, like puddles and such.

I just agreed with myself to attribute it to the larger bodies of water "sapping" the electricity from Cole, injuring him quickly. /shrug

It was a small hurdle for my mind to get over in an otherwise great game.

I might try Prototype and I might not considering all the great games out I don't have time to try, but I am glad I got to experience Infamous.


Eddie201013444d ago

How Destructoid is on crack.

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skynidas3445d ago

LMAO, this article makes me laugh, I hope that people take this in the way it is supposed to be "FUNNY"

MattyF3445d ago

You know that won't happen. :-p

uie4rhig3445d ago (Edited 3445d ago )

at first i was like "WTF? they must be a joke" then i was like "naaaaah cant be they seriously are stupid" then i read the comments and i was like "oh they are actually joking lol"

very random article tho.. yet fun lol

EDIT: haha reading some of the comments.. many didn't get this article! i would guess they are the ones that just read the title and spew fanboyism xD

lloyd_wonder3445d ago

Anybody have any real impressions of the two and how they compare?

ThatCanadianGuy3445d ago

infamous > prototype


chrisnick3445d ago (Edited 3445d ago )

infamous is cleaner, alot more polished and alot mores say...under control..stuff just makes sense. Prototype is over the top mayhem, still fun, but lacks any kind of structure, polish and it is clearly a graphical level or 3 below infamous...think of it as gta vs. saints row. In one you sat there, and you were engrossed in the storyline, gameplay and you were forced to pay attention to its detail and undeniable accuracy, where as the other one, well i still cant tell you what part of the story i am in saints row or prototype, I'm having fun and all, but i just don't care enough to pay attention.

One is fun, but the other is an overall better experience.

mastiffchild3445d ago

inFAMOUS and Prototype are pretty diffetrent games, imo. inFAMOUS is better crafted, offered me more replay value, had a better sand box, looked better and controlled more smoothly as well as having better animations.

However, P'type was great in it's own way too. If you want to be a guilt free killing machine(which is always good, yeah?)then this may be more up your street than SP's game. It's more of a bnblood rush as well and the "web of intrigue" is a classy touch whch brings it out of the, undeinable Hulk HD comaprisons a little.

Personally I'd give inFAMOUS a higher score than Prototype but as you can tell from the wide range of scores it got, the chances are that if you like P'type you're likely to really love it despite it having a few more rough edges than inFAMOUS.

Really is a horses for courses thing so while I'd say inFAMOUS is a definite purchase I'd rent Prototype or have a go of a mates to see which camp you're in- but, as I say, if you like the little bit you see on someone elses copy you are pretty certain it's gonna be one of your fave games this year.

Whichever I'd have bought if I only had the choice of one, and without the help of a demo, I srill think I'd have been happy with my game-but gladly I spoiled myself!

Mr Face Creamer3445d ago

Someone had to come out and say it.

rucky3445d ago

The only way Prototype is going to win against inFAMOUS is with a joke article such as this one lol

evilmonkey5013445d ago

I think this one game is better than this other game and if you don't agree with me you suck at life and you should die? What a crap article.

cryymoar3445d ago

"buu bu but inFamous didnt sell 1 million in one day so teh game isn't good."

Infamous: 8.6
Prototype: 8.0

AND right now, Prototype has pretty much only the reviews of the big journalists, unlike how inFamous is full of the fanboy blogs.

Joe29113445d ago

Only 360 fanboys would say its better than inFamous because they have to tell themselves that so they can think they have got a game better than inFamous, which they cannot get because they picked the 360 instead of ps3.

Anyways, i played both, prefere inFamous by a mile, Prototype was too short :/

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Homicide3445d ago (Edited 3445d ago )

I played the inFAMOUS demo and thought it was horrendously boring. I didn't find any enjoyment from killing people, and combat is pretty lame. Prototype looks better. Funny read though.

TrooGamer3445d ago

Full game is much better than the demo plus the ending is a shocker

Wvortices3445d ago

The demo was actually done well but the game is soo much better than the demo leads you to believe. Not sure why.

Homicide3445d ago

A demo is meant to give customers a taste of what the game is like. A bad demo = no buy.

Tarasque3445d ago (Edited 3445d ago )

The demo is exactly how the game is just meh, still has the bad and i mean bad pop-in. Pretty much all the mission's i have played so far are just meh (about 75% complete). And all the side missions are pretty much a boring joke, besides a select few. Some of the best gameplay to be had by the game is trying to move from roof to roof in a smooth fashion. The game is worth a rent, but nothing more.

And too the bafoon below, you need to go back further and look at my PSN ID: Str8trashin.

nycredude3445d ago

Then I guess you never buy games then right?

Since every demo sucks compared to the full game. How do you decide whether you buy a game that doesn't have a demo then. I guess you haven't bought ANY game ever then right?

Give me a break all you stealth trolls. I guess you didn't play Uncharted then right? THe demo for that game sucked but the game imho is one of if not the best game I've played this gen.

Tarasque.. Yeah I bet you would say infamous is not that great. But judging by your comment history I am sure you didn't play it as you don't have a Ps3 so how do you know if it's good or not.

I really don't know how you people bash a game cause it's not on your console. Same with people are bashing Prototype causes it's supposedly competing with Infamous. Forget console wars and play games already. I personally loved infamous and I am not buying prototype cause I like a complete packing in a game, I like a good story, and fun gameplay, so I bought Ghostbusters instead. Maybe I'll get prototype when it drops to $20.

Arnon3444d ago (Edited 3444d ago )

I have played many demos that I enjoyed

Left 4 Dead
Halo 3
Killzone 2
Ninja Gaiden 2
Banjo-Kazooie: Nuts & Bolts
and the list goes on


Seriously, wtf kind of attempt is that at calling someone out? Every demo sucks? You have got to be kidding me.

"Forget console wars and play games already. I personally loved infamous and I am not buying prototype cause I like a complete packing in a game, I like a good story, and fun gameplay, so I bought Ghostbusters instead."


Lol do you even realize what you say half the time? You're b*tching and crying at someone who doesn't like inFAMOUS and you go on to say how Prototype is a bad game even though you haven't even played it? A demo is meant for a person to get a feel of the game and understand how it plays and how enjoyable it is. If the demo leaves a bad impression, it's usually the same with the full game.

Homicide3444d ago

Same here. I played a lot of good demos: Folklore, FFXIII, Ratchet, Siren (liked the atmosphere), Valkyria (liked the battle system), Bomberman (nostalgia hit very hard here), FEAR 2, BioShock (Amazing demo).

I just found infamous very boring. All I was going was turning on some switches with electricity. It was pretty much shoot, shoot, shoot.

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