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Name character GTA IV revealed, new screens

In the recently announced preview of GameInformer, Rockstar Games revealed the name of the new playable character in Grand Theft Auto IV. His name will be Niko Bellic. Rockstar also revealed that GTA IV will be an all new GTA, with a realistic New York and characters who fits in New York (most of them lunatics, according to Dan Houser).

Click on the link below to see some scans. (Grand Theft Auto IV, PS3, Xbox 360)

SmokeyMcBear  +   2975d ago
so it is confirmed.. he will be russian, well at least i think it is, cuz i don't know what language that is.. can't wait for this game.
Sphinx  +   2975d ago
...hopefully Niko is an illegal resident...
SmokeyMcBear  +   2975d ago
that would be a cool twist, instead of the SWAT coming, its the INS.. I would also like to see the ATF in here.
Scythesean  +   2975d ago
That would suck maily because I would keep turning him in. Also it's ICE now INS was reformed into ICE. I'm just glad it isn't a terrorist that you play as, that would just be wrong and would fuel Jack T. flame about games even more.

If this game fetures destructable envionments then you will here how it is a terrorist training game.
Hooded Vendetta  +   2975d ago
No PLANES!!!!!!!!
THERES NO PLANES !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
N4G_FANBOY_CRAP  +   2975d ago
because everyone in new york flys a plane around new york (liberty).
where the hellare you going to fly to?

take the subway, drive or walk planes just wouldnt make sense.
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Hooded Vendetta  +   2975d ago
He is from Finland
He is from Finland
InMyOpinion  +   2975d ago
Ah, you mean that he moved from Yugoslavia (or somewhere in Baltikum) to Finland and then to New Yo...err I mean Liberty City?

Finland...maybe if his name was Pentti Hautamäki.
SmokeyMcBear  +   2975d ago
ah well euroean none the less. No planes? That kind of sucks, but i guess its like gtaIII in that way. But man, I got so used to San andreas, this is gonna feel a little bit restricted.
Hooded Vendetta  +   2975d ago
Just feels like its took a step bakwards. :(
wildcat  +   2975d ago
No planes?
oh man, is it only going to take place in one city? I thought this was going to be the biggest and most expansive GTA.
N4G_FANBOY_CRAP  +   2975d ago
were handy is san andraes, but there useless in liberty (especially this more realistic liberty). I'll take more interiors, better graphics, better AI to a larger world any day.

You simply don't need a plane in liberty + with the realistic nature of the graphics I'm sure it was a conscious decision to not have planes buzzing around skyscrapers.
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Chexd  +   2975d ago
no planes is fine imo....but is their helicopters??? it really would suck without helicopters
SmokeyMcBear  +   2975d ago
yea helicopers, and swimming, I must be able to not die in the water, and find dead bodies in the hudson river. Also anyone see any motorcycles?
PureGamer  +   2975d ago
i wanted planes :(
Icryo  +   2975d ago
Yet again you have to be the character they create. It helps for plot immersion, but i want to create and customise my own character. And no planes! Sorry, that won't do.
jay2  +   2975d ago
Can we get that in English please?
The Real Joker  +   2975d ago
I am not sure about the English thing..so here is some German!
Traurig Mann, denke ich nicht, der auf englisch ist aber, da du dieses nicht verstehen kannst… ich denken, dass du ein Esel Scheiße
Beutel bist.
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Aeroglyphics  +   2975d ago
It's Dutch. here is the babelfish translation
Tuesday 10 April 2007 - by the end of March proclaimed GameInformer all that the booklet this month with new information and screens van Grand Theft car IV will be come and it today then up to that point; the first information and a number of screens have reached us! A lot much information we have not yet got, but the name of the performable personage have been confessed. To be name Niko Bellic will sound. The words that he in the trailer spoke, ' perhaps complete, things will be different ', for him has been not only intended but also beats on Grand Theft car IV himself. The game will be, as it happens, complete differently than the previous GTA's. GameInformer level or freedom ' even speak of ' a new. Then Houser, producer in the GameInformer then GTA IV told of all Grand Theft cars, will put down a realistic New York, also in the field of what you do. According to Houser exists life in New York especially from drive round and crazy persons meet and that will return thus certainly in GTA IV. The American community will considerably be taken therefore on the hak in the new GTA! Like in the title there also a number of pictures is mentioned has been released. These can examine you by means of the thumbnails below.
Leathersoup  +   2975d ago
I'm all for displaying new information about a game when it's leaked out or becomes available, but those were not screens. They weren't even scans. Someone took pictures of an artist's sketches for the design of the game.
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sovietsoldier  +   2975d ago
i already knew his name and if you don't believe me go check gamespot fourms. it from the first gta game and also the city is from it too.
JasonPC360PS3Wii  +   2975d ago
I think GTA has lost all its greatness. Other devs are taking what they started and are making it better.
N4G_FANBOY_CRAP  +   2975d ago
like saints row?
utter crap, crackdown was good but lacked depth I tired of it too quickly.

GTA is king of sandbox games, there is no doubt of that.
brianodom  +   2975d ago
GTA..All Day
good..those plane missions were nuts
Xi  +   2975d ago
This appeals a lot more to me.
I find the ganksta life that SA tried to portray is far more limiting and far less interesting than that of mafia. He kind of reminds me of Jean reno from the professional hopefully there's a couple hitman quests for me to go on. Either way I'm a lot more excited about this one than SA, even without planes.
HaKeRsCanRotINHEL  +   2975d ago
Since the game takes place in New Yack................( Boston accent )...........
IMO Rockstar shoulda used a native New Yacker, not a Russky.
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ChefDejon  +   2975d ago
isnt there to be fully destructible enviorments including buildings. now lets see. New york replicated + planes + destructible enviorments = something like 9/11 and they problay dont want anything in the game related to that
gta_cb  +   2975d ago
ok so i was a little sad when you lot said no planes, but there is helicopters :D AND i have been playing Saints Row so i doubt i will mind... i wounder if they are going to release a demo? ...
N4G_FANBOY_CRAP  +   2975d ago
I doubt we'll see a demo until...
after the game is out, they don't need to hard sell this one.

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